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She's Not Just Like US

9/6/2008 12:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah PalinSo this is interesting. US Weekly is losing subscribers because of its Sarah Palin cover story: "Babies, Lies and Scandals."

There were reports that as many as 10,000 subscribers bailed, but US told Page Six the number was closer to 1,000. Apparently the mag -- and to be fair just about everyone else in the media -- misjudged Palin's impact once she opened her mouth.

We put some polls up yesterday. With 200,000 votes, 51% called Palin the biggest star of the convention. Obama came in second with 45%. McCain got 3% and Biden 1%.

We also asked who you'd most like to have a beer with -- 43% Palin, 28% Obama, 16% McCain and 13% Biden.

US Weekly next week -- "Biden: Old Men, Lies and Scandals."


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Palin fan    

What is with the Obama supporters? Are they out of their minds? If they think that America is screwed up now because of Bush, it will be a complete disaster if Obama is in office. The man gives great speeches (with a TelePrompTer) but is not ready to lead a country. Maybe Oprah could help him start his own talk show, and I actually think that would be great for him, but President..ha..are you kidding me people?? It took him over a year to become a big as he is now and it only took Palin less than a week. I would be a little worried if I was Obama. He passed on Hilary, because he didn't want a woman to steal his spot light, but look who is in the spot light now...funny how that works, huh?

2206 days ago


Whoa Polar Bear - 70%? Really? I don't think so. Listen nutcase, where are you getting those percentages? Oh - wait - I know - you made them up. Go to another site please - you're really not confusing those of us with a brain.

Democrat = Inbred

2206 days ago


Wow people. Let's become educated on the "actual" facts before we begin judging here. I keep forgetting...most liberals don't care about the actual issue's or facts, only about pushing their "socialistic" ideals. I can't wait to get McCain and Palin into the White House!! They will shake it up. Be prepared LIBERALS, your day of reckoning and living off the government is about to come to end. And I...... will most definitely being saving a few bucks in taxes!

2206 days ago

If TMZ had the whole would understand    

TMZ sorry most of your audience is masturbating when clicking on Palin and adding "in bed" to the end of any pole questions you ask.

2206 days ago


Listen folks the last time you wanted to have a beer with a president it was Bush. Look what that got us. Am 60 yrs old. If you are interested in have a Theocrate in office than vote for Palin because you think she is hot. But remember this people if we get the McCain/Palin in office life as you know it will be changed in a way you never would have thought. They want to take away your right to chose on abortion. Now am pro-choice and I wouldn't want to abort a child but that is my choice. But here is the thing you must really think hard about. Do you want McCain/Palin take away your right to birth control such as the pill? Bush is already working on this before he leaves office. Remember this is not a popularity contest. Please folks concentrate on the issues. I have a niece who lives in Alaska and she loves to hunt and fish, but she is not impressed with the woman. She said she wanted to fire a librarian because she wouldn't support her banning books that she didn't approve of. Now do you want a woman like that at the national level of government. It should remind you of Nazi Germany. Peel away at the onion and look past the good looking woman. She will age. She doesn't support many of the mainstream womens issues.

2206 days ago

Independent for Barack    

This election is NOT about Palin. It should be about McCain and Obama. American people are so dumb which is exactly why Bush was elected to office and our economy is where it is today. Listen if you want to vote for the better man as far as what he has done for this country or you just don't want a black guy in office then I get it. Vote for McCain. But if you want new policies (And we all know McCain and Bush think eye to eye on many issues) and your worried financially about how you are going to provide for your family then why would you vote Republican. I don't know about you but I work my ASS off and I just can't keep up with this inflation.

2206 days ago


Palin is the real deal so live with it! And besides it's wonderful to have someone running for the high office that is good looking enough to whack off to.....frankly Biden just didn't do it for me.

2206 days ago


Too bad TMZ's guy, Obama, isn't the cause celeb anymore. Sarah wiped the floor, no pun intended, with Barry and sleepy-Biden. Question, did Biden get any votes in Iowa?????

2206 days ago


Palin is one racist, extremist, gun-lover, abuser of her office (fired whoever did not fire her ex brother-in-law as demanded by her), bridge-to-nowhere money-lover, abstinence advocate and yet her 17-year old daughter is pregnant, total moron on foreign policy (Alaska's proximity to Russia does not make Alaskans experts on foreign policy)... The list is endless. Just because she is a woman will not endear her to all women in the US. She attracts those who share her views and ignorance. Watch out minorities and peace-loving Whites. The ignorant pit-bull bitch wearing lipstick may be your new VP.

2206 days ago

TMZ Fraternity    

The dumb women who actually are talking about we need a strong woman in the white house or her issues hit home blah blah blah..stfu good god you fools are ignorant. You know she is not a good candidate and McCain even knows that, but he is smart enough to know that white trash America will buy into the idea of an "empowering" woman "just like them" hahaha

The only logical reason anyone should vote republican is if you are Really Rich...Other than that if you dont vote for OBAMA just end your life because you fail as a human being, and you will remain bitter till the day you die, and even after death your spirit will be bitter when it realizes that the whole concept of religion is a lie...Dumb a@@

2206 days ago

Independent for Barack    

This isn't a high school prom where we vote based on the best looking. Please people look at all the issues before jumping the gun

2206 days ago

Lenn K.    

The National Organization of Women is dead. They just support liberal women and that's like the NAACP, who only support leftwing liberal blacks. These organizations have used blacks and women forever and still are. Once the election is over the Demos will tell blacks to go away and see you in four years. NOW is spit on any real woman with a brain and a mind of their own.

2206 days ago


# 58 says: Obama isn't even present for the majority of the votes at the senate and that is probably why the democratic run senate never gets anything done. Thats a fact...look it up. uh...McPain holds the record for not showing up for votes. Look it up. And the reason the senate can't get anything done is because on crucial votes, the republicans vote in lock step so a majority can't be reached. If the dems can win a few more seats (which looks like a certainty), the reps won't be able to pull that kind of crap anymore. And a bonus will be that Lieberman won't be needed and they can get rid of his sorry ass.

Palin is no reformer or maverick and she certainly is no Hillary Clinton. As mayor, she quickly rounded up lobbyists (one of whom was connected to Abramoff) to garner earmarks totalling $27 million for Wasilla, which she left over $20 million IN DEBT. She was botching the job of mayor (for a town of approx. 6,000 residents) so badly that she faced recall and the state GOP had to step in and make her hire a city administrator to do the job for her. One of many screw ups: she tried to fire the town's librarian because she wouldn't ban books that Palin didn't like. Another one: She tried to fire more officials for not passing her "loyalty test".

As governor, she got MORE lobbyists to get more than $300 million in earmarks...nore than any other state in the know...the one that she and her husband want to secede from. (Whatever happened to country first?) She lied about all her experience running the AK nat'l guard (thus touting her nat'l security experience). In cases of nat'l security, the feds take over and the prez is in charge, not the governor. Plus, she had practically no involvement in the day to day running of the guard. And taking on the oil companies? Hardly. BP even sponsored her inauguration. She is currently under investigation for abuse of power (like what happened in Wasilla) and may face impeachment. There's your exec. experience. The only reason McShame picked her was because he was forced to, in order to cater to the religious right. He wanted Lieberman or Ridge, but THE PARTY wouldn't allow it. There's your straight talk express.

2206 days ago

obama osama    

Who would you most likely smoke Crack with?
Barach Mahoumud Osama....word Up!


2206 days ago


This should be interesting to watch. She seems to have the personality to inspire much like Clinton and Reagan. Let's see what she does with it.

2206 days ago
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