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12 Steps to Freedom

9/5/2008 10:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Memba the actor who tried stabbing his GF 20 times (allegedly)? Well a judge today cut actor Shelley Malil a break.

Malil -- who appeared in "40 Year Old Virgin" -- has been held on $10 million bail after he was arrested for allegedly stabbing Kendra Beebe last month near San Diego. Today the judge reduced bail to $3 mil, with one string. Malil can't get out unless he goes into rehab.

Malil's lawyer confessed to hizzoner that his client has a serious alcohol problem.


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should have give her 21.Bet she deserved it

2205 days ago


Stupid liberal judges!!! He's probably a Democrat

2205 days ago

Sick of It All    

Is she still in the hospital?

2205 days ago

just sayin    

He should be stabbed 20 times, then go tp rehab

2205 days ago

just sayin    

Because they haven't been civilized for very long.

2205 days ago


Leave his butt in jail. He can dry out there, too.

2205 days ago


Dude, rehab but no Anger Management class? He should have just smoked a joint, then he might have only stabbed her once. As you guys would say, I'm just sayin'.

2205 days ago


A Big F YOU to Anokie for the statement you made...I know the victim and she had broken up with this crazy jack bag for his controlling games. She broke up with him!!! He showed up to her HOUSE drunk and on coke started a fight and stabbed her with her kids there! He was pissed that he was rejected... She was barley hanging on to life...yes she is still in the hospital! So shut your f*cking stupid mouth and hope nothing tragic happens to you or your family this way! Think about her kids..they almost lost their mom! The Judge is an ass for lowering the bail...this is what out taxpaying dollars go to horsecrap deals...I hope he gets his in jail! Think before you speak you stupid dumb ass HOOKER!

2205 days ago


our justice system is a joke.....the victim is very lucky to be alive..... so because she did not die ,the judge is going to allow some lawyer to convince him to release him into re-hab.... he should be in a mental institute locked up for attempted murder.

2205 days ago

Skanks R Us    

disease of addiction and alcoholisim is no joke. 80 percent off all people who are in 12 step groups will relapse and die of this diesease. Even in 12 step rooms, this topic is off limits and never discussed. If it is brought up, it is quickly sugar coated or shot down. Having said that, it is still the best option out there for long term recovery

2205 days ago


This is what is wrong with our society. They let these psychos out! Liberals...

2205 days ago


damn #8 D.You have mistaken what I wrote. I am a bookie and the #21 is in reference to Black jack.Then I said I bet she deserved it. I was looking for a bet that she didn't. Everything has odds and I was saying odds are it would come out she provoked him. I truly feel sorry for the lady and her kids.Sorry I upset you, she being your friend and all. So take apill and relax,It will all come out in the wash.

2204 days ago


Unreal! Yet again some douche bag liberal judge lets out a psychotic criminal. If alcohol makes you want to stab someone to death then you have bigger issues then just a drink! He should be put away for life and shanked in the yard after a few ass treatments from his new boyfriend! I'm so sick of the criminals having all the rights and the victims being left helpless. Vigilante justice needs to make a come back!
This woman will forever live in fear as long as this douche bag is free. F*** AA! Do you really think AA is going to help him?
"oh, I no longer have the urge to murder because I don't drink" Get a freaking grip on reality! Give him a pre-frontal lobotomy, that will take away every urge he has to do anything but be a mindless muppet, which is what he deserves.

2204 days ago

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