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Lil' Racist, Homophobic Schmuck

9/5/2008 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Struggling to keep his eyes open, a trashed Lil' Wayne spewed some serious hate language in NY last night when he noticed one of the photographers trying to get a shot of him was a black guy.

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I agree- this has nothing to do with black or white---has to do with being respectful. Lil Wayne is a waste of space, there are PLENTY of EXCELLENT rap artists out there that can do their thing. This guy should just overdose and get it over with. It's a shame what money and fame will do to people. I'm sure there are plenty of people who never graduated, yet they would never act so immaturely and ignorant. He needs to get a clue and realize what goes around comes around. You treat people like trash, you will be treated like trash. I'm embarrassed for his mother!

2238 days ago

Anna Konda    

Hey Blackmale....maybe you should have spent more time in school and learning something and not listening to Lil Wayne and watching YouTube. Your grammar and punctuation are horrible! I can barely comprehend what you have written. I bet you talk the same way. But it doesn't matter how well you talk if you spend the day asking someone if they want to Supersize their order, right?

2238 days ago

Frank Olivo    

BM, I am certainly not your hommie (SP?), just like you are not my bro'. Again with the bitterness about your ANCESTORS...with your mind set, I should get the Queen of England to give me land and money for the land and labor they stole from my Irish Ancestors. As far as your being educated...I would ask for a refund if I were you. As for looking to "Youtube" for enlightenment, I think I'll pass. Perhaps that's where your two "degrees" came from?

Last, you minimize your hateful comments to one, that being about "Cracker Jesus", as if that one isn't enough to be negate anything you have written. Oh, and the nonchalant comment about "blowing" someone's head off, not sure if you would truly do that or not...either way, it shows something isn't right with you or your ideas of morality.

2238 days ago



2238 days ago


****Black Male*****
That was very admirable of you! I saw the video that you're linked to...very interesting. Funny thing is that people here take every comment, word, expression as literal...HELLO, people! you're on TMZ, leaving a comment about Lil Wayne's comment, not literature or rhetoric class. Lighten up! damn!

Still want you to educate me, BLACK MALE!

2238 days ago


This is about Lil' Wayne not BlackMale and Dallas. Call each other on the phone and shut the f-up!!!

Plus Lil' Wayne is the ugliest no chin havin' MF I have ever seen in my life, besides Vern Troyer.

Stick to the story.

2238 days ago

Frank Olivo    

Yvie, than I guess BM should get off his soap box...don't start spouting crap if you don't want a response. WE KNOW its TMZ, numnutz. That is why it sucks when people like BM come here with an agenda already in place. Look who am I talking to, you sound like you want to screw BM with your sign off...doofus you!

Now, I am done lunch and am off to the real world...(still want to know what those tear drop tattoos mean!)

2238 days ago


@blackmale: I really can't help but laugh at people like you. I'm a white guy near 30 years of age, lots of black friends and white friends. We white folk don't go around calling each other white trash like you say it's ok to call each other "N" AS LONG as you are black... Racial profiling at it's best. If your not our color don't say it.

Nah hommie, the black friends i do have don't go around talking like "I'd blow your head off if you said it to me" Yeah theres what the "black folks" worked so hard to achieve in this country your kind of thought process and irrelevant comments in comparing hitler to this chum.

I'm sorry but what does the tear drop mean again? oh i forgot the hard work that your ancestry worked so hard to achieve this day in age. Grow up, calling either something that the "white collard folks can't" is racist at most. Don't like it stop callin eachother it all the time.

Respect or ignorance is how i was raised, clearly i see how you where

2238 days ago

I laugh at other's misfortunes    

I bet this wastoid POS couldn't even name one player on the Cincinnati Reds. And yet he wears the gear. Silly Nigruh!!

2238 days ago


I'm not a fan of Lil' Wayne specifically, but I have to side with Black Male.

He makes some very valid points.

2238 days ago

lets be honest    

ok i have read alot of point of views on this page and now let me just say this. Lil wayne is a great artist to those of us who like him we all understand and can appreciate the musical genius that is lil wayne. now if you dont like his music that is all fine and good but gives you no right to say that he is less educated then anyone else. Also let me say that we are all human and put on this earth by one man no matter if that man (jesus) is black or what he is still the maker and the creator to say that he should just kill him self or whatever the refrence was makes you no better than what he is for the comment said in the video.

So i leave you with this if you like him or not if you think he is right or wrong dont judge him or anyone else.

2238 days ago

sick of her....    

wow... some of these comments were takin a little to literally.
Its so called Rappers who give Rap a bad name. In my eyes he is NOT taleneted.. (No I dont listen to Dolly Parton or Lil Wayne) I dont view his synthesized voice as being anything new or unique. Educated or not, He shows that he he isn't a very wise man in this video. Black/White... Racism sucks and as its been said here... Its here and everywhere.

To me the N word represents DIRT. I dont understand why people use it as a term of brotherhood/friendship... Very Demeaning... especially when so many have been fighting for equality. to each his own. All I know is I am NOT racist and I try to see everyone for who they are.

2238 days ago


Relax, BlackMale is not running for president, he's simply stating his point and defending it. With regard to your question about the teardrop tattoo (I googled, see below for some examples.

Typically that someone has spent time in prison.

In the United States, they used to be gang symbols for the number of murders committed, but now they're more often used to symbolize loved ones who died while the wearer was in prison.

In Australia, it means you're a child molester - the lowest of the low in the prison population. The tears symbolize the abuse child molesters are going to suffer at the hands of other prisoners.

As for your comment about my desire to screw blackmale...interesting, since when did the word educate define the meaning of sex? BUT if you have his number- I'll gladly take it; think you can get it for me?!? lol

2238 days ago


And as if on cue, the racist side of the last poster rears its ugly head.

It's like White racists can't help themselves or something?

The anonymity of the internet is just too much to pass up I suppose.

I guess you have get all that racist b.s. out somewhere safely.

I'll bet dollars to doughnuts, 'laugh at other people's misfortunes' was the lonely kid in the classroom at school who nobody talked to because he smelled so bad.

Add a few years to the resume' and he graduates to spewing anonymous hate on a message board.

Bet his parents are so proud.

2238 days ago


I dont see the problem, he was signing autographs

2238 days ago
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