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She's Not Just Like US

9/6/2008 12:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah PalinSo this is interesting. US Weekly is losing subscribers because of its Sarah Palin cover story: "Babies, Lies and Scandals."

There were reports that as many as 10,000 subscribers bailed, but US told Page Six the number was closer to 1,000. Apparently the mag -- and to be fair just about everyone else in the media -- misjudged Palin's impact once she opened her mouth.

We put some polls up yesterday. With 200,000 votes, 51% called Palin the biggest star of the convention. Obama came in second with 45%. McCain got 3% and Biden 1%.

We also asked who you'd most like to have a beer with -- 43% Palin, 28% Obama, 16% McCain and 13% Biden.

US Weekly next week -- "Biden: Old Men, Lies and Scandals."


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Heather -

"Research before you spew your propaganda"? You certainly haven't done yours. Your argument that sarah palin won't be able to help overturn Roe V. Wade because no republican before has done it is not even an argument. She opposes choice even in instances of rape or incest. She is a vile person. If you really were interested in your rights as a woman, you would run far from this ultra conservative nut job who wants to throw women back into the 18th century.

Maybe your just thinking that you'd look nice in a chastity belt.

2193 days ago


I am insulted as an educated and informed American woman that the country would think Palin is representative of American women in general. Did McCain think we were that stupid? She is the antithesis of what woman have worked so hard to achieve and a pathetic pawn in a very unfortunate election. I fear the day that if McCain is elected (GOD help us all) and drops dead due to his melanoma, that this crazed ultra right winger would be our president. Very scary.

2193 days ago

Mr. A    

Why do some of you ignorant left-wing nazi skanks think that anybody is claiming that Palin represents YOU?

We like her so much because she's NOT like you and hence the reason we'll be voting for McCain/Palin.

As far as the abortion crap you keep bringing up as some lameass fear's a dead issue, not likely to change, just a lot of HOT AIR around election time, and with all the problems we've got going on right now, i doubt the whole Roe vs. Wade thing is going to be top priority. We've had 8 years of the evil Bush, picking Supreme Court members, padding the jury against abortion and guess what......NO CHANGE!

You pathetic idiots need to get a new script.

2192 days ago


to Mr. "astrophysicist " You will leave your country & go to Canada if "your desired Party" is not elected. You are the epitome of the pompous arrogant loud mouthed American that Canadians detest. I am Canadian. I have lived in the States. I loved it & the people. On a daily basis, I have to listen to Canadians sneer & laugh & make fun of Americans. This actually saddens & annoys me. I always speak up in support of the U.S...but you are embarassment. to yourself & and any country. Your Allegience is probably only to yourself. Don't come here to Canada. You would find that you are not welcome...User..........Loser.

2189 days ago


In my opinion, Obama is not to be trusted. He is not showing his true face. His hidden agenda can be found easily, in his background, famiy friends business & religious associates..and political figure. Jeremiah Wright Louis Farrakhan, Raila Odiga. The American public so frightened of a McCain Palin Govt. , should be looking at Obama more closely. Now there is a reason for fear. The Democrats would have to reconsider It's name. Obama talks the talk. { so did Hitler }, but he won't be walking your walk.

2188 days ago


Oh MY! I cannot believe the paranoia and ignorance written on these posts. If you cannot get Palin to say anything intelligent at all, and Lord knows she's had every opportunity, why does that lead you back to fabrications about Barack Obama? Could it be that you only watch Fox News? Could it be that you do not read anything on line except the inaccurate utterances of foolish people who pretty much cover everything EXCEPT THE FACTS?
FACT: John McCain graduated FIFTH FROM THE BOTTOM of his class 874 of 879 THIS IS FACT. Sarah Palin took 6 years from 5 different colleges to get a four your degree in Journalism ! FACT Have any of you even kind of sort of wondered or ask what kind of issues Ms Palin has besides lack of intelligence that would explain this? No, I didn't think so.

Barack Obama graduated number 1 Harvard Law, Biden also graduted from Law school. Is there ANY question here who has the brains?? Pure and simple. PLEASE someone tell me why you all are dead set on trying to shove 2 dunces into the White House??

2187 days ago


hard to believe You cannot be dense enough to believe that per centage points equate with or translates into inelligence, common sense, insight or strategic ability. I refer you to Winston Churchill W.W.11. Go to the back of the class....any class.............where you belong

2183 days ago
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