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Republicans Lack Heart!

9/5/2008 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ann and Nancy Wilson are pissed at the Republican Party and have fired off a cease and desist letter to the McCain/Palin campaign.

Specifically, the Heart women are upset that the GOP has used their classic "Barracuda" as a theme song for Sarah Palin. TMZ obtained a statement from Heart's rep, who says "The Republican campaign did not ask for permission to use the song, nor would they have been granted that permission."

The statement goes on: "We have asked the Republican campaign publicly not to use our music. We hope our wishes will be honored."

We're told Ann was watching TV today and heard the song at the convention when Palin was touted.

: Twenty minutes after we posted this story, the GOP ended the evening after McCain's speech with the song, "Barracuda."

Stay tuned.


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why don't people in the film and music industry stay out of politics, I'm sick and tired of their liberal ass attitude. When are they gonna get their heads out of their ass. Do they really think people care what they think? They don't speak for the everyday person trying to survive in todays world! I hope Mc Cain and Palin kick butts in the election, I can't wait til its over! God Bless America!!

2234 days ago


I think Republicans lack morals for this country and I'm talking about the real Republicans not these brain washed people who think they are. Let's face it, if your not rich and you don't have some type of power your no one to the Republicans unless it's time to vote. This country is going down the drain fast and who is the blame? For one who has all the power to do whatever they want. The rich and powerful Republicans can come and go from this country as they please. They live in different residents around the world. As long as someone can make them richer or more powerful that's where their heart is. So that means they can live anywhere and be happy. Everything is about money, greed and power when it comes to Repulicans. They are so blind because why would you help these other countries with their economies and build them up and we know we might have to go to war with them one day. We don't need democrocy all around the world because if we did the people of America would pay the price. We can't compete with slave labor from other countries around the world. All of our jobs would be gone for real. All the rich would be investing in 3rd world countries where everything is cheap. The American people need to wake up and realize that we are being used.

2234 days ago


I can honestly say I will never buy anything heart does or has done again. I was going to buy something from them after I heard them played at the convention, until I found out they don't want republicans listening to their music. Today I bought cd's by Gretchen, Big n Rich and would have bought a Cowboy Troy album, but they were sold out. I'll pick one up next time I'm out.

To bad there isn't a website one can look on to find out who doesn't want republican money.

2233 days ago

Kenn Bannerman    

Crikey, I don't even like Heart and I'm insulted by all the morons on here calling them "fat bitches" and such like. I can't believe what arseholes you americans are.

Really. It's no wonder everyone in the world wants to kill you. And rightly so.

2229 days ago


Oh yes,
Heart.... Ann and Nancy Wilson two amazingly talented woman who have withstood the 80s and 90s and who are still rockin, check out the new Red Velvet Car which debuted at #10 on Billboard.
They are pioneers for female rockers and put most of these "new" girls to shame. Iv seen them in concert numerous times and met them once. They are hugely talented, energenic and smart, so to all you haters, you dont even know what your talking about. And to Ann and Nancy, THANKS...for the new one , your fans love YOU BOTH!!!

1431 days ago


I can't believe how rude some of these comments are. Ann and Nancy have a right to do what they want!

Besides, they make real music.. Not like the talentless crap thats popular now.

1279 days ago
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