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Brit Throws Us a Curve

9/2/2008 1:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The only labor Britney Spears has been involved in over the last few years involves child birth. Nonetheless, she kicked back at Bare, the pool at the Mirage in Las Vegas, to celebrate. And she looks gooood. So we ask...
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A Sighting Rarer Than Sasquatch ...

... Oprah and her alleged longtime lover Stedman Graham -- TOGETHER!
Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham
Oprah and Stedman were seen doing the Pledge of Allegiance at something called the the 20th Reunion Festival in New Jersey over the weekend.

Wait until Gayle hears about this!

Cracked Out Celebs

It's easy to get hooked on crack,,,,,
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Michael Jordan -- Smokin', Stealin', Tongue'n'

With his professional baseball career already up in smoke, Michael Jordan decided to smoke up while playin' a little baseball yesterday -- and he was still better than everyone else on the field.

His Airness hit a local diamond in Atlanta for a Labor Day softball classic with his boy Jermaine Dupri -- where the former minor leaguer refused to take the cigar out of his mouth the entire game. He hit, he smoked. He stole, he smoked. He fielded, he smoked. He even ripped his jeans while sliding into third -- cigar in mouth the entire time.

Good thing he can afford a new pair.

Halle Berry Baby: Not Available at Newsstands

So Halle Berry's baby has been officially and belatedly unveiled. That's Nahla at the L.A. Zoo. So you be the judge ...
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Diddy -- If You Diddn't Hate Him Already...

What a breathtaking moron. While most of America is struggling to make ends meet, Diddy is seriously acting like he has made the supreme sacrifice -- flying commercial. He acts as if this should make front page news...his wish is our command.
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I'm not a real fan of Diddy, however, on this one I applaud him. I am feeling him. It's just plain common sense. It kicks in for all of us at some point in time! He could do something useful with that money. It shows he is thinking about the benjamins...saving them in this case.

Heb 4:12

2240 days ago

LInda K. McKnight    

P Diddy needs to get real. He probably never flew in a plane before his rap success & what kind of "success" is that??##% It surely wouldn't be anything that would make most mothers proud if he were their son! Who cares if he has to ride commercial, just as long as I don't have to sit anywhere near him. He acats like a conceited, good-for-nothing jerk who never really worked a day in his life and doesn't know the value of a dollar. Can this guy even read and write? My life is fine, but it's trashy people like P Diddy that really present this country in a bad way to the world. YUCK!!!

2240 days ago


I have NEVER understood why celebrities think they are better than every other person on this planet! Take P-Diddy, boohoo had to fly commercial. GET A LIFE!!! What REALLY important thing have most celebrities done?? How many have saved a human life?? How many have donated his/her time (not hiring someone else for them) to working in a soup kitchen, handing out clothes to the needy?

I think it has been WELL proven that your Firefighters, Police, Nurses, Doctors, Medics ....etc.....your typical good neighbor that brings you soup when your sick has WAY MORE substance that most any celebrity, but yet let a firefighter and celebrity be in line at a restaurant and guess who gets in first!!! Not the more deserving. but you guessed it the most shallow.
People need to wake up and realize who is more deserving!!!!

2240 days ago

Ron Israel    

Diddy is a world class moron.

2240 days ago


Become a star = lose your mind.

2240 days ago



2240 days ago


Get a dang life!
You're a freakin idiot.
Why do u constantly have to make Black Men look ridiculous?
Do you have any idea what your name stand for??? if not look it up Jerk!
I am sorry we share the same name u insecure little man!!
But then again maybe I'm not cause I'm a woman and I carry the name with pride and the respect it deserve
Stop embarrassing our race Mr. Combs.

2240 days ago



2240 days ago


I've always loved the way Diddy is, But after seeing this video I'm very sad. Diddy you don't know anymore what its like to struggle. I have two children a very sick 88yr old grandmother and a husband who was layed off from his job. I don't know day to day how we will survive, so don't B**ch about going on a plane coach when most of us don't even get to go anywhere. Your a smart business man and I've seen that over the years but this was a stupid video!!!!!!

2240 days ago


Figures another hood who doesnt support his 20 kids with 20 moms is whining about being a normal person. He cant sing,his clothing line looks all the same and hes a thug who should be in prison( remember he and JLo in NYC)If he is so rich he can buy his own plane and let hard working Americans fly without having to deal with his un called for ego

2240 days ago

Bryan Stickles    

maybe you people should get a life

2240 days ago


I am sick of Diddy.

2240 days ago


Leave it to TMZ to make a big deal out of absolutely nothing. It was obviously done tongue in cheek, (which means he was joking). I'm sure this was just his way of making light of the situation. At least he put the vanity aside long enough to fly commercial. If he was a real jerk, he would fly his private jet no matter what the cost.

2240 days ago

Tyrek Young    

I am not a fan of Sean Combs ( I refuse to call or acknowleddge him by any other name) however, the comments that he made were not infamatory or disrepectful in any way. This is a man whose net worth is over half a billion dollars and is only stating the predicament that this country is in with the very high price of gas. He obviously is smart enough and know's the value of a dollar by not using his own plane to fly back and forth from the east to the west coast. Maybe the jobs that he had cleaning and working as a intern while in college made him a better person.

2240 days ago


Linda, although, I agree with your statement about Diddy being conceited, I do not agree with your comment about his success. He is a college graduate and started from the bottom of the music business to get to where he is now. That doesn't excuse his behavior or his insensitivity to the daily struggles of others but nonetheless I felt the need to defend a black man who is not just a "rapper" but a business mogul.

P.S. Nahla is a gorgeous baby.

2240 days ago
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