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Levi & Bristol: The Writing's on the ... Finger

9/4/2008 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Levi Johnston is apparently doodling his way to the altar, tattooing his baby mama's name on his ring finger. Nothing says love like some regrettable ink!

In lieu of a tramp stamp, Bristol Palin went with the more traditional unwed pregnant teen engagement ring.


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I guess momma Palin will be giving her son in law a job in the white house as the national cherry buster. LOL. Sarah Palin condones teenage drinking and sex. She is not a good mother at all, nor is she VP material. As for her kids, America is just calling what it sees. Teenage pregnancy is everywhere, even in Alaska where they have the most reported cases of the clap than any other state...WTG Palin. Bristol's a pistol, Willow is already puttin her back on a pillow. And her son that signed up for the military on 09/11 - how touching. Boo hoo.

2230 days ago


Keep your eye on your own daughters and leave the others alone. Our futuree vice president is a great woman and has a great family. She will be helping to run a country so keep you eyes on what is important and do not meddle in her personal life. You all love the Clintons ad you all know the trashy behaviour that went on; so why are you pulling an inocent girl apart. Yes inocent, having sex with her boyfriend is not wordly knoweledge. My goodness where were you at 17 or where are you when your husband goes to work?We are becoming a bunch of gossiping goody goody morons. I love and respect our Republican party and shall vote for them. I have a republican since I first registered at 21yrs. and I am 84yrs. old now so I find the party the best. We tech independence and do for yourself, do not expect the country to support you. and hold your hand as you cross the street.Elia Bledsoe

2230 days ago


well #269 at 17 I was in high school and was able write a paragraph free of spelling and grammatical errors that you seem unable to execute.If that is how the republican party "tech"es (using your form or the word for teach) the country doesn't need them.Palin and her "party" needed someone to pin the baby on and Levi for whatever reasons he decided or was "convinced" it was the thing to do (can you say threat?!) she is supposed to be 5-6 months if they were going to get married before this went public they would have already.They have parental approval, correct ? and therefore consent. This is a big show i guess some people are buying it but they are just as delusional as McCain and Palin.People say where was her mom when she was getting pregnant??oh yeah in the next bedroom of the doublewide "governor"s trailer" making her own rugrat. so republicans "tech" by example!? CLASSY!! WTF??

2230 days ago


and 17 yrs old looks a lot like 27 yrs. maybe Palin had her at 13-17 .Her husband looks like a wimp and she is good with firearms.....

2230 days ago


I would hate it if people knew me at 17 and judge me off he person I was then and not now. That is a young, difficult age. You make mistakes, it's how you rise to the mistakes that should really make the difference. They didn't kill someone, they didn't choose abortion when it would have been easier for her and her family, etc.

2230 days ago
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