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She's Not Just Like US

9/6/2008 12:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah PalinSo this is interesting. US Weekly is losing subscribers because of its Sarah Palin cover story: "Babies, Lies and Scandals."

There were reports that as many as 10,000 subscribers bailed, but US told Page Six the number was closer to 1,000. Apparently the mag -- and to be fair just about everyone else in the media -- misjudged Palin's impact once she opened her mouth.

We put some polls up yesterday. With 200,000 votes, 51% called Palin the biggest star of the convention. Obama came in second with 45%. McCain got 3% and Biden 1%.

We also asked who you'd most like to have a beer with -- 43% Palin, 28% Obama, 16% McCain and 13% Biden.

US Weekly next week -- "Biden: Old Men, Lies and Scandals."


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Sara Palin is the real deal something the liberals are not.

2203 days ago


Palin is showing that about 70% of women are not interested in being patronized and they aren't impressed with Palin because they see the whole situation and context of what Palin is associated with; four more years of Bush and Palin having no impact in that entrenched administration. The other 30% of women showing themselves to have no understanding of what the election is about, that they haven't followed national politics, being totally obsessed with the fact Palin is female and THEY LOVE being patronized and making superficial judgements about people and issues.

Republican = superficial

2203 days ago


We can now account for the bump in the unemployment to the rise in unemployed newspaper, magazine and other media people. The owner of Rolling Stone and Us had a temper tantrum cause Sarah upstaged The ONE, Selected never tested, Hussein Obama. I don't want to see anyone lose their job, but when the NYT goes under and those people are unemployed that will be SWEET! The people in England are now comparing Sarah to the young Maggie Thatcher, Wow, people in England are saying how lucky we are to have their Maggie's heir. Wow, Wow, Wow!

2203 days ago


Do you all seriously want this woman to be even near the White House? She's got a house full of skeletons and a family that could seriously use some good parenting. I'm all for women in politics and having fruitful careers, but being a Mom has always been and should always be top priority. I put off aggressively pursuing my own business until my children were 15, 16 and 18 years of age. Today, they're all succesful students in college and med school, with great plans, have stayed away from drugs and alcohol, and I have a business that has had an average annual growth of 18% for the past 7 years. A business or a career will always be there, but your children need you when they need you.. I think Grandma Sarah Palin made the wrong choice.

2203 days ago


No one really believes these mags but us weekly should be ashamed.
they are the real liars

2203 days ago

Down With Obama    

I think the best thing that could happen is John McCain crokes and we have the first female president. Its possible, the guy is 72 and has had cancer 4 times. I am a lifelong democrat and they wouldn't even get a women that high in office, they should be ashamed. Biden is just another old white guy that has been in office for 100 years.......

2203 days ago


There are real reasons for her popularity and those that fling pro-life, and the sky is falling comments are just plain stupid. She's a reformer! Oboma needs to go back to preaching and Social Work. The global world would chew him up and spit his ass out. They are just drooling for Oboma. Not gonna happen!

2203 days ago


Palin will be the eye candy for the Republican ticket, that will NOT give them the win they hope for. The only reason the Mccain machine picked her is because they want to steal women votes away from the dems with a bias plot, and they will appeal to horny old guys with the eye candy factor

2203 days ago



2203 days ago

Old Enough    

It's scary that people KNOW NOTHING about what Palin stands for yet support her. This woman wants to be in your bedroom and make sure that you aren't sleeping with a member of the same sex or using any form of birth control or protection. She also wants to control what you read. If it were up to her you wouldn't have access to TMZ, US, People, the Washington Post or anything that wasn't very very conservative. We also be at war with the world since she supports the warmongering and fearmongering that is the Republican party. God forbid that we actually TRY and TALK to a country with veiws that aren't Christian Conservative. Open your eyes people. I haven't read the US magazine article but I do know that McCain and Palin want to limit the rights that we were guaranteed in the Constitution. You might want to THINK about that before you decide who you want in office. Baby Bush and his aministration is already watching your phone calls outside of the USA and also your emails and it wouldn't surprise blog posting too so if you want even MORE interference in your personal life - go ahead and vote for the Republican ticket because that is what they stand for.

McCain and Palin don't care about the people, they care about big business. Cindy McCain wore 1 outfit to the RNC Convention that is worth more than the average house costs in this country and as you know MANY are losing those homes due to mortgage issues. McCain doesn't care about the people only getting in the White House and giving himself and his friends tax breaks!

2203 days ago


"There goes my rights and every other womens right over her body!"

Are you completely MENTAL??? Do you have ANY clue of how many republicans (ALL pro-life) have been in office and have NOT overturned roe v wade? It CAN NOT BE DONE. It can't be a FEDERAL overturn. If ANYTHING it can be in STATES power to do what they wish. Friggin believe anything the media shoves down your gullet without even checking out FACTS.

I am PRO CHOICE and I know they can say what they want, just like Obama Christ Super Star....but in isn't gonna happen.

Sarah is JUST what this country needs...not some radical left elitist.

Research what you say before you spew your propaganda.

2203 days ago


I lived in Alaska for 8 years and have friends in Wasilla. They cannot stand this lady and they say she is a phony!!

2203 days ago

Susan B.    

She scares me--anyone who thinks that they have cornered the market on what's right or what's true scares me a lot.
Reformer? She has already spoken that she is falling in line with the Republican ideology--how can she change or reform what she says she believes in???

I'm sorry, I think John McCain had lots of better choices for VP--I saw an interview where he referred to her as his "soul mate." Sounds to me like he made his choice with his little head...

2203 days ago


Why did you choose of photo of her sneering? Interesting editorial choice.

2203 days ago

This Girl    

I dumped Us Weekly when this story came out.

Someone explain this double standard...

Chelsea off limits when the Clintons were running and in office, but we can attack and put on the cover of mags another canidates daughter? I work in the media.. and believe me.. I see the bias daily at work..

2203 days ago
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