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Palin Daughter Puts the Party in GOP

9/2/2008 12:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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OH comeon...already. Its very obvious why John McCain picked this lady....

He doesn't want to be president...never has. Ran for nomination on a 20 dollar bet...was suprised he actually won..and now wonders how and the hell is he going to get out of it...why...choose a NOBODY from Alaska...with NO Experience...and of the female species...THAT WILL DO IT...guaranteed...JOHN MCCAIN will not be elected PRESIDENT..and this nobody and her nobody family will retreive back into their designated igloo.

**IF HE DOES WIN...I'm DEFECTING to Canada**

2245 days ago

Your Mom    

I used to drink underage(and damn near EVERYONE has) but I was not stupid enough to take pictures holding bottles of booze and post them on myspace. My mom and dad would have beat my ass and sent me to a nunnery. The best part about getting wasted at her age was THAT I NEVER GOT CAUGHT!!!
I'm not all about her mom and Mcain but she should have thought about all her party shenannagins becoming public blemishing her moms political career. I feel bad for her mom in a way unless she did in fact provide the booze. If Sara Palin did by her daughter and her friends that gallon jug of Capitain Morgan, well then you made your bed now lay in it. So stupid dude...

2245 days ago


Well now we know how the little slut got in the family way.

Candy is dandy
But liquer is quicker.

Works every time!

2245 days ago


Yes she is 17 acting like she is 27. All I can say if some of the things we are finding out about this family are true than we don't need her momma as president. It is obvious to me momma doesn't know what her kids are doing. Alaska isn't a big populated state and there isn't much to do there either. Surely her parents should know what their kids are doing when they come home from school. But really kids will be kids and I don't hold her parents responsible for their daughters actions. My problem is that her mother belonged to an organization that doesn't want to be part of the United States. That is more of a problem to me than who her daughter sleeps with.

2245 days ago

Joseph Mcintire    

These pictures of Palins daughter show more than politics the show a family in crisis.Some will say this is a right of passage as a teenager.As an Uncle raising his teenage niece (because my sister is a failed parent) I see it as failed parenting. I like most of you had a troubled youth but my parents weren't running for public office this is important and our right to know she will be seated in the second most powerful chair in Washington. I can't feel right electing someone into office whos family needs them more right now then our country does. Lets face it people all division aside this ladies home is in shambles she needs to resign for the good of her family.

2245 days ago

nothing better to do    

Nice. Our potential VP (and, mind you, potential PRESIDENT if anything were to happen to McCain while (if) in office!!) has a slutty daughter that is not only pregnant, underage & unmarried, but apparently VERY into alcohol. She even has alcohol for decoration! What in the hell is her mother teaching her???? Are you kidding me?
This is the best running mate McCain could find??? Not to mention, mom has an infant with Down's Syndrome...shouldn't she take care of her son? Don't children with problems like Down's need more care???? Obviously Mom's career is more important than her children. What a goon! Family Values my a$$.
Stupid, vapid beauty queen.
Shame on the entire Republican Party for trying to sugarcoat this trainwreck of a family.

2245 days ago


How is this vice presidental candidate supposed to help run this country if she clearly cannot even raise her daughter in correct way? Chelsea Clinton never got pregnant/drunk/disgusting in high school. Clearly this "christian" mother is either a hypocrite or incompetant - either way she should be nowhere near the white house

2245 days ago

Steve L.    

I have a certain contempt for this generation of party animals who are interested in their personal gratification above anything and all else. I have observed and experienced it over and over again. (My occupation gives me a up close perspective.) Whether it's my step-daughters, random web pics, YouTube or girls gone wild, they look like they are manufactured with cookie cutters. Be it Alaska, or CT, Kansas or North Dakota, with the exception of a relative few, they ALL look the same, do the same things and think of nothing but drinking, sex and themselves. I have never seen anything like it, and it appears to be extreme in this generation.
Having said that, how can anyone feel that this girl should be any different? If it indicts her Mother, and disqualifies her from political office, I don't know. There certainly is reason to pause.

2245 days ago


Drinking when u are 17 is a big deal only in america. Kids drink all the time in Europe and nobody thinks that's a big deal. I'm from Italy and drinking age here is 16, in other countries is 18 but if you are younger and you drink it's not considered such a crime. Drinking when you are over 21 doesn't make it healthy so what's the difference between drinking when you are 18 and drinking when you are 21??? I love the U.S but I really cannot understand think whole thing about underage drinking!!

2245 days ago


The only "Retard" are the ones calling a baby with down syndrome a retard!! . And for the morons who are saying that this is the result of Governor Palin not "spending enough time with her daughter" what would you have Governor Palin do?! Perhaps you chauvinist pigs think that Governor Palin should stay and chained to the stove. How many of YOUR mothers stuck to you like glue when you were out partying? HMMM? If your mother went with you when you went to a party that must of been one Hell of a party! LOL!! It's pretty obvious that a lot of the so-called Obama supporters lack the same class and dignity as Obama himself! Obama has said that ALL children of politicians are "Off Limits!" But of course he, being born to an eighteen year old mother, would hardly throw stones! LOL!!! It's pretty ironic that there are so many chauvinistic pigs oinking away from the LEFT WING camp! I thought they were for equal rights!! LOL!!! And I also love all of the half-wits who "Just Know" what the right wing camp would say if the shoe was on the other foot!! Actually what they are doing is called ASSUMING! And you know what they say about ANYONE who "ASSUMES" anything about anything or anyone?! LOL!!!

2245 days ago
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