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It's Time for an Intervention!

9/4/2008 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Everyone is entitled to a bad hair day and outfit every once in a while, but Helena Bonham Carter has completely used up all of her get out of styling cards!

After being spotted dressed like this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, the 42-year-old mother of two once again orthopedically stepped out in London on Wednesday, looking like a homeless aristocratic 19th Century vagabond loon.

Someone please tell Helena she's not contractually bound to dress like she's in a Tim Burton film in her real life too. Or is she?!


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Yeah, she lost several family members in a tragic accident recently. Let's all attack her wardrobe!
F off tmz.

2210 days ago


I've lost family members as well, but still didn't walk the streets looking like an insane person!

2210 days ago


I know this is wrong, wrong, wrong -- but I can't imagine her any other way. She's seems to be very unique and I think her this look just fits her. Can't imagine her wearing the standard Hollywood trailer-trash ensembles. I think she's pretty damn cool.

2210 days ago


You people and articles like this DISGUST me. Helena has just lost 4 family members, she is entitled to walk around dressed how the hell she likes at the moment.

And at any time in fact, I admire her for not sticking to your "plastic" standards.

2210 days ago


you flucker, she just had 5 family members die like not even a week ago. you think she gives a rats a$$ about how she looks? god you are a moron, whoever wrote this article.

2210 days ago


She's always been kind of crazy with her looks, makes her unique, I love her looks so NOT Hollywood.

2210 days ago


TMZ you fail on this one. HBC is awesome. Her style is her own, and it works. Tim Burton is also awesome, and if they wanna look like vagabonds then let em. She is worth about 3 times as much as your entire staff, and she doesn't have to answer to anybody. Man you guys must feel so cool postin stuff like this.

2210 days ago


This site states that "innapropriate comments may be removed" yet you aggressvley attack a person that has suffered a great loss. The person in charge should show some compassion and regulate the self-motivated rederic that pollutes this site.

2210 days ago


God, have some respect! She has lost several family members in a horrible car crash! I'm surprised she wants to leave the house!!! Leave this poor woman alone.

Way to go TMZ, you stay CLASSY!

2210 days ago


she looks like a homeless person

2210 days ago


Who cares how she dresses, she, like me, has her own style. Also she is grieving so leave her alone. Style is in the eye of the beholder

2210 days ago


If she's going through a personal crises she must have started it when she did her first episode on Miami Vice back in the 80's. She has looked like a bag lady since then. I think she either dosen't like herself or she's a closet lesbian who dosen't want men to be attracted to her. It's such a shame too because she is actually good looking when she acts like she wants to be a part of the human race, which is only when she's in a movie.

2210 days ago

Sara L    

Wow! Leave her alone! She is going through a personal tragedy! Unbelievable you guys would actually post something like this.

2210 days ago


Get over yourselves, TMZ. This is pathetic.

She's awesome, and really isn't into the whole fashion scene like most brainless Hollywood bimbos that spend half their time drunk or high. She's just an ecletic, classy lady with her own unique style.

She's going through hard times right now. Get over yourselves, you freaking vultures.

I'm not longer reading this website. This is just ridiculous.

2210 days ago


Could you be a little more sensitive? She just lost a couple of her family members in a horrible accident, one of which was only 14 years old!

2210 days ago
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