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Palin Don't Preach: Bristol and Levi Unite

9/3/2008 6:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin's fave unwed pregnant teen coupleLooking like models out of the J.Crew catalog's Unwed Pregnant Teen Couple edition, Sarah Palin's evangelical Christian daughter, Bristol, and her politically-trapped baby daddy, Levi Johnston, held hands as they waited to greet John McCain at the St. Paul airport on Wednesday.

If only Bristol and Levi stopped at holding hands, they wouldn't be in their latest predicament.


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#63 There isn't any crap left in the bowl after you flush. It's flushed. So I gues TMZ is looking like clear water? Too funny!!!

2243 days ago


First off why aren't these kids in school? Secondly if McCain and Palin are going to parade these two kids out and about at every photo opportunity (which I find a little odd) they really need to question their part in making these kids "news."

2243 days ago

Downtown Donnie    

I can't help but get the feeling that, when all is said and done and they've gone home for the night, many on the TMZ staff lead very empty, very unfulfilled lives. I bet most of them even secretly hate themselves.

2243 days ago


That poor girl. She didn't ask to be the daughter of a power-hungry anti-choice nutbag. She had no choice in the fact that her idiot mom was fiercely pro-life and decided to drag her entire family through this political mud whether they like it or not. If this weren't all a dog n pony show for the sake of looking well put-together, those kids could have used proper protection (abstinence is NOT the only way) or dealt with this and grown up a bit more before having to pop out a litter and settle down straight out of highschool. Now mommy is vying for vp and they have to rush into a teenage marriage to save face.. This isn't a matter of dems attacking a pregnant teen (how the hell does that even make sense?) We just see the humor in the far right-wing vp candidate having a daughter who is pregnant and unwed.. suck it up you old white guys!! THAT'S the new face of your GOP muahahaha

2243 days ago

Dick Whippler    

#81 Are you telling me that you lose sleep over some fu#k that wants to kill YOU if he MAY be being tortured???????, Hey have fun and no worries next time you go buy your fu^king groceries, wiretapping may have even saved you sorry ass

2243 days ago

Cindy Lou    

OH GOD what a JOKE!!! Family values??? If Palin had family values she wouldn't hold up her Down child showing how great she is for not aborting and then put her 17 year old daughter out to fry because Sarah wouldn't let her have birth control.....If this is McCain's answer to Hillary and getting her votes he just brought in the "anti Hillary" and lost the election....He is so out of touch. McCain's wife actually said that because Palin lives in Alaska and Alaska is the closest state to Russia she has world experience. Is the USA REALLY that stupid? Really?

2243 days ago


It is absolutely vile and disgusting what McCain and her disgusting Mother have done for a chance at winning the race. His photo op at the airport was beyond any words. Amazingly, he shows up to support the teenage Mother to be after his vile pictures and words on the Internet. His makeover is shameless...

It is reprehensible what is happening and the very fact that Sarah accepted this nomination and put herself and family into this mess all because of seeking fame and power. She and her husband are never seen holding the infant but because it has been mentioned, all of a sudden, we will now see them holding the baby.

McCain, shame on you for your pathetic judgment and shame on you Sarah for your classless judgment of not knowing when to say no.

2243 days ago


There was a time when children of politicians under the age of 18 were off limits. Just leave them alone.

2243 days ago


#16,,,is this a case of takes one to know one?

2243 days ago


This is a sad day for America. 17 YEARS OLD// PREGNANT AND ENGAGED.

2243 days ago


politically trapped??? why would you say that TMZ???? you don't know their relationship? Yes, they may be young but don't make irresponsible comments such as that!- he doesnt face any political issues if he didnt want this baby or stay with Bristol. Unless you guys were virgins as seniors in high school, don't judge. I know people that were in this situation, and 16 years later they are still together, married and happy. So it is possibly, stop labeling people

2243 days ago


He doesn't look trapped to me. What a cutie, both of them, Sarah and Todd are gonna have a beautiful grandbaby.

McCain has Obama running against his vice president. LOL


2243 days ago

Frank Davis    

Hey Harvey - aren't you being a bit judgemental?

"Levin is openly gay and lives in Los Angeles with his long-time partner, a chiropractor."

You gays always scream for tolerance, but never give it. What a hypocrite.

2243 days ago

justice for daniel    

To everything positive there is a negative. White-Black / Light-Dark / In-Out / First-Last / Good-Bad / Near-Far / Right-Left / Guess that's why Democrates are called LEFT, as in left out and the Republicans are RIGHT as in right on.
Republicans = elephant....
Democrates = Ass, oops. meant Donkey.

2243 days ago


I think people are missing the point here. For years the Republicans have touted the moral standing of their party, family values, honor etc. and point to Clinton (who was impeached), Edwards etc. and that liberal morals have destroyed the Anerican way -- and yet McCain had an affair and was cheating with Cindy while he was still married, and the abstinence only preaching of the right suddenly is okay. It's not about the poor kids. Llevi - self proclaimed no children redneck - is stuck in a drama. But it is about double standards.... Can you imagine if a Democratic candidate had a son or daughter involved in out of wedlock pregnancy?

2243 days ago
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