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Howard K: Gay, Schmay, Now You Pay

9/2/2008 8:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Howard K Stern says he smells the two rats who allegedly concocted lies and fed them to Rita Cosby in her tell-all book -- and the rodents are Jackie Hatten and Mark Speer, Larry Birkhead's former bodyguard.

TMZ has obtained a copy of a defamation lawsuit Stern just filed in L.A. County Superior Court. He claims Hatten -- the sister of Anna Nicole Smith's crazy ex-con ex-boyfriend Mark -- fed lies to Cosby, including the one that Stern gave lip service to Larry B ... in a Paris Hilton kind of way. Cosby's already been sued for publishing the allegation ... et tu, Jackie.

And there's more ... Stern is also suing Mark Speer, the dude Debra Opri hired to bodyguard Birkhead. Larry fired Speer, and Stern claims the scorned heavy then made up lies, which he spoon fed to Cosby. The alleged lies include claims that Stern was stealing money from Anna and striking back door deals with Birkhead over Dannielynn.

Stern is suing Hatten and Speer for unspecified damages.

BTW, Mark Hatten was busted for DUI today.


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northern gypsy    

#19 & 20 (upside down girl)...stop it.. still laughing as i try to type...H.S. where do you begin with this wack job??...sorry..too many coincidence for any of his version of events to be plausible !!! L.B. made a deal with the devil (H.S.) to get his's extremely sloopy of R.C. not to verify her facts before going to press...lets see what the judge thinks...oh god please...someone stop H.S. !!!

2250 days ago

Mrs. Marple    

How about this for victimization:

Bonnie Stern wrote:
———- Forwarded message ———-

From: cajunR


To: Gary Stern, Bonnie Stern


KB asked me to get in touch with you via email and tell you that we have found where Birkhead comes from a family LOADED with money… they are blue bloods from Ken, have massive property holders, especially Judith Birkhead (Larry bio mother)…

This family can well afford Opri’s bills… we WAY underestimated “Birkhead coming from a working family”…

His family knows Ben and Shelley via a lot of land and assets and condos… etc. that brought those 2 families together…

Also of course we dug up where at the private meeting today O’Quinn and Pirtle are going to use “we will prove you are part of the drug party group with Anna” as well as you already know they “sperm donor”…

I always knew that Birkhead did not come across as the “kid next door and so clean cut and hard working”….

I will be sending you some of the property descriptions in a moment, however it will take more time to pull the “net worth” of Larry’s dad and his bio mother.


2250 days ago


howard, stay strong .rita cosby ,v arthur, the hattens, opri , ford/ben ,o' quinn,...they are liars , the truth will prevail .

2250 days ago


Mrs. Marple,
I think that if it was my brother or family member who was being trashed all over TV, newspapers, etc. and that I believed he had done nothing wrong, I would have done the same thing. Lawyers do it every single day, family members do, investigators. Most people do whatever they can to defend their own family member.
It appears to me like Bonnie was asking for information that would help her brother in the custody case. I would like to know why you think that is wrong?
Regarding the "drugs in his name". Do you doubt that there are maybe hundreds of prescriptions written in the name of nannies, lawyers, personal assistants, etc. in order to avoid publicity or public knowledge? I have a relative who has worked as a personal asst. in the LA area for many years. She said this is very common and has even been asked to do it. Do you think that this was the case with Anna and Howard, or even that it could have been the case?
I don't want to argue with everyone else. I am curious because when I read those letters, I see a caring sister trying to save her brother from pain. Thanks.

2250 days ago


i believe that Rita cosby is a horrible representative of a journalist since the scott peterson case but i have to say howard K is lower than she. i have read the comments and agree that he has taken all of annas money and made a sham of her life and legacy. . I pray that her daughter is able to live her life free and clear of that man who lied from the moment she was born just to get his hands on her mothers money...her mother didn't earn the money but thats another show...happy day

2250 days ago


I think that Larry is a master manipulator and has crawled out from under the rock he has been hiding under to get more money, who can he live off now they are all dead, he killed them all, I think Anna couldnt take her own meds every four hours so he did it for her he helped her kill herself

2250 days ago



2250 days ago

say what    

jackie Hatten must have hit the lottery . Howard said on larry king long ago he would sue her but she has no money. dear god , SOMEONE please STOP THIS MAN . HAS HE NOT TAKEN ENOUGH FROM ANNA AND HER FAMILY AND FRIENDS?

2250 days ago

Your name required, Your IP addy recorded    

Harvey can not be trusted.

2250 days ago


3. lets make this simpler...who HASN'T this guy sued?

