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Lil' Racist, Homophobic Schmuck

9/5/2008 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Struggling to keep his eyes open, a trashed Lil' Wayne spewed some serious hate language in NY last night when he noticed one of the photographers trying to get a shot of him was a black guy.

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No Avatar

Do you have the time to stay for life?...    

@ Black Male...God Bless You...The truth is the light...LETS SHED SOME ON IT!!

2206 days ago


Hilarious that TMZ has such outrage for homophobia, but shamelessly spews hateful sexist crap

2206 days ago

Frank Olivo    

Black's a thought, maybe you should move to Liberia since you are so obviously unhappy with this country. Sincerely, you can spout your hateful rhetoric all you want but it isn't going to make it truthful. Good luck to you and your may be cliche, but when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Almost every culture has a "story of woe", stop the boohooing and racist comments and make something of yourself. Last, your lack of faith in education is very obvious since you can't even put a coherent sentence together. Good luck with your cynical, hate-festering, myopic view of life.

2206 days ago

Do you have the time to stay for life?...    

@, you dont use the N word because you know you would get that ass tore down!!! Keep it real.

2206 days ago


Now here is a PRIME example of why we have racism as bad as we do still here today!!! Martin Luther King, Malcolm X would be so proud to see this behavior?!?! Next time you want to cry racism and unfair to these two er men?

2206 days ago

Frank Olivo    

And what are those tear drops on his face? I thought they represented people the tattooed person murdered, anyone? I am more than a little curious about that!

2206 days ago


Shawty say you Lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo- look like a loser :D

2206 days ago


"get my ass tore down"....................another prime example of racism via threats!

2206 days ago


Wow! Black Male!!!!! Educate me...please!

2206 days ago


Thank you Black Male, you just proved my point!

Have a blessed day.

2206 days ago

northern gypsy    

hey #12 (blackmale)...i'm feelin you...but... basic georgraphy...last time i looked dallas was to be honest...don't know lil wayne music that well...just sayin...going by this looks like he's only had a grade 3 education !!!

2206 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

it's gonna be just like basketball(football?) a couple of years they're gonna be all over the razzi world saying: we invented this. we're the best.duh. basketball too, was invented by the whitest white dude. face it.

2206 days ago

Do you have the time to stay for life?...    

@ never got your ass kicked by a white person? Why is my comment racist? Looks like Black people arent the only ones quick to pull the race card....stop typing, son...

2206 days ago

no h8n    

Black or White... "lil wheezy" is a sorry soul! who cares who likes his music or doesnt... he's made plenty of money on his music, so obviously someone likes it. I'm a black male, but I can't stick up for him.

"black male"- funny you'll "blow someone's head off" if they say that word or something else you don't like... YEAH RIGHT... you are so full of SH!T... if you have 2 degree's, based on your comments i'm sure one of them is a GED.

2206 days ago


This is TMZ's "Sister Soulja moment". They're only condeming this clown to fool people into thinking this isn't an anti-white web site.

2206 days ago
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