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When a Man Slaps a Woman -- The Indian Edition

9/3/2008 7:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

All hell broke loose on an Indian game show when a male contestant got slapped by a woman -- and then fired back!

It all went down on a show called "Dadagiri" -- the self-proclaimed meanest show on TV -- one that involves contestants who have to recreate the first day of college ... bullies and all. The woman in the video is Isha the Goddess -- her job is to insult the contestants. When she cussed out and then slapped one of the contestants, dude reached back and slapped her in the face -- HARD.

She took it like a man, he cried like a bitch -- and then the entire crew proceeded to beat his whiny ass.

That's about all we know at this point -- more details to come ... hopefully.


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I guess Im come in there country they cant kiss on tv and scenes of affection are obsene but this passes as entertainment. Where in this country that type of assault would not be permitted. Culture...its a crazy thing sometimes.

2189 days ago


Puts a different spin on things when you learn that 70 percent of the show is scripted and then they allow some improv, just shows how unprofessional the woman is. She tells him to f' off he doesn't exactly come back with a scorcher when saying "You go" and SLAP?!?!? Seems like a knee-jerk reaction when he hit back, anybody who's been slapped out of nowhere or even at all knows how it really shakes you up and depending on what kind of person you are you have only few reactions. Did he overreact? Yes, but he should never have been put in the situation in the first place especially when the show is scripted at all.

2189 days ago


LOL @ the idiots that said he "KNEW" he was going to get slapped.

In case u cant read, he said he was shocked that she slapped him as it wasnt part of the script! hence the reason why he yelled "how can she slapped?" as in, it wasnt scripted, why did she do that? Indian women are just retarded and arrogant. She couldnt even think of a better comeback to his weak retaliation - "You go", so she slapped him. Serves her right. Im glad his taking legal action, and yea that was really low of TMZ to make fun of the guy. You cant see much in the video but im sure he was beat up pretty bad. Who knows what else he got after the cameras were off.

2189 days ago


HOW CAN SHE SLAP????!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2189 days ago


I would have punched the Bitch too.
She looked like a total nut-case(so did he as a fact)

But what goes around......

2189 days ago


P.S. And some of you are really showing your colors. "bitch had it coming" and "bitch asked for it." Wow. A lot of you who wrote responses like that are truly pathetic.

2189 days ago


I have to agree with most that she should have known better, game show or not. It did no appear that he 'knew' being physically assaulted was part of the 'show' not by the look on his face, his reaction (slapping back) or his shouting about how she was allowed to slap him in the first place. I do find it funny that some of you think it's fine that she slapped him but it's wrong for him to slap her back.. he reacted, he didn't attack her like the crew did him. Now maybe hittnig IS part of the show I don't know, never seen it but given this little clip it sure seems like he did nothing but react to a physical assault.

2189 days ago


I think she had it dare she slap him! Good for you dude! I don't know the details of the gameshow but where I come from you have no business putting your hands on anyone else!

2189 days ago

i love the 80    

i think its the premise of the show for her to bully and hit them he should have known better. but gosh did it really take 5o men to beat down that skinny dude, over kill people.

2189 days ago


She deserved that. I don't care if you are a woman or a man. If you hit somebody you'd better be ready to get hit back. I'm glad he popped her. Now she'll think twice before she does that again.

2189 days ago


Another woman thinking that a man will allow her to do to him what he wouldn't allow another man to do and got what she fully asked for and deserved.

2189 days ago


This is a very extreme example, but it proves the stupidity of gender-tolerence. According to many women, men are supposed to tolerate their physical abuse with no response. Go tell that to the victims of women who strap explosives to themselves in the hope of harming as many men as possible. The example is extreme but the principle is the same, - only the degree has changed.

2189 days ago


I am also not for hitting women but she DESERVED IT!!! If she thinks she can just go up to people and slap them and expect not to get slap back then shes MISTAKEN!! Shes a real BITCH !!! all i can say is ....GOOD FOR HIM ...a woman like that need to get her ass kick!!!

2189 days ago


I agree, if a woman puts HERSELF on equal footing as a man in a hostile physical situation, she has no cause to expect any synpathy over the effects of her OWN actions and decisions. If a woman is too stupid to know shen to back off, she never should have stepped up.

2189 days ago


That equally goes for men, too.

2189 days ago
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