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Unprotected Sex Has Its Perks

9/4/2008 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One minute you're hooking up with your girlfriend after a kegger, the next you're on stage at the Republican National Convention!

Jamie Lynn can't even do that for Casey Aldridge.


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fame ho    

I justt find this whole affair ironic.... A young white girl from a well to do white trash trailor park ..aka,daughter of govt. AK. gets nocked up at 16....and alll the major wack job fundamentalist bible beaters are screaming with joy. Now, if this happens in lets say another place.... like real America.... the same old majorwack jobs fundamentalist bible beaters are screeming with satan...has arrived..... Then there is no support for this kids.... because this girl has been kicked out of school and church.......... Recall Britneys little sis..... she was the satan .... and Now fat white men think this is the coming of the baby Jesus.......What is wrong here.......Too bad that young girl never got any sex education to learn the basics or at lest condoms....... This is what 8 years of Rethugs will give you....

2235 days ago


I see the liberal elitist are out in full force! Nothing shows your superiority then bashing a seventeen year old girl and her boyfriend! So having a pregnant teenager proves that one is a bad parent?! Really?! Well, then you stuck-up arrogant morons better not go digging into the closets of your resident politician, otherwise at least 15% would be drummed out of office. Oh that includes daughters who had abortions since both the daughters who keep the baby and the ones who have had an abortion prove that they are irresponsible and THAT PROVES that the MOTHER OR FATHER are too irresponsible to be an elected official! To state otherwise would make you a bunch of hypocrites! So SAVE YOUR "YEAH BUT" CRAP!!! I also presume that none of you bothered to read the USA TODAY newspaper yesterday, which stated that other countries had a MUCH lower rate of teenage pregnancies....REGARDLESS OF HOW MUCH MONEY WAS SPENT ON SEX EDUCATION!! It looks like that sex education isn't enough!! How about personal responsibility?! Of course that requires maturity and common sense! Something that schools aren't very good at teaching kids nowadays.

2235 days ago


I also should mention that while many kids nowadays are taking SEX EDUCATION that does nothing to MAKE THEM USE THE BIRTH CONTROL devices at their disposal. And for FREE for the low income. Now I know many women and girls would rather have bamboo shoots shoved under their fingernails and their tongues cut out rather than admit to the least 50% of women who claim the "Pill failed" admit when badgered enough that the pill didn't fail, they deliberately stopped taking the pill! When further pressed as to WHY, they admit that they thought being pregnant would make their boyfriend either propose marriage or at least suggest that they live together. AND when the guy gets pissed and insists that he isn't ready to become a father, the woman stammers that the "PILL FAILED" and she promises to run out and get an abortion! Of course that doesn't put all of the blame on the WOMAN! Not by a LONG SHOT! While these women may have been dishonest that doesn't let the guy off the hook! How many times have some us heard guys complaining that he doesn't like condoms because their "not comfortable" or "too much trouble"?! So the guys are just as much to blame for the unplanned pregnancies NOT TO MENTION STD's! So SEX EDUCATION alone is not enough! Maybe if some cool older guys let the guys know it isn't cool to NOT WEAR A CONDOM! I mean using birth control is the least decent thing to do if you can't exercise SELF-CONTROL!

2235 days ago

John Doe    

I would have knocked both of them up(sara and her skanky daughter). She's hot. He did look uncomfortable, but probably because palin threated him with castration if he didnt do her bidding.

On another note, it looks like Osama is going back on his "clean politics" schpeel and attacking anything that moves.

I hope someone deals with him before the sheep of america decide to vote for "Change".

btw, the change he's talking about is to enslave the white people.

"I don't like Bush, and I don't like Palin, but I just LOVE Palin's bush."

2234 days ago


Poor Obama, he's resorting to using the stage image of Zig Ziglar and the tone inflection of a black southern preacher. What a tool.

2234 days ago


wow she really looks 5 months!! and has anyone thought about how Sarah Palin supposedly just had a special needs child and now she is running for v.p. she is either a really bad parent or a really bad public servant.

2233 days ago


Obama never sold no damn drugs! Thats media BS you're believing right there, linking Blacks to drugs.

2233 days ago


"Unprotected Sex Has Its Perks"

Ya, it feels a hella lot better then a piece of plastic on my dyck!

(but i don't want the clap either, whats a man to do?)

2232 days ago


This child and yes she is a child seems to be the center of all our attention. Her mother didn't know what she was doing when she said yes to being the vice- mind you the word vice is funny when use here. As an american i thought that we were trying to keep our young ins on a certain path. Now i know that people seems to think that we are going to hell as a society. So do we really need to have our number 2 person in our country not caring about the image she is sending, The young ladies who are in jr high and high are going to say things like well if the vice- there is that word again president can have a daughter who is pregnate then why should we control our self''s. Why should we as young ladies care about our vurtures. well we better think twice before we let that vice lol president show our country a thing or two.

2232 days ago


Listen, Palin, has a nice FAKE appealing to her. I saw her speach and thought I like her. BUT, LIKE ALL POLITICIANS SHE LIES! And She is pro life (period)! No matter what the consequences!!!!! When YOU THINK about VOTING FOR MCCAIN/PALIN please ask SOMEONE YOU KNOW WHO MIGHT HAVE BEEN RAPED? OR ADOPTED? PLEASE!! You want her for VP?
Think about this.. A woman walking to her car after work, brutally beaten and raped by a psyco. She gets pregnant, and now has aids, and so does her unborn! This lady would go to jail, because she doesn't want the psyco's seed child inside her? So, she relives the nightmare every day for the rest of her life, and HATE THE CHILD INSIDE HER, BEFORE AND AFTER IT IS BORN! or ACCORDING TO PALIN, TOUGH S**T RIGHT? HAVE THAT CHILD, OR FACE LIFE IN PRISON FOR MURDER! TO BE RAPED AND BEATEN EVEN MORE! .......................................P-L-E-A-S-E!!
Think of this, thousands and thousands of UNWANTED children are already occupy our ORPHAN homes across this great country. UNWANTED, HOMELESS, AND FAMILY-LESS. TOTAL ORPHANS! They're heartbroken, depressed, and usually wind up somewhere between mental hospitals or jail. TAKE CARE OF THEM! NOT BRING IN MILLIONS MORE.

2219 days ago
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