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Unprotected Sex Has Its Perks

9/4/2008 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One minute you're hooking up with your girlfriend after a kegger, the next you're on stage at the Republican National Convention!

Jamie Lynn can't even do that for Casey Aldridge.


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"Jeffrey" - The old bait-and-switch, eh? Wouldn't surprise me either.

2208 days ago

wake up people    

My question is I understand how a 17 year old could have a baby, but how is she going to run our county when everything is out of control on her own house?

2208 days ago


Everyone knows that all liberals are angry haters
stop the hate

2208 days ago


The liberals on this site are idiots. Sarah Polin kicked your asses last night. Watch the momentum build and build and ya'll will get crushed in November. Did you really think america was going to vote for the most liberal candidate of all time, with no experience, and black all at the same time? Come on idiots.

McCain/Polin 2008, Polin 2012 (first women president)

2208 days ago


A vote for McCain/Palin is a vote for parental interference. Sex education belongs in the schools not the home! Who better than an underpaid public school teacher to have that special talk with your child. Forget the three Rs it's time for the three Xs in our schools.


P.S. On a personal note I would like to offer my services to any young teen girls who need sex counseling. I promise to be gentle.

2208 days ago


Hey jackass he never sold drugs he used them. Kind of like bush and coke..

2208 days ago

Hardworking but broke    

I actually think its a bit inappropriate for them to have the "baby daddy" on stage with them. Her daughter is NOT married to him... he's just a guy who knocked her up. He had no place on that stage with the 'family'... it was a publicity ploy to show unity between the daughter and her baby daddy.

Also, I notice baby daddy has not said anything.... its Sarah Palin who keeps insisting her daughter will be getting married. I'm guessing she is going to FORCE him to marry her daughter, just like she FORCED that job to fire her sister's ex-husband. Poor kid.... he should've known better than to get a politician's daughter pregnant. It just makes me mad that the Palins claim to be no different than any other family.... well, most teenagers don't marry their baby daddies at 17... unless you have a powerful mother who forces it to happen.

2208 days ago


The marriage won't last 2yrs. True kids make mistakes, but a bigger mistake is a loveless marriage. What kind of life are you really giving this unborn child (if there is one). As long as he is willing to take care of his child he should not be made to be a political martyr for Palin. Get a grip people there is no love there they are kids caught screwing with no protection. No teenager (no matter who they are) should be praised for keeping a child they should not be having anyway. Maybe if mom was more realistic, she would have at least said wrap it up. And I'm sure Mr. Palin got him some before they got married let's be real people. Mr. and Mrs. Palin slipped up on the parenting job .

2208 days ago


What I don't understand is why the liberals think that pro choice automatically mean abortion is the choice. I am pro choice and I applaud anyone who decides to keep their baby, give it up for adoption, or makes the hardest choice of all, abortion.
Choice means choice. This girl made her CHOICE. Isn't that what it is all about.

2208 days ago


I agree. Take care of your home/kids first. If you can't do that, don't try to run a country. Same with balancing your campaign budget. If you know you're going in debt with your campaign, and still go, then don't try to convince me you can run a country.

2208 days ago

TMZ Fraternity    

Did you see all of those inbred republicians last night.

If you dont vote for Obama you are a sellout to the Human Race!

If you dont vote for Obama you are a sellout to the Human Race!

If you dont vote for Obama you are a sellout to the Human Race!

If you dont vote for Obama you are a sellout to the Human Race!

If you dont vote for Obama you are a sellout to the Human Race!

2208 days ago

Ethan Hunt    

Go to hell TMZ, get your head out of the donkeys ass. How about you do some stories on Obama regarding all of his radical friends???

2208 days ago

Not Surprised    

HA HA - Great headline!

2208 days ago


this is the last time i patron this "web-site". enough is enough with the bias. what happened to an impartial take on politics?
if tmz wants to be taken seriously, they should at the very least pretend to not have a preference. sarah palin and her family are the heart of everyday americans. they do not claim to be perfect. mrs. palin is every mother, wife, sister,daughter, employee and employer. john mccain made an honorable decision(again) in picking her. he was proven right again last night when she blew me away. LAY OFF!

2208 days ago


What I notice about this crowd is that the GOPers here (Hey folks, did you know that stands for Grand OLD Party? No joke, look it up) are functionally illiterate. They can't even spell "Sarah" right. I guess you would have to be uneducated to vote for a woman who can't run her own family, let alone got a small town in Alaska $22 million in debt (look it up), and lies about the Bridge to Nowhere...(look it up. She actually took the $$ for it).

The only thing historic about her speech were the lies.

2208 days ago
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