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Carville to Palin: I Got Your Tail Number

9/2/2008 9:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Several of us here at the Zed laughed our asses off last night, when Congresswoman Michele Bachmann defended Sarah Palin's credentials in what can only be described as a soft ball out of the park -- for James Carville. It even cracked Larry King up.


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He still did the deed whether you like it or not. He even tasted the cigar and said it tasted quite good. Now that is a cigar with p'ussy juice dripping right off it. YUM!

2245 days ago

Maniacal Zebra    

I thought that was hilarious. Selling a plane on eBay and being a woman makes her qualified to be a heartbeat away from the presidency?

Here are Republican Family Values in action. She can't even get her own kid to believe in family values ... other than to start a family out of wedlock. This is proof positive that teaching abstinence is the best way to PROMOTE teen pregnancy.

She can't control her kid. She is under investigation for using her influence in Troopergate. She has no experience on the national or international stage at a time when the country is in trouble on both stages.

Is this who we want as president if McCain does (and well might) die in office?

2245 days ago



why is it that Republicans and gerbils have a hard time getting that through their heads?

2245 days ago


I see the kool-aid drinkers are out in full force today! So, let me see if I get this straight!! If your an African American you must be a mindless far left wing liberal or your betraying the entire African American population?! So, being an individual is not encouraged in the African American community? That's news to all of my conservative AFRICAN AMERICAN FRIENDS!!! For the neanderthal half-wits who think its okay to smear a seventeen year old child let me remind you mindless half-wits that your own beloved Obama was born to an eighteen year old girl. Can we say HYPOCRITES!! And before any idiot starts babbling about how his parents were married when he was born....Bristol and her boyfriend will most likely be married by the time the baby is born, so that will make it okay, right?! Just like it was okay for Obama's! LOL!!! And apparently the idiots on the far, far left have trouble calling a group by their correct title.....ITS PRO-LIFE not anti-choice! Please try to grow up! Besides we in the PRO-LIFE group do believe in choice....we believe in the choice of the BABY!! AGAIN WITH THE MORONIC "TOO OLD" CRAP?!!! Let me remind all of you babbling half-wits, yet again, that the current Italian Prime Minister is the SAME AGE as McCain and was just elected to serve a third term. Also Britain's most famous Prime Minister 'Sir Winston Churchill' was 65 years old when he was FIRST elected. It seems like there is a lot of HATRED on the far left! But I guess it's easier being liberal. Since there is no advocacy for any moral values there can be no accusations of being hypocrites when a liberals daughter gets knocked up!! Oh and as for TMZ having the decency to pull that crap about Governor Palin's daughter, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that there was pressure from both the OBAMA CAMP AS WELL AS THE McCain CAMP!!! Both deplore the smearing of children!!!!

2245 days ago


I watched this interview last night and it made me so mad, I wanted to push my fist through the TV. How can the Republicans be so arrogant to think that, just because she's a woman, every female is going to rush to vote for her and McCain. With this campaign tactic, I'm running the other way into the voting booth to vote for Obama!

2245 days ago


I used to admire McCain, but he gave into pressure and became a flip flopper, and now has someone as his running mate who has very little experience and a load of personal problems. If Palin cared anything at all for the Republican Party she would drop out and let Lieberman or someone else with real experience take her place.

2245 days ago

Old Enough    

nothing better to do:

Love your post number 56 with the laundry list but you missed an important and scary item.

Palin doesn't have any stand on imgration even though Alaska has a BIG boarder with Canada. What is to stop illegals from entering our country through that boarder? Then they can catch a domestic flight and fly into one of the other states with just an Alaska drivers license and no other identification. This is very very scary that no one is even MENTIONING her lack of that understanding. Granted there is a LARGE board that is unprotected between the US and Canada that doesn't touch Alaska but immigration should still be on her rader and it's NOT. Palin is just a BAD BAD choice for VP but hopefully that means Women won't have to give up rights that were hard faught to win.

