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Palin Don't Preach: Bristol and Levi Unite

9/3/2008 6:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin's fave unwed pregnant teen coupleLooking like models out of the J.Crew catalog's Unwed Pregnant Teen Couple edition, Sarah Palin's evangelical Christian daughter, Bristol, and her politically-trapped baby daddy, Levi Johnston, held hands as they waited to greet John McCain at the St. Paul airport on Wednesday.

If only Bristol and Levi stopped at holding hands, they wouldn't be in their latest predicament.


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All you people preaching about leaving the poor kid alone...her mother knew she'd be in the spotlight and is most likely USING this girl to promote her pro-life agenda. She's running on a family values platform and promoting abstinence education as the only sex education that works. Ok...obviously that failed her.

2206 days ago


She sure does not look 17, she look like she is 30.

2206 days ago

Downtown Donnie    

I'm a pro-choice Republican. I love it when Liberal Democrats kill potential Dem voters. It makes me happy.

2206 days ago


I do not condon teen pregnancy, At least this girl will have support from her family and not BE ON WELFARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2206 days ago


seriously. who F'n cares?!?!?!

She's 17, not 12, isn't running for office, isn't a celebrity or anything else that serves a purpose for TMZ putting her here.

Lame attempt TMZ to start putting these unnewsworthy items on here! But then that's what you do now isn't it?

TMZ used to hold some cred. Now it's just as bad as the friggin National Enquirer - if not worse.


2206 days ago


I laughed the whole way through that dialogue, brilliant tmz- just utter brilliance!!
Still in anticipation for when McCain will tell us he picked sarah purely for one big comedy act!
Ohhh its just all tooo good!!

2206 days ago


It's funny how all of a sudden all the conservatives are saying her knocked up teen daughter has nothing to do with the election. SHE IS RUNNING ON A PLATFORM OF CONSERVATIVE FAMILY VALUES!!!!

2206 days ago


Those who are bashing Bristol are obviously not TRUE OBAMA supporters! OBAMA himself has denounced this sleazy type of reporting! He said that the children of ALL POLITICIANS are off limits and IF HE CATCHES ANY MEMBER OF HIS CAMPAIGN HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS WOULD BE FIRED IMMEDIATELY!! So all of you who purport to support Obama STFU! Your not winning any brownie points from the Obama camp! In fact the complete opposite! They're probably saying amongst themselves that with support like this who needs trouble?! LOL!! Remember Obama himself was BORN TO AN EIGHTEEN YEAR OLD MOTHER!! So if you lot want to keep opening up this can of be it! Don't say I didn't warn you! You will only succeed in Angering the Obama Camp!!

2206 days ago

LA Officer    

for the sake of this country, their these are two words I pray to God we never have to hear- President Palin

2206 days ago


Yikes! Bet he wishes he had kept his pants on, or at least worn a hat!

2206 days ago

Frank Davis    

Don't be so judgemental, TMZ. For all we know, Chelsea Clinton got pregnant but had an abortion. Just because they chose not to kill the child they should be ridiculed? It's too bad Obama's mom was unmarried and "punished" with a baby - Barack Obama.

2206 days ago

Flake watch    

So, Bristol's Mom has made reproductive decisions for every woman in America, and we seem to think that is OK. What a bunch of sheep. If she is Soooooo pro-life, why did she have a test that revealed that her baby would be born with Down syndrome. I thought pro life was all about having whatever has been dealt to you. Shouldn't she have found out about his condition on the day he was born???? Having a child may be this young woman's way of escaping this sanctimonious mother of hers. Bristol, move as far from her as you can as soon as you can. No one needs Mother Theresa hanging over the m 24/7 I had planned to vote for McCain, but not with this twit on the ticket. NOT NO BUT HELL NO!!!!!

2206 days ago


Man, that Levi is one handsome dude. Sort of looks like John Mayer here, only way better looking.

2206 days ago


We know Bristol is pregnant.

We know that means she had sex and that would be against her abstinence education.

How do you know she didn't use birth control, which also would have been against her abstinence education, and it just didn't work?

2206 days ago


Classless! The Palins knew about the baby AND the kids decided to get married before before Sarah said yes to McCain. Why don't you dig deep into Obama's unwed mother? O, that's right there's a double standard working here. Ask yourself why nothing was ever written about Chelsea Clinton...oh there's that nasty double standard again. Why aren't you writing anything about Joe Biden's daughter getting arrested in a bar fight or his son's recent indictment? Gosh, must be that double standard again.

Please, please, leave these young parents alone...they are NOT running for office!!! Have some compassion.

2206 days ago
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