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Tommy Lee Jones: No Money For Old Men

9/6/2008 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tommy Lee JonesTommy Lee Jones is suing the makers of "No Country for Old Men" for $10 mil, but not because of that horrible ending.

Jones says he was promised "significant box-office bonuses" and claims he hasn't received any.

In the lawsuit, Tommy says Paramount Pictures paid a reduced upfront fee for him to be apart of the film -- but says the studio needs to shell out a hell of a lot more dough -- now that the film is an Oscar winning hit.

Calls to Paramount have not been returned.


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it takes a molester    

14th Bimbo

2236 days ago

Ms Kris    

And, I hope Tommy gets the money he deserves

He is NOT aging well though

2236 days ago


Who could fault TLJ for wanting to get paid - hey a deal is a deal and if this was "back end money" and some studio movie bean counter is trying to withhold Tommy's rightfully earned compensation (and an oral contract is just as valid as a written one) go ahead Tommy and collect! Oh, I think TLJ went to Harvard or Yale and unlike GW Bush I don't think he cheated on his exams - he's smart and he will get what he deserves -full restitution!

2236 days ago


Now on the other hand Tommy and all his money could be a very difficult thing to handle - he is a thinker and Tommy has graduated from an ivy league school, he is intelliegent. So he probably figured out there is no god and he is pissed off because he has heaven here on earth. He knows he is in his last lap and soon it will be over - kind of a bummer isn't it when it took over half his life to get the breaks he needed to make the big time. Look at him - he's spent and what else is there for him, another movie? I don't think so! He gave us a few good films and now it is close to his end. Soon Tommy Lee Jones will decompose in his own special DNA soup and no more "take two" because it is the final rap!

2236 days ago

RI TLJ Fan    

I have always admired the hard work tht TLJ puts into whatever character he plays to put across the best entertainment that is possible with cast in that position. I believe that all people should be fair, all contracts should be entered in good faith on all sides and all contracts should be honored once signed. That said, if TLJ's contract does read correctly he should win in court, If it does not, shame on his agent and/or lawyer. If the coontract is not written in the manner initially suggested, TLJ's adeng and lawyer should be held accountable tfor the full amoung lost and sn investigation should be launched to determine if they have prospered within this faulty negotiation from the movie studio. It is that simple, It is a business agreement. There is only one TLJ. Any studio could have made the movie with the rights and the other talents ionvolved.

2236 days ago


Tommy Lee WILL get his fair share and he won't need no hydraulic brain basher to get the money out of them.

2236 days ago


I was in a movie with him and Sally Fields way back when. He was the NICEST most down to earth man I have met in my life. On the other hand, Fields was a total jerk and thought she hung the moon. I can not stand her to this day after seeing how she is in real life...and I have adored Tommy all these years because of how kind he was.

2236 days ago


i agree on the whole principle thing, and he being a true texas principles mean a helluva lot here unlike the freaking yankee people. and who can blame him for not wanting to talk to people and all? ever thought of all the BS he deals with? you expect him to stop and chit chat every single person on the planet he meets? ever thought he had other things on his mind? people are so quick to judge. to quote a good piece of reading:

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you (Matthew 7:12).”

think on that.

2236 days ago


I think they should pay up also. The contract states it and he should get his money... I would sue too. They owe it 2 him.

2236 days ago



2236 days ago


Welcome to the real world Tommy: "If it ain't in writing, it won't happen" - this statement is true for all kinds of things (salery/raises/bonus, or anything else someone says your entiltled to or promised)...Good Luck!!!

2236 days ago



Posted at 1:46AM on Sep 7th 2008 by Country First


2235 days ago


Well if he signed a contract, it should be open and shut case in a court of law. If he did not sign a contract, well it he said and they said it would be a little more complicated. By the way what took him so long to complain?

2235 days ago


Some of you are really ridicules!! The bottom line is, If he worked and had a contract, HE SHOULD GET PAID!! All of you would feel the same way if it were your money in question. It makes no difference how much money he has or does not have, he earned the money and should get it. You people are are jealous of anyone making more than you. Stop it, it makes you look small.

2235 days ago


Michelle Brewer you are my HERO. The first thing I noticed was apart instead of "a part". I forgive typos, but not grammar. You are exactly right, and they do need a better editor/proofreader.

2235 days ago
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