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Sarah P.

Haven't We Seen You Before?

9/3/2008 5:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alaska Governor turned VP nom media sensation Sarah Palin is a huge inspiration to a lot of women. Turns out, she's been inspired by a lot of famous women too.

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You know, Obama DOES look like Curious George.

2242 days ago


Did you know that Saturday night Live has a secret skit comparing Sarah to Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest makeup wearing the face cream and holding a vicious hockey stick, SCREAMING AT HER DAUGHTER, "you live in the biggest state in the country and you could't find anything better than a hockey player? NO MORE HOCKEY PLAYERS EVER !!!! She turns to the camera ;face cream gleaming and says , "I know they're trying to get rid of me but this ain't my first trip to the rodeo, I've killed a moose and I liked it. " DON'T PUCK WITH ME FELLOWS !! . LIVE FROM NEW YO RK IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT .!!!!

2242 days ago



2242 days ago


When will TMz start pointing out and making fun of Joe Biden's pathetic hair plugs????????????

2242 days ago


HEY KAY (9-3 posted at 6.52) That creepy old hand took the pain that helped saved your ignorant and ungratefull ass so that you can still be free enough to say such stupid things , when you salute your freedom you salute that hand and all the other body parts that decent self sacrificing people have scarificed for such freedoms... smile when you see that creepy old hand touch the Bible on Inaguaration Day.

2241 days ago


Sarah Palin looks like Dawn Wells from Gilligan's Island. But why has no one noticed that Geraldine Ferraro is an exact double of Hal Holbrook?

2240 days ago


I liked Dr. Phil's comment when Dave Letterman was sneering that Sarah Palin should have advised her daughter about birth control. "When your son is 17 and in the back seat of a Chevy, if you think your advise is going to have any influence on him, you're in for a big surprise."

2240 days ago


Funny, but I agree with #5. If you are going to make fun of the female candidates, then poke fun at Obama & Biden, too. Neither man is very attractive and their style won't qualify them for a GQ cover!!!

2238 days ago


Feminism was not founded upon a single voice. Feminism was actually founded to provide "ALL" women with certain rights and equal opportunities, as well as a woman's right to choose (wjhich includes pro-life). To defame Sarah Palin is stabbing feminism in the back of all women who have worked so hard to provide all of us more choices in our lives. The far left does not define me as a woman.Nor does the far right.....I, however, see my need for understanding as well as empathy for all ways women choose to be in this world. That is "Feminism." I celebrate Gov. Palin's achievement, her vision, her beliefs, as well as her ambition. She is doing it her way....are all of you?
Please define your reality about what it means to be a woman before you attack and celebrate the attackers.

2232 days ago

tom's future baby mma    

dummies...barack didn't name himself any more than y'all did when y'all were born...and he was raised by his white non-muslim grandparents. DUH!! he's not Muslim.

2217 days ago

Mr. A    

After seeing where he DID go to church for 20 years.....I'd prefer he was MUSLIM!!

Jeremiah Wright scares me worse than Osama Bin Laden. I guess we don't have to even bring up Obama's OTHER terrorist friends, right here in AMERICA, (the place that he and his wife have never been proud of).

yeah...being accused of being Muslim almost pales in comparison to what he really IS.

2217 days ago
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