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Sarah P.

Haven't We Seen You Before?

9/3/2008 5:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alaska Governor turned VP nom media sensation Sarah Palin is a huge inspiration to a lot of women. Turns out, she's been inspired by a lot of famous women too.

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Lenn K.    

The people of this country knows that demo-liberals have used women and blacks for years. They tell blacks, just vote and go away until we need in four years. They tell women we care, but just kill your kid if you're not happy, and you need to party. The democratic party has didn't even know there were hispanic until they figured they could get illegals to vote. Sad, sad, sad!!!

2240 days ago


Guys, why settle for the lesser of two evils when there is a third option! ****VOTE BOB BARR!!! ****

2240 days ago

No Fooling    

Neither Sarah Palin or Peggy Hill would be seen dead in an orange suit like 'Chillary' - they both have better dress sense.

Its cool comparing Sarah to Peggy Hill. Peggy Hill isn`t so uptight she needs the jaws of life to seperate her legs - unlike Chillary!!

2240 days ago



2240 days ago



2240 days ago


Where are the comparisons of Obama, Michelle, Biden, et al? I forgot, we can't give any criticism of Barack and Michelle or make any fun of them, they are black and that would be racist, but hell pick the white woman and compare her to a porn star that is ok.

2240 days ago


One reason why she was picked by McCain: MONEY. He wasn't getting the backing of social conservatives till he chose her. Now they have their pants down with her knocked up teenage daughter all over the news. Hilarious.

2240 days ago


Some of you are truly such IDIOTS - if you are so worried about her "lack of experience", how in the hell could you ever vote for BO???
Not only is he lacking in ANY leadership experience - he is a JUNIOR senator, you do understand what that means, right?? & he has been a JUNIOR senator for about 3 years ONLY & for the last year or two, he's been focused on the presidential election. So really he hasn't been working even as a JUNIOR senator for those 3 years! BO has missed the 3rd most votes of ALL senators in the current session of congress. He sure has had a tough 143 days of voting "present.", with no hardline decisions or policy making experience at all. Neither he nor Biden has ANY EXECUTIVE OFFICE EXPERIENCE WHATSOEVER. Dumbasses like those of you voting BO should be required to pass an IQ test to be able to vote - then we wouldnt have to worry about BO or anyone so totally incompetent ever being elected because only uneducated, bigoted, hypocritic welfare-loving losers will vote for BO. & that is rather worrisome because there are just so damned many of you with lower than average IQs.

As for the many negative, factually erroneous comments & hatefully biased opinions towards her children, NOT ONE of her children are running for office & should be left completely out of any cowardly comments towards them-the young lady that is pregnant is & has been planning for quite sometime a fall WEDDING (which was originally scheduled to happen this summer, but was postponed due to an unexpected, horrific death in the groom to be's family). In any event, that is HER BUSINESS, not yours. Do you expect a mother to force birth control down her 17 almost 18 year old daughters throat? IDIOTS!! Some of you are so out of touch with the realities of parenthood & real world/daily issues of American parents, you should consider residency in Russia, they love control freaks like you. WOW - what dumbasses.

2240 days ago


I'm getting pretty sick and tired of the idiot women that think that they have anything to say for any of us who have half a brain. I love seeing the comedic comparisons to McCain's vp.. they are funny. What turns my stomach is the number of women who are falling all over themselves coming to the defense of this abomination.. C'mon ladies! up off those knees, rinse out your mouths, and please quit letting your guys speak for you!

2240 days ago

Tmz officially blows    

Barak HUSSEIN Obama. nuff said.

2240 days ago


Liberals = spin, spin, spin. You say Palin has no experience but she still has more than Barack unless you wnat to count Barack Hussein Obama's experience sitting on a board with a terrorist as experience in dealing with terrorists. Also how well does Obama listen if he expects us to believe he sat in a chrich for 20 years and never heard any of Wright's racist hate filled speach. You talk about McCain not knowing how many homes he has but how did Baack get his home and adjacentr property? Oh that's right froma convicted fellon. Palin has been convicted of nothing just like you liberals used to say about White Water and it was ok for Slick Wille to get a BJ in the Oval office on our time and get away with using his power to sexually harass a subordinate and Clinton would have been in more trouble if key figures didn't miraculously turn up dead like Vincent Foster and Ron Brown who was due to be investigated when his plane went down, but Palin is getting crucified for a mistake her daughter made. McCain has more honor in his little finger for he did in VIetnam than Obama has in his whole body. While Obama was doing drugs in his youth, McCain was being tortured in an NVA PRISON CAMP. Obama says he is for change and against Washington insiders and then picks Biden who is a Washington Insider and whos son is a lobbist. Biden talks about his son going to be deployed to Iraq while McCain's son is already in and has been in Iraq. How many also know that McCain adopted a black child? When Obama makes a 1 trip to Iraq there is huge publicity while McCain has visited several times without publicity. McCain = Substance while Obama = Hype. It is just as much time that a Vietnam Vet serve as President as it is time an African American or Woman does. STOP comparing McCain with Bush. He opposed Bush many times and he was a POW while G. W.Bush served State Side. McCAIN IS A MAVERICK AND HAS GONE AGAINST HIS PARTY SEVERAL TIMES AND WORKED WITH THE DEMOCRATS. HE HAS ALREADY DONE WHAT BARACK CAN ONLY TALK ABOUT WANTING TO DO. For you people that think it is no big deal that Barrack served on a board with a known and unrepentant terroist because he was never convicted. Would you serve on a board with O.J. Simpson? To expect people to believe he never heard Wright's racist and inflamatory remarks insults the American public. THe same public he says is so smart and capable of doing wonderful things. You people are having the wool pulled over your eyes. You are buying into the whole Democratic strategy of comparing Bush to McCain when there is no comparison. For all of you that want to end the war and bring the troops back as losers. A Vietnam Vet friend of mine eventually committed suicide becuase he could never get over the fact that as he landed stateside he was attacked by so called "Peace Protestors against the war" that spat on him, called him baby killer, tore his uniform and called him a loser. He then had to live with the fact that they were thought of as losers. The war might have been fought for all the wrong reasons but thanks to the surge that McCain suggested and Obama opposed things are getting better. You don't see it though in the Liberal media becuase they only wnat to paint the negative image. This is what hurts troops. Let them leave with victory.

2240 days ago


Did you hear republican is the new word for n#&&#r!

You worthless republican!!

2240 days ago

Bash a Pap    


2240 days ago


Freakin' FUNNY!!! Luvzit! I was undecided before Palin was picked. I am Obama all the way now. A president shouldn't make such rash decisions. Makes me wonder if McCain is all there...not the person I want making decisions for my country.

2240 days ago


Why doesnt TMZ say anything about Obama and his family? What is good for also good for the other...

2240 days ago
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