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LiLo to Sam -- Apply Lipstick Here

9/5/2008 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With just a few of their closest paparazzi pals around, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson said goodbye...or something.


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Ooooh... are we all feeling a little negative today??

2176 days ago


"Dr. Laura",

Now, if you were a real doctor, you would know better. Gay people are BORN that way, just like some people are born with extremely high intelligent quotients. Noone knows the answer to why such things happen, but they do. A long, long, long time ago, I believed that gays were exactly what you wrote because I niavely believed the Bible. I believed that the Bible was always rewritten in the same form, but I realized how gullible and stupid I was being. The Bible was rewritten SO many different ways, and so many different times, and if you're quoting the real Dr. Laura, that's a sad statement, unless it was taken out of context.

I watched a person, very, very close to me grow into the gay adult he was from the day he was born. Yes, even from birth, I knew he was going to be gay. As he was growing, he always wanted to play like a girl: dolls, playing house, and asking for Barbie Dolls for his birthday. Now he is adult, and guess what? He "came out of the closet" two years ago, and, sadly, he got SO many negative reactions, especially from his father. What a shame. What a terrible shame!

Your parents are supposed to love you no matter what, and God loves everybody the same: criminals, do-gooders, heterosexuals, homosexuals, social workers, garbage men, etc. You get the idea. At any rate, I've seen the gay population live their lives very productively, efficiently, decently, and, most of all, without judgement. The gays, to me, are so much more responsible than straight people, and they SHOULD be given the rights to marry, have children (they do ANYWAY, REGARDLESS, and they just love the heck out of the children because they had to try so hard to have their kids. Their kids were very wanted, and they did everything, and anything to achieve their baby, or their child, either by artificial insemination, or adoption, and they're WONDERFUL parents!)

Well, I've written my dues (sp?), so I'm going to quit now because I have other things to do. I hope people educate themselves on this subject because the day is coming where every other home is going to be homosexual. I truly believe this. I think there are many people living straight lives when they are really of the gay nature, and that's sad. They're conforming to society, but that's only temporary.

The End,
Excuse Any and All Errors as This Was Written Very Quickly ...

2176 days ago

Quit ur bitchin'    

Re: 'Stay in the Closet'

Wow, Are you ever living in the dark ages!!!

If you are really that offended by homosexuality then maybe you shouldn't be reading anything on the internet - let alone comment on it!!

Live and let live -

2176 days ago

Georgia Girl    

If they're happy, I'm happy.

2176 days ago



2176 days ago


I think they're both hot, honestly. I've always liked feminine boys, and that's what Samantha reminds me of. Lindsay's just a fox...ahh, so happy.

2176 days ago


It's no one's life but Lindsey's so let her live it the way she wants. But I thought that Sam was a blond and had longer hair.

2176 days ago

Black Power    

Yuck!! One day she is going to wake up from her I'm a lesbo stupor. Lilo is not gay. It's just a trend that is getting out of hand. You are either gay or you are not. She has spread her legs for several men, yet now that she has been hurt or is feeling like she is getting back at someone by pretending to be gay is the lamest excuse for "becoming" gay. She may find that once she stops pretending to be gay, she will not only lose movie jobs, but also the man of her life who may not have agreed with her old lifestyle.

Clint of the mountain

2176 days ago


I will never understand the hot/good looking female & (what men would likely consider) not very attractive/masculine looking female lesbian relationships.

2176 days ago


Didn't wanna see THAT after lunch!!! It's just not right. Keep it behind closed doors.

2176 days ago


I AGREE with Stay in the Closet! Keep it to yourself. What your doing is disgusting & NOTHING to be proud of.

2176 days ago



2176 days ago


I agree with Stay in the Closet! Some people in this liberal world still believe in old fashioned values & are not afraid to speak up for it. Being gay & bi-sexual isnt cool & there are still some of us who get sick of having it crammed down our throats that it's normal & that we're strange for not accepting it. The queers are the freaks!

2176 days ago


Get out of town... You should have capped everything you said to shout it. You are so right about "Now, can we move on to relevant celebrities? If there are any?" Probably not as far as this site is concerned. I swear it's must be written by little boys who haven't a clue as to what an a-lister really is as evidenced by tmz's brittney idolatry. I can better WASTE my time at perezhilton.

2176 days ago


LiLo is going thru a Brittany moment. She'll come around one of these days. That Sam is grotesque and a slap in the face to both men and women!

2176 days ago
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