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Palin Don't Preach: Bristol and Levi Unite

9/3/2008 6:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin's fave unwed pregnant teen coupleLooking like models out of the J.Crew catalog's Unwed Pregnant Teen Couple edition, Sarah Palin's evangelical Christian daughter, Bristol, and her politically-trapped baby daddy, Levi Johnston, held hands as they waited to greet John McCain at the St. Paul airport on Wednesday.

If only Bristol and Levi stopped at holding hands, they wouldn't be in their latest predicament.


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Hey Levi, are you feeling like you are starting to understand CAUSE AND EFFECT a little better now?

(Maybe Bristol should have used Deep Woods Off, if condoms weren't allowed!)

2237 days ago


49. Those who are bashing Bristol are obviously not TRUE OBAMA supporters! OBAMA himself has denounced this sleazy type of reporting! He said that the children of ALL POLITICIANS are off limits and IF HE CATCHES ANY MEMBER OF HIS CAMPAIGN HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS WOULD BE FIRED IMMEDIATELY!! So all of you who purport to support Obama STFU! Your not winning any brownie points from the Obama camp! In fact the complete opposite! They're probably saying amongst themselves that with support like this who needs trouble?! LOL!! Remember Obama himself was BORN TO AN EIGHTEEN YEAR OLD MOTHER!! So if you lot want to keep opening up this can of be it! Don't say I didn't warn you! You will only succeed in Angering the Obama Camp!!

Posted at 6:26PM on Sep 3rd 2008 by sassy

This is such GARBAGE!!! If this is the case, then you please explain to me who exactly was dispatched to Alaska to "dig up dirt on Palin"? The people who live there have been honest and told reporters that there are people sniffing around their town...LOTS of people, looking for info. So, you believe Obama the Great didn't send them? Maybe he doesn't have the experience to do that? Maybe Biden sent them then, huh? Don't be naive! Obama/Biden will do ANYTHING to win the election. I came to TMZ tonight because of something I saw last night that shocked me to the core. Under a story about Michael Phelps, someone had left a comment that said "OMG! I still can't believe Bristol's REAL baby daddy is BLACK!"
You know why that showed up? To start rumors, to do anything they can to bring down McCain/Palin! ANYTHING.
I have watched this scam in action first hand in the case of Anna Nicole Smith. The people who hated her boyfriend/lawyer Howard K. Stern started an online hate campaign. And it worked well. Now even TMZ has been drug into court in Texas by ANS mother claiming that SHE was actually the victim of the hate campaign! LOL! The ten-twenty Virgie Arthur supporters were so vocal here on TMZ, you wouldn't believe it. In fact, watch them reply to this! They will post letters from HKS sister asking for help to prove her brother was innocent. They call THAT a mass conspiracy against Virgie Arthur. LOL, you all remember how well loved she was before ANS died, right? NOT!!!
BE careful, don't bury your head in the sand. Obama is just as "dirty" and underhanded as any other candidate. He is nothing more than a "Community Organizer". Is that who we NEED to run our country? No thank you. Don't believe the hype!

2237 days ago


Response to Sassy and Maggie: Bristol still is essentially off limits, but Sarah Palin isn't. Sarah Palin was put in as a candidate for VP, which is a breath away from being President of the United States at any moment, especially with McCain being cancer prone and quite old, entering a job (potentially) that is known to be consistently very high stress. Every possible detail that illustrates what Sarah Palin is about and how she thinks and operates needs to be explored.

So Sarah Palin, and everything about her, MUST be opened up for public inspection. There are limits, but her judgement is appropriately under inspection. Some things in life are beyond a persons control, but judgement isn't. We're learning about this wacko Sarah Palin, the book banner, the wolf shooter, the "end times" and "God works for me" Bible thumping backwoods degenerate. She's a Nazi in the making, she wants to get rid of sex education and women's right to choose abortion or not. Only a simplistic moron Republican would ever think that having abortion available means promoting abortion, but then again Republicans have an extremely short attention span and don't understand anything except how terrified of life they are and how they want to hide on their property with shotguns. D'oh!

Obama was right to point out that kids have to be off limits. There is plenty of information for or against any candidate without processing the kids through the media. But also remember that Palin's judgement has affected Bristol in a harmful way; she preaches abstinence, which is total idiocy and Bristol is unwed, 17 and pregnant. That's nothing but backwoods drunken debauchery on Sarah Palins side. No need for the media to pester Bristol at all, the facts are simple.

I'll put the odds of Levi marrying Bristol at a solid and secure 0%. Once the election is over, he'll be moving.

2236 days ago



2235 days ago
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