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Carville to Palin: I Got Your Tail Number

9/2/2008 9:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Several of us here at the Zed laughed our asses off last night, when Congresswoman Michele Bachmann defended Sarah Palin's credentials in what can only be described as a soft ball out of the park -- for James Carville. It even cracked Larry King up.


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we are so screwed

2250 days ago


Wow I would totally like to have this congresswomen pedal my junk! (on e-bay)!!
Just saying.................

2250 days ago


Sarah Palin's daughter has a wide stance in her knees!!!

The mother is rabidly anti-choice, anti-birth control, anti-sex ed, and looky where it got her with her daughter.

And note this,Republicans -- a 17 year old slut is NOT off limits when her mother wants to be VP.

2250 days ago


I love religious sluts because they do the nasty better than anyone else while screaming Oh JESUS.

Bristol is my kinda girl!

2250 days ago


This lady (tongue in cheek calling her a lady) needs to be home taking care of her over-sexed family. That's all we need is an over-sexed family in the V.P. House.

2250 days ago


i almost fell outta my bed laughing while watching this on CNN lastnight. you could hear all the snickering & laughing in the background when that lady said Palin sold a plane on EBAY and that makes her qualified. haaaa!

2250 days ago


WHY the link to Ryan Reynolds Power Botton DOESN'T WORK???? I want to see that hot man!

2250 days ago


Bristol should pose for Playboy if the shotgun wedding thingy does not work out.

It's easy money and we've already established that she is easy.

All they have to do now is settle on the $$$ cash sum.

2250 days ago


wow...i sold stuff on ebay too! can i be up for vice president of the united states of america?!!! pleeeaassseeee.... rotflmao

2250 days ago


Obama sat in a "church" for 20 years and listened to a racist anti-American. Nuff said.

2250 days ago


STUPID LIBERALS I wish you would all just fade away!
Obama has 0 experience


2250 days ago


Scoobie---Vs what? An undersexed vp like Clinton? Cuz we all know her hubby does anybody but her....

2250 days ago


I find it hilarious that a subject as trivial as this was chosen to be a topic of discussion, and is somehow supposed to render Palin less of a worthy candidate. What I find even more hilarious is the celebrities and their sheep who are screaming for the change that Obama is supposed to bring. The only reason he is even in the running is because he is African American. That's it, and that's all. He has neither the candor nor the experience to do what's best for our country. It speaks volumes of what kind of American will potentially be leading our nation when a man refuses to place his hand over his heart for the Pledge of Allegiance. And the idiots who are supporting him continue to show their ignorance and their "asses." Yes, these are the same celebs/idiots who are demanding that we green our economy as they're puffing on two packs of cigarettes per day waiting to board their private jets to stay at a hotel that costs 20K+ a night to receive their 50K surgeries and botox treatments. Wake up people! I sincerely wish Hilary was still in the running. She has more "balls" and common sense to do what's right for our country than Obama ever will.
...And for those of you that call me racist, well guess what? I AM African American. Don't point the finger at me for knocking Obama's ethnicity then turn around and insult the fact that Palin is a woman. Kind of a double standard, huh?

2250 days ago


The dems are out in full force on here today...oh yeah, the republicans are out WORKING....

2250 days ago


Expecting that the knocked up 17 year old daughter of a moralizing Republican will stay off limits is unrealistic.
Bristol is NEWS.
omg the next few weeks will be soooo entertaining!
And it only gets better if by some odd chance McCain should win.

2250 days ago
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