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Oprah Caught Between Barack and a Hard Place

9/5/2008 11:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There is a war brewing behind the scenes at the Oprah Winfrey show, one that could force Oprah to break her allegiance with Barack Obama -- so Sarah Palin can get some face time.

According to the, members of Oprah's sharply-divided staff are putting serious pressure on the talk show queen to book the first woman on a Republican ticket -- but not everybody is on-board.

A Winfrey insider tells Drudge, "Oprah's website is getting tons of requests to put her on, but Oprah and a couple of her top people are adamantly against it because of Obama."

But after Sarah's star-making coming-out party, how can Oprah NOT book her? Decisions... decisions...

So far, O's peeps refused to comment.


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So, what's new? Oprah is just one of the many childish people who can't act respectful of others views. Who watches her anyway, besides stuffy housewives? Grow up, people. Can't you have a civil debate about politics?

2178 days ago


Don't do it Oprah!!! Stay true to your beliefs! That woman is a nightmare and her and McCain will further destroy the economy, the environment, and the American people! 8 years is enough - no more Republicans!

2178 days ago


So, does this make Oprah A) a Racist B) a Sexist C) Both. Ahh, the modern American left, setting the example for open and free discussion in the true spirit of The Constitution and that First Amendment they scream about so often, but i guess that only matters if your showing child rape, rape, hate, drug culture, anti-anything republican ant i white, anti capitalist (unless your a movie producer) ect ect. you get the picture..

2178 days ago


Oprah is a very smart business woman and I think it would be a mistake to NOT have Palin on her show!

2178 days ago


I'm going to laugh so hard when Obama loses. LMAO! Heck I'm laughing now!

2178 days ago


I don't think she should consider giving failin palin any tme....why? Any one with a cerebrum knows she is not qualified for this position and McCains pick was purely political. I am tired seeing this mean old stupid man that has a warped sense of definition of "hero" is not him, POW'S are not heros in my dictionary. This crooked old man who can't talk has been part of the problem for over thirty years and how anybody body independent or republican could support the old fool is beyond me. Biden is part of the problem too - our system of two parties is no longer acceptable to the people - system is too corrupt and no longer can work. Register independent ....I am voting for Ron Paul!

2178 days ago


I can't stand Oprah. Seriously, WHY does anyone think she's so great? She's so fake, she's NOT genuine, everything she does, she does for popularity and face time. I don't see all the hype about her, I just don't! Sarah Palin doesn't need to go on Oprah, in fact, I hope she doesn't.

2178 days ago


Oprah has decided to be political, and I respect her if she doesn't put Palin on. Oprah doesn't claim she is unbiased - and therefore she has a right to do what she chooses.
Perhaps this is a bad business decision, but for Oprah it is personal.

2178 days ago

artie help    

the big O is going to ruin whatever lil chance Mr.Obama had in reaching the white house. She should stay home and count her money and shut her hypocritical mouth. LAST thing COME OUT OF CLOSET!!!!!!!!

2178 days ago

tom in chicago    

What a Shocker, Queen Oprah and Yellow Journalism go hand in hand!

2178 days ago


It will never happen. Though if she shocks me and does put Palin on, she will earn my respect again and coutless others, I would think.

2178 days ago


There's a shocker! Bottom all comes down to race. Wake up people, our country is screwed regardless.

2178 days ago


That's what happens when these mindless celebrities try to tell the American people what to do. Now she's gone and stepped in it and has no way to get it off her shoe!! Oprah's just another racist, sexist bitch like all the leftist elite on tv.

2178 days ago


#2's got it right! She's C, both!!!

2178 days ago


time for you to pick oprah. are you a woman first or a black person first.

2178 days ago
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