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Oprah Caught Between Barack and a Hard Place

9/5/2008 11:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There is a war brewing behind the scenes at the Oprah Winfrey show, one that could force Oprah to break her allegiance with Barack Obama -- so Sarah Palin can get some face time.

According to the, members of Oprah's sharply-divided staff are putting serious pressure on the talk show queen to book the first woman on a Republican ticket -- but not everybody is on-board.

A Winfrey insider tells Drudge, "Oprah's website is getting tons of requests to put her on, but Oprah and a couple of her top people are adamantly against it because of Obama."

But after Sarah's star-making coming-out party, how can Oprah NOT book her? Decisions... decisions...

So far, O's peeps refused to comment.


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She should have Palin on her show. She should invite Palin, her DUI husband, her lover (husband's business partner), her pregnant teenage daughte and the baby daddy and then they all can have a big discussion about Palin's experience. I will pay good money to see that show!

2202 days ago


Palin is not the first woman on a ticket. Remember Walter Mondale? Of course not, because many of you youngings don't have an education. Oprah is prejudice. Obama is black. Simple as that. It is the only reason she endorced him. The thing is, black men were allowed to vote way before women. The black man has always had the upper hand. Shouldn't she already know this from The Color Purple?

Forget race and sex. Vote with head, not some fantasy Obama and his fathers dream of. Remember Kenny Rogers always said, especially in his songs: Dont Fall In Love With a Dreamer.

Fall in love with a doer.

2202 days ago


drudgereport is a republican base media or as they say drive by media. So why would anyone want to believe them. They are hoping to cause a story to get their bias website into the news. It probably comes down to one oprah producer want her on the show for ratings and the drudge report will lie and say oprah doesn't want her on. The funny thing is the republicans are no playing the victim card to get votes. Poor Palin. PS did Palin get rid of a few oprah book of the month club books when she decided to censor books in Alaska?

2202 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

I'm of two minds about this. If Oprah puts Palin on she shows that she is willing to be fair and listen to the opposing position, something that Fox News has never done in all of its existence but this would give Palin another podium from which to preach. With any luck if Palin goes on Oprah, she'll give herself enough rope to hang herself with.

Country First, so you think the rampant runaway capitalism that has millions of people unemployed and losing their homes, gas nearly $4 a gallon, who knows how high heating oil is going to be this winter, the price of food rising is all good. You also clearly don't know the difference between socialism and communism. I suggest you try doing some research before you make any more stupid statements

Go Sox

2202 days ago


Oprah is all about women seeking their potential and embracing themselves. Sarah Palin is the kind of woman that Oprah is touting.Having Palin on her show would be a plus for Oprah. Since when does Oprah care about what others think? Oh, I forgot, she's voting for the socialist Obama. Guess she is a spineless jellyfish.

2202 days ago


i mean really, who's surprised??? most, though unfortunately not all, know that she has an agenda that do NOT fit with most of us, joan q. public. i am proud to say i have NEVER liked her, watched her, and when she does get my attention, its usually for something like this. go away oprah, and take your lesbian lover with you!

2202 days ago

Mom in MD    

Doesn't suprise me one bit. I hope Gov. Palin refuses to do her show. Oprah has been requested to do a show on Down syndrome many times and has refused.

2202 days ago


First, blacks accuse Oprah of being racist against blacks, now the whites are accusing her of being racist against whites. Men say she is a "male basher" and now it is being said that she is sexist against women!!! Please! Just because she does not do what YOU want her to doesn't make her neither racist nor sexist! She is more than endorsing Obama and I think it would be wrong for her to "support" the Republicans by giving them a platform on HER show! Oprah, don't let anyone bully you into anything that you do not want to do..... that is the beauty of owning your show! The one's complaining say that they don't watch you anyway, so they can just not watch you! You don't owe them (nor me) anything!. You can have Palin on AFTER she (and McCain) lose!.... IF you want to!

2202 days ago

Paris Hater's Live Sad, Dull & Pathetic Lives    

I'm sure Oprah would love to be between a Barack and a hard place.

2202 days ago


Oprah is as fake as they come!! Trying to appeal to her bored housewife following with her man-hating, telling-everyone-how-to-lose-weight-then-she-weighs-in-at-300lbs..... Personally, I hope Sarah turns them down if they do ask her. Along with "The View", the most rabid bunch of loud mouth Democrats to ever fill up a TV screen! You are above that Sarah!!

2202 days ago


Republicans are what this country was founded on. You would not be enjoying your freedoms and all you have without them. Look at our last Demoncrat. He used our money to have a blast with his pants off. Dont ever underestimate what our country was and where it has come. We are a young country and we have fought every step of the way to get what we have. We Republicans were the ones to fight for independance from our mother country, while Demoncrats wanted to abide by England.

2202 days ago


Oprah is so racist. I can't stand it when African American's call whites racists. The truth is... THEY are the more racist than whites!

2202 days ago


#40 - Oprah and Obama can't throw stones at someone for DUI - both are former cocaine addicts. To do so would show them as the hypocrites they are. At Bristol Palin's age, Barack was smoking pot and sniffing cocaine. And by Bristol's age, Oprah had long been having sex and had already been pregnant. So those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

2202 days ago


Okay, some say that because Oprah is endorsing Obama just because he's black, and that makes her a racist. But if she endorsed Hillary, that would have made her a sexist. Right? And the people who make this argument obviously think sexism is a worse quality than racism, so they should be HAPPY she endorsed Obama. Right?

People are so effing stupid.

2202 days ago


Cheryl, times have changed and Repubilcans have not. I don't care what the country was FOUNDED on, its about what we need RIGHT NOW.

2202 days ago
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