Posted at 7:50PM on Sep 2nd 2008 by say what

And who hasn't made money with all their lies to smear this guy and Anna and Larry. Jackie Hatten is the biggest liar of all. Anna hated her and hadn't even spoke to her in over 7 years. Jackie made her own bed by going on TV and feeding Rita the biggest bunch of Bull all just to make herself seem like somebody important when in fact she lives a very seamy pathetic life. Just as McCain should of vetted so should of Rita.
Looks like the depo's in Stern vs Crosby have been very productive for Stern.

2250 days ago

say what    

tory, obviously anna DID want to see jackie hatten because peter nygard stated on tv that right after jackie left the bahamas anna called him wanting to see her and was sad she had already left...when it all co0mes out ig uess everyone will have to come to their own conclusions.i just hope it ends in criminal courts.. there is enough wrong here to at least let some juries decide who is innocent and who is guilty...

2250 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

24. I thought TMZ kicked you off their site. Must be using someone elses computer tonight. Howard has won each and ever case he has gone after. O'Quinn now is on the run. Virgie didn't get the baby and the money thank our Dear God....Now it's time for Jackie the pig to cough up some money for Attorney fees. And she can try and explain how she saw Howard with "Larry when she never was in that home where Anna lived. She and Virgie got together to started a rummor about them being gay so Virgie could get Dannielynn. Then Jackie and Virgie feed lies to Rita book which Rita has admitted to. Now Rita will be next due in court to try and say , I didn't check my facts bescause O'Quinn said it was all true and I was working for O'Quinn. This is a great day for Howard and Larry the puzzle is coming together. The public will soon find out the conspircy Quinn and TX group was doing. Now Lin Woods get to depose Wilma Vice and Don Clark. Quinn fought like hell for that to not happen, but Woods won. The games will begin.....And Woods will win the jack pot....

Posted at 12:59AM on Sep 3rd 2008 by Ms Marples on nutcase "

you're the nutcase , nutcase .. it figures HKS is still on his infantile rant. but is it fair that a baby has to pay for his follies ? Hks has no money , at least that is what he claims , as he pulls out his empty pockets with a single tear dripping down his nose . So that leaves only one who can pay DANNILYNN. So instead of a college education She'll be paying UNCLE/Daddy Howards legal fees when he loses this recent lawsuit . If the 'man' had any sense whatsoever he'd just dry up and blow away. But NO ! Here he comes again with yet another frivolity.

He will never recover from these scandalous events that HE PUT HIMSELF IN. No one in their right mind would have stayed with a woman who obviously had major problems with drugs , yet , he did and now refuses to pay the piper for his thoughtless deeds. that ended in tradgedy for us all who love ANNA NICOLE SMITH .

2249 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

This is not a simple question of 'villain' or 'victim'.

• This lawsuit is part of an overall strategy to bring to Justice the many people that smeared HKS, LB and DL for their own financial gain. All of these people (O'Q, Opri and Cosby and their minions) were working together as it turns out.

• Jackie Hatten went into hiding the day Cosby's libelous book was published.

Cosby's Publisher has been earnestly seeking her to provide a deposition in support of Cosby (i.e. Publisher claims she was a source deemed 'reliable' at the time) for many months, but she can't be found. HKS suing her now will flush her out and advance his case against Cosby.

Recall, Cosby referred LB to Opri way back in the day with the payback for the referral being inside information from Opri's legal representation and interviews with LB. Cosby then stepped it up by working with O'Q/VA also. Cosby fancied she would become the Queen of all Media during the biggest story of 2007 and Opri would be the next Nancy Grace or GVS.

• Speer has already been deemed unreliable by a Judge.

In the LB v. Opri case for fraud, conversion and malpractice, Opri sought to have the case dismissed and Speer provided information to the Court that he was present for meetings between LB and Opri during which LB agreed to have Opri take money directly from Bravo Networks and place it in her Client Trust Account instead of Bravo paying LB directly. The Judge found that LB was more truthful when he described how Speer couldn't have overheard any such thing since he was not present at the time. HKS is suing saying the same essentially - Speer making statements about things he couldn't possibly know to be true.

Soon enough we will find out from depositions of O'Q's operatives (Clark and blogger Wilma) in the HKS v. O'Q lawsuit how they cooperated with or duped Cosby into writing her book and how they staged their unsuccessful internet campaign to smear HKS, LB and DL. These people were accusing HKS and LB of crimes punishable by life in prison or the death penalty without a shred of truth. All Legal, Medical and Governmental Authorities were dismissed as corrupt and/or incompetent and all facts reported in the Press were ignored unless they implicated HKS and LB criminally in blog comments under hundreds of different monikers.

