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Senator Bristles at Bristol Spears

9/3/2008 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don't go comparin' Lynne Spears to Sarah Palin, at least to Utah Senator Orrin Hatch. True, Lynne and Sarah both have had to deal with knocked up teenage daughters. Both live in the hinterlands. Both have 70's hair. Ridiculous, says Orrin.


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TMZ, please zip up you slacks. Your political preference is hanging out.

2243 days ago

Debbie NY    

Don't fall into the same trap as US magazine. Stop the attacks on Palin. Its pathetic and if you had any integrity at all you would not entertain anything anyone has to say about her family.

2243 days ago


#1 and #2...get over yourselves TMZ makes fun of everyone why should Palin be excluded, you weren't talking when they were making fun of I guess it is okay for Palin to pimp out her disabled baby to get votes, but her 17 year old pregnant daughter is off limits...give me a f...king break!!1

2243 days ago


This scraping the bottom of the barrel political drama attacking both parties is getting very old!!!!! I was at last glad to browse through celebrity news.. but came across this. My next break will be to browse other websites to read anything other than political B.S..

2243 days ago


Liberals are dragging Palin through the dirt for being the Mother of a pregnant teen.
Conservatives want her to be Vice President! Just who are the sexist biggots now?
Liberals are throwing both unwed Mothers, and Mothers of unwed Mothers under the bus. I'm not saying that Obama and Biden are sexist, (Obama is on record for criticizing this sort of thing.) but his supporters sure are.

2243 days ago


Presidential and VP candidates, don't preach abstinence and then expect us to be okay with your unmarried teenage daughter being pregnant. Maybe this IS a parenting issue. It looks to me like the oldest daughter is being called upon to be the parent of her siblings while her parents are unavialable. The poor girl has a "career focused" Mom and a Dad with two jobs, and yet they have with 4 or 5 kids. You really can't have it all and we all have to make trade-offs. Looks like the trade-off here is at the expense of the kids. Family values? Really?

2243 days ago


Well we can tell TMZ is not behind Barrack as he stated that "Families are off limits" Could it be that the slime ball interviewer doesn't know his rear end from a hole in the ground?

Lets see Lynne Spears lives off of her daughters fame and pain, where as Sarah Palin is the govenor of a state? but what they both have vaginas and 17 year old daughters so they are the same huh?

2243 days ago


First off... i agree, political news should NOT be included in a celeb/tabloid website! But really, those defending Sarah are the same people trashing jamie-lynn and Lynn Spears. Everyone was wondering how Lynn could let her 17yr old daughter get pregnant... its only fair we wonder the same thing abt Sarah. Not just that, but i never saw pics of jamie-lynn walking around trashed... with bottles of alcohol in her hand? Every one was talkng abt what a bad influence jamie-lynn was being raising a child at 17... umm Jamie-lynn was just a half ass actress--- what kind of standard or influence is it to have someone in such a high office condoning un-wed teen pregnancy... saying its OK? STOP BEING HYPOCRITES! On one hand i believe that personal issues should be left out of campaigns... its the issues that matter... but that goes for affairs and anything of that nature. On the other hand....why should politicians be off limits? If anything, celebs bad behavior just makes them look like an a*s and gives us something interesting to talk abt or poke fun of, they have no control over our lives... on the other hand... Politicians do... they are representing us around the world and are making decisions that effect or daily lives.... so some might say we have more right to their lives than celebs. I just thinke we need to be fair, its not ok to condone one persons actions while condemning another's. Also, Obama has made it clear that he personally thinks families should be off limits and has NOT attacked sarah or her daughter. Its the rest of the prudes out there that are bashing her. I think McCain was so desperate to pick a "different" type of candidate to compete with all the hype the democrats were getting w/ Hillary and Obama that he didn't do his homework... which says a lot abt him right there!

2243 days ago

Old Enough    

It's EXTREMELY fair to compare the Palin situation to the Spears situation as they are EXACTLY THE SAME with one MAJOR exception. Jamie Lynne has the money to be able to afford health care and a home for her baby while Bristol doesn't but in both situations I feel sorry for the teen moms and think that their parents didn't do a good enough job raising them to KNOW how to use birth control properly if they were adult enough to have sex then they need to be adult enough be able to handle birth control. In both cases the families are luckily they are just dealing with a baby and not an STD.

2243 days ago

Old Enough    

Posted at 12:38PM on Sep 3rd 2008 by Robin

Great post and very accurate.

2243 days ago

Jillian in CT    

So, your point is that 1) young Democrats don't have unprotected sex (hmmmm, or perhaps they just quickly and quietly get abortions and that is much more noble and accepted? or, 2) the children of Republicans would be much finer citizens if they followed in the footsteps of upstanding, mature Democrats like so-what-if-my-wife-has-cancer John Edwards, or the ever-popular, never-met-a-gal-I-wouldn't-boink, Bill Clinton? Or is it perhaps that we need to rake John Edwards' and Rielle' mothers over the coals and through the muck because they obviously failed BIG TIME with raising their children. They must have been working mothers!!!

2242 days ago


Preaching abstinence, but excepting mistakes has ALWAYS been a a conservative value. Just because most teens are going to drink, smoke, and have sex doesn't mean we shouldn't guide them to do otherwise.
In 1972, just after Joe Biden was elected Senator, he he lost his wife and infant daughter in a car accident. He became the SOLE PARENT of two young sons, and nobody asked him to step down, and become a stay at home parent.
According to you Vince; Biden is unqualified to be VP?!?

2242 days ago


Any mother who wants to ban books, ban sex education, shoot animals from helicopters, IS NOT going to be the type to have a deliberate, comprehensive awareness or methodical approach to issues. She's going to be a knee-jerk reaction, defensive, self-righteous angry buffoon. Nothing like watching an opportunity whore try to bend others to her selfishness causes.

Let's face it, BRISTOL IS ON HER OWN!

Sarah Bristol is a backwoods wingnut and is not VP or President material and we have to keep our focus here - any VP of McCain would likely become President because McCain is cancer-ridden. Palin is a complete mismatch for those two jobs.

2242 days ago


Notice that in this video the camera dude just asked a question and walked along? That's the way to do it. Not like the creep paps who were taking after Brad Pitts kids while they were in a small boat, which is very dangerous. Fair is fair. When it's not, it's not. There's no reason for the paps to be aggressive or rude.

2242 days ago


Joe Biden would be a great VP or President in my view. He doesn't try to mandate "family values" like his conservative opponent. Face it, McCain made a bad choice and it sucks to be one of his supporters right now.

2242 days ago
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