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Cancer Society Burns Jordan Over Cigar Shots

9/2/2008 4:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Millions of kids still wanna be like Mike -- and according to the American Cancer Society, that's a bad thing.

The ACS is fuming over several photos TMZ posted earlier of MJ playing softball with a fat stogie hangin' out of his mouth. Now, the ACS has unleashed a mouthpiece of their own, their former president Cary Presant MD, who told us, "When high profile athletes publicly display unhealthful habits they can mislead young people to emulate their behavior. According to the American Cancer Society tobacco use in this country is responsible for 1/3 of all cancers and remains the most preventable cause of death in our society. 8.6 million Americans suffer from chronic smoking-related disease. Since 1964 smoking has cause more than 12 million premature deaths in the U.S."

Calls to Jordan's reps were not returned.

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Ok, first off I'm totally anti smoking...I am allergic and can't be around it...having said that Mr. Jordan is an adult, doing something completely legal...and it's his choice....it's up the PARENTS to teach their children right from wrong (are you listening, Sarah Palin?) It's not up to Michael Jordan or any other celebrity to be a good example to your children...that's up to you....as Charles Barkely said "I'm not a role model". Oh and by the way, where did the party pics of Ms. Palin's darling daughter go??? Never knew you to wimp out like that, TMZ.

2207 days ago


Let this grown man smoke his stogie in PEACE. Ridiculous.

2207 days ago

tired of cry baby    

well said #1 tmz creaes there own stories, they will be the only one reporting it, well maybe good morning l.a. will report it causeharvey is dating a mle exc. over there.

2207 days ago

Christopher Sheckler    

TOM. Two posts in 1 week since learning of the site? You have proved my point. If you don't like what TMZ does, don't visit, don't post.

2207 days ago


They need to mind their own business and not be selective. What about all the baseball players that dip?

2207 days ago

big joe    

who really cares do you want him to live in a box.

2207 days ago


How can we ask him not to smoke in the public. When no matter where the man is hes being watched. Kids don't smike because the see actors, actresses & athletes smoke they smoke because they try it to be cool around there friends. The ACS should pay more attention to how to cure cancer rather then prevent because obviously they cant. I am a parent & a smoker from a very young age so I speak from experience.

2207 days ago


#7 at 3:26...That was AWESOME! I agree totally and thanks for the great laugh.

2207 days ago


1 cigar a week won't hurtcha

2207 days ago


dear "shut up haters"

every insult directed towards me by yourself proves my point that you and your type and the die hard fans of this type of media reporting want nothing more than to see other people downfall and spread negativity:)

Good day sir or madam:) further replies to defend yourself merely reinforce more position LOL

2207 days ago


How is the ACS fuming when the FORMER president just stated the obvious. I wouldnt expect his sentiment to be any other way. Seems to me that TMZ is just trying to stir up some controversy instead of actually reporting some. Id say this site does alot more harm then 99% of the news it reports does.

2207 days ago


You don't inhale cigars.

2207 days ago

who cares    

Cigars are occasional. Cigarettes are completely different. BLAH BLAH BLAH

2207 days ago


35. I could not believe he was even playing any type of sport with a cigar in his mouth. It was not only unhealthy, but unsafe as well and no one said a thing.

He is a grown man, it is not your's or anyone else's place to say anything. Like he or any other smoker care what you or anyone else thinks. Is it going to stop them from smoking? Hell No! Why don't you find something else to spend your energy on? If people want to smoke, so what. I'm sure you have a habit that is unhealthy & unsafe as well. So why don't you take your self-righteousness & shove it up your ass!

2207 days ago

Christopher Sheckler    

TOM, I apparently don't take this as seriously as you do. Who cares about TMZ and what they report? Does this really matter? Don't we have an election going on? People need escape from reality, that's all this site it. And what a remedial debate tactic by saying responses will further enforce your position. Real open mindedness there.

2207 days ago
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