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Cop Comes Out with His Hands Up ... and Dances!

9/5/2008 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Check out New York's finest at its worst.

We're sure the boys in blue will be so proud of this guy -- retired NYPD officer-turned-movie producer Bob DeBrino. Isn't flashing a badge a crime when you're not an active cop?


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arte help    

What an a-hole!

2206 days ago


Is that a handicap parking tag hanging off his rearview mirror??? He doesn't look handicapped to me...well, at least not physically handicapped.

2206 days ago


What an idiot. I hope someone investigates his use of a handicap placard.

2206 days ago


A retired cop flashing a badge while standing up in his a "handicap" sticker swings from the rear view mirror!!

There are several things ALL wrong with this video.

2206 days ago


Every retired cop gets a flat badge...but the handicap plaque??????????????? Guess ethics goes out the convertable when you've been drinking

2206 days ago


I've seen a lot of d-holes, but between the badge, the dancing and the placard, this guy may be the d-holiest.

2206 days ago


Bob does have a legit handicapped placard. he was shot in the knee, the reason for his retirement from the force, & to this
day the bullet remains in his knee. he has difficulty walking.i am not his biggest fan but the above is a fact.

2206 days ago


he used to be 400 pounds afew years ago,,,he needed a handi- cap placker then ,had surgery to remove all the weight,

2206 days ago


anyone else think the chick with him looks like a makeupless melanie griffith????

2206 days ago


Was this picture taken in the 80's?? What the hell are they both wearing....that's the real crime!

2206 days ago

Paulie from Jersey    

You guys are all a bunch of motherless douche bags. In fact, if you even had a mother I'd bang her ass to mouth to teach her a lesson for having you losers.

That man is handicapped from being shot in the line of duty as a NYPD Officer years ago. He was shot during a bank robbery and shot all of the armed robbers in the bank.

You don't have to be in a wheel chair to be considered handicapped. He suffers from extreme pain from his initial injury and the many surgeries that he had to go through to heal.

As someone posted earlier, he was 400lbs at one point. That happened from being unable to get around following being shot. Being that heavy and unable to regain full mobility to lose the wait for some time, he damaged his back and knees.

So handicapped......yes he is, but he is also a hero. You bitches would crap yourselves if you were in a bank and it was robbed at gun point, forget capturing the armed assailants and saving peoples lives.

He is a good guy who is very proud to have been an Officer. If you people knew what it was like to be proud of something you accomplished or stood for, you wouldn't talk about people this way.

I will apologize to your mothers.

2205 days ago


TMZ commentators: Betta' leave that "Bobby" alone, ya hear? Back in the day he took a hot crippling bullet to the knee bone in the line of duty, only later to become a sorry biscuit eating hippo suffering unto morbid obesity, drowning in a cess- pool of lonliness and depression. He since has taken action to become a better man. An opinionated mouthy man, worthy of his achievements, proud of his heritage. -Viva Italia. God bless the U.S.A.-

2205 days ago

Whaddayouknow ?    

Hero one day, drunk - driving douche bag the next.

2205 days ago


If it is the Bob DeBrino I'm thinking of, he had the rights to the Lucky Luciano book that was written by Richard Hammer and Martin Gosch. It was published by a major publisher and was the only book that Luciano authorized and collaborated with. Publishers weekly displayed a copy of the original contract between Little Brown Publishing, Lucky Luciano, Martin Gosch. Lucky's signature was authenticated and proven. He is also the same guy who had the balls (as an ex-cop) to go into prison and get the rights from a Luchesse Mafia guy with his writing buddy, TJ Mancini. He ran around Hollywood for 5 years until finally someone gave into them. They managed to get Lumet to Direct it and Diesel to star in it, Find Me Guilty. Not much advertisements, but a great movie. Even the critics in NY said it was Lumet's best movie in 25 years. I think the poster he was holding up was the controversial poster that Vin Diesel designed and wanted to use for the movie.

I remember him also running around town with the rights from Donald Trump for a Trump Tower TV series. It was finally bought by Showtime and unfortunately it wasn't Trump's time about then. I also just read something on the internet about him and Nick Pileggi getting the rights to the daughter of Meyer Lansky, Sandi Lansky's memoirs. If any of these movies are like Find Me Guilty, they're going to be winners.

By the way, my Brother just called and said Bob somehow got Warner Bros to give him a jet and fly in Drew Barrymore and a bunch of celebrities from LA to attend a 9/11 charity event for he Police in NY which included all the widows and orphans of the cops that were killed in 9/11. My Brother said he was there and he also had Dennis Quaid, Whoopie Goldberg, Armand Assante, etc.

I guess once a cop, always a cop.

2205 days ago


It's not illegal to flash your badge after you retire. It actually says retired on it but is used for identification purposes as well as the right to carry a concieled weapon anywhere anytime by federal law. And yes, it's even legal for retired cops to tie one on and have a good time.

2205 days ago
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