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Hobie from 'Baywatch'

Don't Call It a Comeback!

9/4/2008 2:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jeremy Jackson, Sky LopezThink of all the people from "Baywatch" you wish had a sex tape. Now think of Jeremy Jackson.

Yes, the kid who played The Hoff's son is all grown up -- literally. There's a sex tape being shopped around town starring Jackson and top Vivid porn star Sky Lopez.

We're told the tape is about 45 minutes in length, but so far -- no buyers.

We just got this statement from Jeremy: "Listen, this video was made by my best friend. Between me and a casual sex partner who just so happened to be a former porn star. I was later physically threatened if I didn't turn the DVD over to some drug addicted thugs.

"They said, 'Sky wanted it back and didn't want to ever be seen as a porn star, that she had turned to God and was changing her life.' So I gave it up for HER and so they would not beat me up and 'make my life hell' as they had threatened. I was blackmailed. This private recording becoming public kinda sucks. But I thought people out there should know the truth and how far some people will go to make a quick buck."

UPDATE: Just hours after we posted this morning, Jackson conveniently showed up at the beach -- with British model Danielle Lloyd -- and a paparazzo just happened to be there. What a coinkydink!


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he's just another gay actor who wants to proove that he screws chickc yeah maybe chicks with D***S

2185 days ago


The Hose (number 2) right!

2185 days ago

Big Will    

FINALLY!!! Hobie actually got some and can prove it??
Sky's Brother

2185 days ago


Leave Sky alone.. she's not even in the porn industry anymore! She's a born again Christian with a baby on the way!

2185 days ago

Ben Grim    

I dont know who this guy is.

but sky, even though out of porn for at least four or five years, is still tremendously popular. Her name draws big attention whenever mentioned on porn blogs.

She just got out of jail. assault, or something like that. She is preggers and has given her myspace page over to a wannabe pastor.

I dont know how much she really devoted to a faith, since she has been in situations that get her arrested. She loved to club it, from what Ive seen on various websites.

2185 days ago


Jeremy was a different person 5 years ago, he's come a long way since then. I remember when this whole thing happened, I was spared the harsh details but I knew about the DVD being stolen, I think Sky really did want to leave the industry and remake herself. However, this was also around the time she spread a rumor that she was pregnant with Jeremy's baby which sent his family into panic until everybody found out she was lying. It was hard to understand why she would do that because Sky and Jeremy were good friends. Jeremy struggled with compulsive sexual behavior like many many addicts do once they get sober, but has since overcome those issues and has been in a loving committed relationship for almost two years. His girlfriend is understanding of this whole thing but whoever did release this STOLEN video could have potentially ruined his relationship, that's not exactly something Jeremy wants.

2185 days ago


I just talked to him on the phone and he's heartbroken about all of this, he feels like he failed his family. Anyone that would say he did this on purpose or is trying to use this for something else is just looking for something negative to say about a really good person.

2185 days ago


To clear up some of the junk I just read on here: Jeremy does not live at home with his mom. Jeremy has been sober for almost 8 years and helped A LOT of people clean up their lives. Jeremy was not a heroin addict. He's been very honest about his problems with addiction and that wasn't one of them. Jeremy didn't put ALL of his money up his nose and he certainly didn't put anything into his veins. Jeremy doesn't need to sell some stupid tape to make money, he does very very well for himself. Jeremy cannot be "frequently found at sutra lounge" the last time he was there I was with him, throwing a last minute going away party for our good friend. He has way too much going on to be at orange county clubs all the time, when he's not home spending time with his family and his girlfriend, helping people get/stay sober, going to meetings, or practicing martial arts in the gym, he's traveling around the world working and loving what he does. His events are amazing and if you ever get a chance to go to one I suggest you do, they are really fun!

2185 days ago


And he has NOT had plastic surgery. When he was 17, minding his own business, talking on his cell phone, sitting half-way in a car with the door open, outside of a restaurant, a 300 pound mexican guy blind-sided him, started bashing him in the face, the man's rings went through Jeremy's face and broke several of his teeth on the other side. He beat him and bloodied him until his limp body just laid there. Jeremy never even had a chance to defend himself. It's a miracle he recovered from that. It's a miracle he didn't DIE! Wow, yeah that sounds like a plastic surgery nightmare to me too. Where did anybody even get the idea that he had plastic surgery? I'm so sick of hearing that, it makes me effing furious!

2185 days ago


Long story short Jeremy is the kindest, sweetest, most generous man I've ever known. I've known him since the day I came into this world and he has taught me almost everything I know about everything. Hearing people who don't know him at all say such evil untrue things about him breaks my heart a little every time.

2185 days ago


She turned to God.... yea... all good Christians send thugs after people and threaten them with death. Way to pave the new road WHORE.

2184 days ago

Knock It Off    

Lets hope his dingdong has gotten bigger since the days of Bay Watch. That would be the real embarrasssment.

2184 days ago


I want to see the video! Anyone know where I can find it???

2183 days ago


Regardless of what people may say here, Jeremy is a fantastic guy! He helped me get sober just over a year ago, just the way he has helped countless others over the years. Everything that Taylor has said is right on, I could not have said it any better myself. I just hope this doesn't have a negative affect on his relationship with his girlfriend, because that would be such a shame.

2183 days ago


this is disgusting

2183 days ago
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