2245 days ago


I find questions about Palin's qualifications completely sexist and offensive. And James Carvelle is one of the biggest offenders. Also, Friday night Larry King asked every guest if Sarah Palin was fit to be one heartbeat away from Commander in Chief. Has he ever asked that question of Obama, who has LESS EXPERIENCE than Palin? I doubt it -- he has a penis.

No one can deny that Sarah Palin has more executive experience than ANY of the other candidates, and was Commander in Chief of the Alaskan National Guard. What kind of experience in that regard does Obama have? He also started running for the Presidency only 143 days into his senate term. And has spent the rest of the time campaigning -- doing nothing in his committee assignments. AND HE'S QUALIFIELD?

Duh... if you watched the whole story, you'd know that the E-bay point was not about Sarah Palin's qualifications for the VP job -- it was making the point that she is a reformer. She also cut her own salary. She does things unconventionally and has gotten more done in the 2 years as governor of Alaska than most politicans get done in years and years in office. She's a woman and gets things done... and Obama, "Mr. Change" himself, sure demonstrated he was "for change" in his pick for VP -- a 36-year Washington insider. Truthfully ya'll, you have to understand that all Obama does well is talk. Talk, speak and BS. He hasn't done ANYTHING.

And you all speaking smack about Palin's daughter, her panties, etc., you should be ashamed of yourself. You're sick and creepy.

I am an independent and wasn't sure which way I was going to vote. I do now. I'm tired of hearing politicans "talk" and everyone just eating it up like stupid idiots. Now that McCain put his money where his mouth is -- by bringing on another "proven" reformer -- I see that is the only vote I have to truly bring change to Washington.

2245 days ago


If one of Obama's daughters was pregnant, it would be celebrated. Because it's Palin's daughter, everyone slams her.

I guess this whole mess would have been avoided had she just had an abortion. She could have done so without even her parents knowing about it and her records would be sealed. But because this young girl and her family are accepting the responsbility of the pregnancy and going to raise the child, and have chosen to put up with the public ridicule on top of it, people are going to slam her.

I applaud this family for practicing what they preach. Premarital sex is a sin to most Christian faiths, but in most Christian faiths, abortion is a much more serious sin or a "mortal sin" equivalent to murder. To say that this woman is at fault for her daughter having sex with her boyfriend (of over a year by the way) and isn't fit to be VP is a slam on women's rights.

Don't say you are pro-choice and then slam someone for "choosing" life over abortion. Choice is choice.

2245 days ago


What happened to the pictures of Bristol Palin that were just on here? They were here one minute and then gone the next. That girl seems crazy! And what mother would allow crown bottles all over their 17 year old daughters room? Maybe because she has too many kids. She cant even keep track of her kids how the heck is she going to keep control of our country?

2245 days ago


Nothing is scarier than Michelle Bachmann, except for maybe Sarah Palin.

2245 days ago

Old Enough    


The fact that Obama was born to a 18 yr old woman and managed to succeed in life is WONDERFUL but he's not going around telling people that they should abstain from sex until marriage or telling people that they should have an abortion if that is what is best for an individual. Palin is just lucky that all her daughter got was pregnant and not an STD. Abstinence doesn't teach prevention of either pregnancy or STDs and BOTH increase in areas where only abstinence is taught. I’d rather safe abortions with counseling was offered then to go back to prior to Rowe vs Wade and have back alley abortions again and have women and girls die because they can’t get proper medical treatment.

2245 days ago

Julie `    


I agree %100. Im in. Lets boycott TMZ and bring them down along with their useless garbage

2245 days ago


Here in Minnesota -

It is well known that Michelle Bachman is a nut-case.

She was elected in a small part of the state that is somewhat "backward".

It is the only place in Minnesota where someone like her would ever be elected.

2245 days ago

pull it    

Yea I agree with #69 BOYCOTT TMZ.

RIght on! I agree. lets boycott TMZ and get it shut down soon! We should all boycott TMZ and stop subscribing to this joke of a website and tv show. Nothing but lies from TMZ clowns.

2245 days ago
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