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Hard Out There for a Cop, Thanks to Three 6 Mafia

9/4/2008 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A wild brawl broke out at a Three 6 Mafia concert last night in West Hollywood. Body count -- two arrested and a woman wheeled out on a gurney -- and it wasn't Britney!

The fight erupted after the rappers finished their set at the House of Blues. The men in blue (they actually wear tan uniforms but men in tan makes no sense) -- aka L.A. County Sheriffs deputies -- swarmed the joint, inside and out.

One woman broke her leg after being trampled.


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Illinois person    

...and to think the Academy of Motion Pictures gave an Oscar to 3 6 Mafia over Dolly Parton. What were they thinking?

2243 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

It was a RAP concert. What do you expect?

2243 days ago


hmmm, so that's why there were police choppers circling above my apartment for two hours last night.grrrrr. not impressed that I had to lose sleep over three six mafia.

2243 days ago

john wayne gacy    

sounds like business as usual standing in line

for the buffet at the gospel sunday brunch;

2243 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

All too soon rap will burn itself out and run its course and years from now its few remaining aging braindead fans will be scouring the bargain bin used rap albums reminiscing about the "good old days" that never existed in the first place

2243 days ago

northern gypsy    

youv'e got to be kiddin me???...all of that...and 2 arrest...don't think there were that many troops in georgia vs russia !!! PLZE

2243 days ago


I don't get where 3 6 had anything to do with the fight. Fight break out everywhere but you can't blame the performers. If I fight broke out at a showing of Kung Fu you blame the Panda?

2243 days ago


SHOCKING!!! Violence at a three 6 mafia show?

2243 days ago

AbysmalDemise mean the woman's leg was broken when she was trampled? lol I doubt she broke it herself after being trampled.

2243 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

I gotta agree with cheese925,

The headlines are just FILLED with fights following wholesome family films

Ban the Panda, I say!

2243 days ago


my wife went to west hollywood last night with her friend visiting from france...ironically she had wanted to go to that concert, and was trapped in a bar for 2 hours just next door while all that sh*t went down. safe to say, she wont be planning on going to any 'gangsta rap' concerts anytime soon. she also said there was gunfire outside on the street.

hate all you want, it will get you nowhere. as long as white folk are scared and offended by rappers, and as long as our culture continues to be corrupt and oppressive, rap will NEVER die, so be sure of having more such incidents.

2243 days ago


Wow i was going to go with my girlfriend to this concert but didn't end up getting the tickets
guess it was a good choice

2243 days ago


#10. You really think "white folk" are scared of your illiterate ass? Think again, you oppress yourself with your unintelligible ignorance and ridiculous ebonic babble. As long as you continue to do so, those with YOUR mindset will always live at the bottom of the food chain! I don't know any "white folk" that are afraid of any "black folk". "Folk" you're an idiot!

2242 days ago


WOW! That woman on the stretcher is Tanya Braunovic, a sick ass australian actress.

2236 days ago


I performed at this show with a few of my associates... the fight broke out during the 3 6 mafia show, not after, and the security guards are the ones to blame. They were way too drunk and way too violent.. THEN wouldn't let people out of the club. The Cops must have had it hard on them or something to be pointing all that riot gear around like there's really more than two or three people vs 20 security guards. Also after reviewing the comments, I didn't see anyone saying anything about "White Folk" or "Black Folk" until someone decided to throw that in, it was simply a statement about a genera of music, which is made up of both white and black people as Eminem has made so blatantly clear. I think if the ethno-central few who still look at the world like that, continue to cause a racial feud, a whole lot more people are doomed than the ones digging threw old rap albums twenty years from now... Just my opinion. - peace

2226 days ago

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