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LiLo to Sam -- Apply Lipstick Here

9/5/2008 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With just a few of their closest paparazzi pals around, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson said goodbye...or something.


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I would love to see a video of these 2.Mainly to see what Sam has to offer undressed. Bet she looks like a bean pole. Gigilo.That's what she is.

2208 days ago


samantha!! te amo! =) this pic is soo cute!!

2208 days ago

Out of the Closet    

****************To Stay in the Closet:************************

How about you keep your heterosexual nastiness to yourself, I don't need to see you dry humping in public.

2208 days ago

mess-iah sara is nothing but a used TAMPON    

Good for them, she is staying out of trouble, and she did'nt get knocked up at 16 or 17

2208 days ago


And is Anne Heche gay or not? How can you date men your whole life, live with a woman for a whole five years, then marry a man, and get divorced. What's next for Anne?

2208 days ago


Betcha she's voting for Obama, too. Most liberals (including celebs) seem to think the notion of homosexuality is okay.

My main issue: Obama claims to be a Christian, but it specifically states in the Bible that homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of God. Just a little hypocritical. Ya think?

The same liberals (who are hanging on to Obama's platform) are dispelling the notion of capital punishment and voting 'yes' for abortion. Doesn't seem fair to me - a person who rapes/murders deserves to be in prison, while receiving a paycheck, an education and three square meals a day (taxed on MY hard earned money), while an innocent life (that begins at CONCEPTION) is sloppily discarded b/c the people who conceived it didn't have enough sense to buy a three dollar box of condoms.

These are the same liberal celebrities, which includes Lohan, that support these tragedies. But go ahead and love her. Sad, sad sheep.

There is one positive side to this... at least Lohan and Ronson can't reproduce the natural way while engulfed in their lesbianism. God willing we don't end up with another person roaming society born of her DNA.

2208 days ago


On the plus side; at least they are not spreading their STDs to others. That's always a good thing. Damn disease ridden skanks!!!

2208 days ago


people should use the condoms that cost $4.00 a piece not $3.00 a box. The $4.00 are re-useable.You shake the f*ck out of them and use them again.

2208 days ago


Lindsay, you owe me $6.60 for a cleaning bill. I puked looking at that picture. For you sake you better hope that god changes with the times because if he dosen't...........(MAN!!! IT'S SURE HOT HERE)

2208 days ago


48 - Leave it to you to bring religion and Obama into a chat that is about Lindsey and Sam. Some people just can't leave religion out of anything. If god is forgiving, he will "forgive" homosexuality. Actually there is nothing to forgive, everyone should just live their own lives and stay out of others lives!!!!!!!!!

2208 days ago


HOMOS ARE FREAKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go ahead homos put down hetrosexuals, its only because your jealous that your life is so pathetic.

2208 days ago


No one wants to see that! Please!!!! Both are nasty skanks.

2208 days ago


what in the hell is the matter with all of you? I bet many of people probobly think you and your sex life is pretty damn raunchy

2208 days ago


Wow - I used to be a big fan of that she has crossed over to the dark side I wont be seeing anymore of her movies. She could have had a normal life (husband, family), she was a pretty girl that didnt have to go to women for love. How sad....

2208 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

What's with the old "Guns & Roses" T-shirt, Sam? Come on -- you're dating a big star, you should have a Chicago Bears team jersey and start chewing tobacco.

2208 days ago
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