For people reading TMZ regularly, it will be interesting to see how many people were actually behind the thousands of heinous posts made against HKS, LB and DL and whether or not they were employees of the O'Q Firm.

After all this vile effort with a book and the blogs by a group of cooperating villains, the subject of their campaign, VA, has never filed for custody or guardianship or even visitation of DL in any American Court and has never challenged ANS's will and the position of HKS as its Executor and HKS and LB as co-trustees of DL's Trust Fund. Why? All O'Q, Opri and Cosby wanted was part or all of fame and fortune and control of DL's money. Only HKS and LB have stepped up to protect and love DL.

2249 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

Update for those closely following the ANS saga. First, the background:

299. ...
HKS still has a pending Motion asking the Court to order O'Q to comply with discovery in this case. Seems O'Q has turned over basically nothing to HKS. O'Q is claiming 'everything' is an 'Attorney Work Product' not subject to discovery including among many things, the Clark/Wilma investigation.

Well, the Clark/Wilma investigation is all in Cosby's book. Cosby is more likely to crack before O'Q gives up filing mountains of paperwork, which of course, will render all that effort moot.

Posted at 3:55AM on Aug 13th 2008 by Only swim in the Ocean
UPDATE: Court Clears the Way to Get the Show On The Road

Yesterday U.S. District Judge William P. Dimitrouleas, in the Matter of HKS v. O'Q issued a Consent Protective Order for Confidential and Highly Confidential Information, agreed to by Wood and McCabe.

Either Party in this lawsuit can now mark docu_ments or deposition material as either Confidential or Highly Confidential if it contains personal or financial or proprietary (like Attorney Work Product) information and be protected against any of that material being used whole or in part in other Court filings, media releases, books, etc. At the conclusion of the lawsuit, all such marked material must be returned to the originating party and removed from all electronic databases.
So, O'Q no longer has a leg to stand on as he has refused so far to hand over discovery materials to HKS or allow important depositions to occur.

Posted at 5:32PM on Aug 14th 2008 by Only swim in the Ocean
UPDATE: Dateline 08/29/2008, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Rosenbaum orders O'Q and his team to cooperate. The Court finds that O'Q has waived Attorney Work Product privilege in two key areas.

• First, an 'implied waiver' whereby O'Q himself claims his statements on TV about HKS being a murderer, the seven Life Insurance Policies, etc. were based on information from Clark and Wilma's Investigations in FL following the death of ANS and so he was just reasonably relying on their findings. The Court orders Clark and Wilma to provide their investigation files and be subject to depositions to demonstrate just what they found and how they found it in the days before O'Q appeared on TV and said he had 'inside information' while defaming HKS.

• Second, a 'disclosure waiver' whereby the Court found that Clark and Wilma disclosing so-called 'secret and protected' work privilege information to a third-party, Cosby, for the writing of her book, hardly meant those two were trying to keep that information secret. They are ordered to provide all information that they gave to Cosby both before and after the time O'Q went on TV.

• Even more interesting, the Court found this disclosure waiver particularly applies to Wilma since she and her appointed bloggers put 'secret' investigative information on the Internet as facts! Wilma is ordered to provide all her posts on blogs, all her pseudonyms used and those of her bloggers.

How many bloggers will now use O'Q's tactic of saying they were just spreading b.s. on the blogs for fun and entertainment and other innocent bloggers were just taken in by their 'harmless' nonsense? They didn't post thousands of times as facts the nonsense that showed up in Cosby's libelous books with the intention anyone should believe them - it was just good clean internet fun. Of course, where would anyone find such information on their own and why would they parade around the blogs for years as 'insiders' and factual sources? What was their motive and reward?

2249 days ago

Bryon Cooks    

Wow, that Swims must be Howard Stern. He is reinventing history. he should just leave this country. He is disgraced and could never work as a lawyer again. Does anyone think his parents believe his lies? From what I read Larry Birkhead offered Opri 300k and she refused. This is fact. Also Opri has been cleared in an investigation by The California State Bar.... How about it Swims? Am I correct or do you want to spin and spin... LOL

Birkhead will be paying his legal bills... and by the way... Howard Stern has won nothing in court including paternity for Dannilynn... LOL Show me one court case Stern has won in recent history! NONE! And if Larry thinks Howard is going to get him the big payday with the Marshall money...LOL Larry hitched his wagon to the devil! LOL

2249 days ago
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