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It's Time for an Intervention!

9/4/2008 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Everyone is entitled to a bad hair day and outfit every once in a while, but Helena Bonham Carter has completely used up all of her get out of styling cards!

After being spotted dressed like this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, the 42-year-old mother of two once again orthopedically stepped out in London on Wednesday, looking like a homeless aristocratic 19th Century vagabond loon.

Someone please tell Helena she's not contractually bound to dress like she's in a Tim Burton film in her real life too. Or is she?!


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Drop it, TMZ. She has ALWAYS dressed like this and more than likely ALWAYS will.

Find somebody else to pick on.

2205 days ago


Lay off her. She is eccentric and that makes her interesting. She doesn't need TMZ making fun of her either at such a difficult time in her life, having lost several members of her family recently.

2205 days ago


Sheesh! She just lost some family members. Give her a break and have a little decency! Besides, so what if she dresses weird. She's comfortable with who she is. What's wrong with that? Is Tmz the fashion police now?

2205 days ago


Please take this down. Have a heart. Pick on people who aren't grieving.

2205 days ago


While I like this website, did they miss the fact that a huge part of her family died? It was never reported on this website so maybe tmz doesn't know she lost around 4 family members in a terrible accident. If someone from tmz reads all the comments, please take this page down. She has suffered a huge loss and doesn't need to be disrespected like this.

2205 days ago


It's hard enough when yo lose one family member, but she lost 4 all at once. She also has two kids at home. Leave her alone and go bother someone else.

2205 days ago


I LOVE the way she dresses. There's absolutely nothing wrong with NOT looking exactly like everyone else. Most fashions lately look absolutely dreadful. Pick on someone that deserves it. Leave Helena alone!!

2205 days ago


I think she's unique and awesome!
I wish my entire life was a Tim Burton film!

2205 days ago

Arthur Samson    

That is Helena Bonham Carter's style. It is who she is. I think it looks neat and she is one of my fav. actors! Just because she doesnt spend tons of money on looking "fabulous" doesnt make her any less of a good actress.

Also, I am sure there are much better stories you could be covering.

2205 days ago


She has always dressed with her own sense! At least she is an individual and not a fashion lemming!

2205 days ago


You're over the line here. Leave her alone.

2205 days ago


okay now this is terrible. i absolutely love tmz but this is either completely ignorant or insensitive, or's one thing to keep us amused, and a whole other to kick an innocent person when they're down.
pick on shauna sand, she's more than deserving.

2205 days ago


Id rather see this than half the shiate I see in the USA everyday. What the hell is wrong with having some individuality?

2205 days ago

Coco Alfonso    

She's the self proclaimed Antichrist of fashion. I think she might even be coming out with her clothing own line??
I wouldn't wear it, but I think it fits her, she's one quarky mamma!

2205 days ago

Jenny pruski    

She just had a tragedy/s in her family shame on you guys for not respecting that.

2205 days ago
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