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Leo DiCaprio -- Hands Off the Merchandise!

9/2/2008 10:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He was surrounded by security at the Bellagio this weekend -- but even they couldn't keep an overzealous fan from grabbing at him as he walked through the casino. Leo wasn't havin' it!


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I watched this clip about five times, and I don't see anything that says "PISSY!" Where is it? I don't get this little video. He walked through a restaraunt, store, shopping mall, or WHATEVER, and I don't see anything out of the ordinary. All I see are people milling about, talking, laughing, "shooting the breeze", but NOTHING that indicates a pissy attitude.

The End,

P.S. THANK YOU for putting in the correct clip of Rossdale, and his little boy playing in the beach water. That was cute, very endearing. So, again, thank you!

2244 days ago


I don't like Leo much,But i thought Blood Diamond was a incredible portrayal....

Other then that he is a Tard!!

2244 days ago


no hit movie.ok so The Departed (box office gross $289,847,354) wasnt a hit huh? funny i thought it was. oh and Blood Diamond (box office gross $171,407,179 ) wasnt a hit? funny. oh what about Aviator (box office gross $213,741,459) maybe i am mistaken and that wasnt any good either. lets see Gangs of New York (box office gross $193,772,504), The Man in the Iron Mask (box office gross $182,968,902) so exactly what have you done tkennedy?

2244 days ago

john wayne gacy    

celebrities are public property.

they " sold " themselves for fame and " owe "
anybody that actually want a piece of them.......

2244 days ago

No wonder, huh John?    

Thats right YOU are a pseudo-intellectual JOKE. Leonardo Dicaprio hasn't had a hit movie in 10 years??? Are you KIDDING me? He's won awards for The Departed and The Aviator. Blood Diamond was an amazingly good movie which hasn't won an award simply because it was released with far too much other quality movies.

No hit movie in 10 years my ass.

Dicaprio is one of the greatest defining actors of the current generation.

2244 days ago


DiCaprio is a has been and a wannabe! YAWN!

2244 days ago


DiCaprio is just the Zac Efron of the 1990s

2244 days ago


i don't think I would like to be grabbed by a total stranger, my instict would be GET OFF OF ME..unless I know the person..Its rude to grab someone you don't know like that, It doesn't matter if they are celebrities, politicians, your boss etc.. one has to be respectful. Good for Leo to walk away, normally Leo doesn't have body guards unless its a premiere or something, but I guess in a place like the Casino in Las Vegas he might get harrassed, in which he did. I am surprised that the body guard didn't do anything, what if they had a weapon or something?

2244 days ago


All he does is act right? He doesn't heal people or create miricles, or even perform heart surgery. Just act. Ever tried it? It's easy. Oh sure, everyone in Hollywood will tell you how hard they work, and how stressful their job is, guess what, it's not. You don't even need an education, just a pretty face, a good gag reflex to get up those pesky calories, and the ability to squeeze out a tear on que. That's it.
How dare this woman even make eye contact. The nerve.

2244 days ago


This is not even news. It's not like he did anything. someone touched him, big deal -- definitely not mad about it.

2244 days ago


The people that post here are morons. Comparing him to Bruce Springsteen? Bruce Springsteen? What are you my mother??? That man has not been relevant in 20 years.

What?????? And saying that he is washed up or a has-been who has not made a hit movie in 10 years? Have you lost your mind? He has been in some terrific movies that have already been named. What you meant to say is that he has not been in a bad movie in the past 10 years (or whenever the beach was in theaters).

For people that frequent a celebrity gossip news site, you sure know nothing about these celebrities.

And who wouldn't be upset about getting man handled while simply walking? I would not like some stranger grabbing on me regardless of who I am.

2244 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Nothing appealing about him...

2244 days ago


That's it? THAT'S the scoop? Gee guys, could you talk up your "scoops" any more? Lame. Non event. Boring. Hyped up to be more than it is...which is NOTHING.

2244 days ago


No one has the right to grab anyone anywhere. Good for Leo in continuing to walk away from that ugly person. Movie stars are not the property of the public. I like Leo and think he is a great actor. Let him enjoy his life.

2244 days ago


ok so if you are just walking around you can just grab someone because you think they know you or vice versa? for real you grab me you best be ready for a potential beat down and to me that is a threat. and just because they are celebrities does not mean they are not human too. treat people the way you want to be treated

2244 days ago
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