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Palin Don't Preach: Bristol and Levi Unite

9/3/2008 6:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin's fave unwed pregnant teen coupleLooking like models out of the J.Crew catalog's Unwed Pregnant Teen Couple edition, Sarah Palin's evangelical Christian daughter, Bristol, and her politically-trapped baby daddy, Levi Johnston, held hands as they waited to greet John McCain at the St. Paul airport on Wednesday.

If only Bristol and Levi stopped at holding hands, they wouldn't be in their latest predicament.


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According to this kids myspace page, he doesn't want to have any children. Of course that page has now been removed.

I feel so sorry for these two kids. The last thing thing they need is to be forced into the spotlight. And forcing them to get married only makes things worse. Becoming a parent while still in high school is hard enough. Adding marriage at the same time is foolish. They'll end up divorced - and will end up in the spotlight once again. This reminds me of the Casey Anthony story - where the mother wouldn't let Casey give the baby up for adoption.

I too had a baby when I was 17. The support of my family and especially my mom was unbelievably important. I would have been crushed if she had taken on something as big as running for vp at that time in my life.

Sarah Palin obviously is putting her desires above her daughters needs. These kids now have to consider her mothers political aspirations while dealing with this unplanned pregnancy. I find it unbelievably selfish that a parent would put their child in that position.

Sarah Palin is, and should be, criticized by the public,-not the kids.

2209 days ago


JCrew? NO. Wal-Mart? YES!

2209 days ago


This guy was given a real quick makeover bc he did NOT look that clean cut in pictures before. Ridiculous little pawns, he is thinking "Get me the hell out of here, I want to play hockey"

2209 days ago


oh god just give it up already. These things do happen and there are worst things in the world then " an unwed mother". I can't imagine what a horrible life this child will have! Give me a break

2209 days ago


I see what the tactic of the Republican team is; treat those kids with diversions. If that goes on, those very young kids will soon have no idea who they are, where they are or what's going on, which is EXACTLY what the Republican team will want to happen. But the dizziness won't last long!

You can't underestimate the power of truth, chance and chaos. Reality and the authentic persons underneath that Republican cloaking will be revealed and if they are mistreated, they will spring back from the twisting.


OBAMA/BIDEN IN 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2209 days ago

mess-iah sara is nothing but a used TAMPON    

#4 your a wing nut, outlet's say she partied more than Brittney & Paris, she is and was a lil whore, she went to church every sunday ,but praying didn't stop her from getting pregnent, her Mother left it up to god to protect her and that's what happen's to wing nuts because GOd if there is one does'nt t stop abstaining youth from getting knocked up birthcontrol does, her awful mother is to busy having babie's and than not taking care of them, I suppose you think these nitwitts are role model's, she is #2 ok she is a peace of crap, MCsham is so old and has such bad judgement, he will be worse than GW if that is possible.

2209 days ago

Dick Whippler    

Finally someone w/ sense (staci110) All you Obama Slamma fans will find out real quick IF he is elected what a communist piece of S*#T this guy truly is. You fine citizens that vote for him will start seeing all those rights that you cherish GONE, the government involved your business telling you they know whats best for you and your family, every illegal immigrant moving next door to YOU because he wants no part of a barrier built along the border. A man that deep inside hates everything about MINE & YOUR country, hates white people, everything that staci110 said is the truth, Gun owners, you better hide and lock up your guns, because they will eventually want to take them away, modeling us after San Francisco and EUROPEAN countries like them cheese eating surrender monkey's from France, with the help Nancy Blowsme. F*^K Obama and Biden, I'm voting for FREEDOM and VALUES and you will only get that with John McCain.

2209 days ago

Downtown Donnie    

Thanks TMZ...Thanks for doing your part to energize the base. I was actually not to excited about this election or McCain (not a true conservative)...probably wasn't even going to vote. After "media" outlets like yourself has chosen to railroad a VP candidate by bringing the children into it....I most certainly WILL be voting now.

2209 days ago


Palin's teenage daughter SHOULD be off limits, but her mom runs on a 'Pro-life, family-values" agenda - and that puts her own family under scrutiny. Any sympathy I feel is tempered by the fact that all this attention is MOM'S fault - not Bristol's.

2209 days ago


They are just kids - leave them alone!

2209 days ago

justice for daniel    

Hey Harvey, if Bristol was a carpet muncher and Leiv was a fudge packing azz pirate, or black, I bet you would have nothing but prasie for them. Your mother must be so proud.

2209 days ago

mess-iah sara is nothing but a used TAMPON    

#74 why should she be left alone, if it was Hillary's daughter or Obama's kid's fox new's would be jumping up & down what's good for the Right is good for the left, her mother can't even take care & manage her own family she has no place running this country,SP is anawful mother & hippocrit the party of family Value's not so much

2209 days ago


Geez I can't wait till the Bristol Palin sex tape gets released...that will finally take the limelight away from mine.

2209 days ago

Dick Whippler    

#75 Should learn how to spell correctly

2209 days ago

mess-iah sara is nothing but a used TAMPON    

#77 our right's taken away where have you been the last 8 yrs GW already did that, he already destroyed this country you idiott, Obama will fix thing's and by the way, wire tapping and torture, taking a woman's right to choose a way, THAT IS COMMUNISIM, yOU RIGHTWING NUT

2209 days ago
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