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Brit's Mom Didn't Spill Beans

9/7/2008 8:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

More on Lynne Spears so-called "tell all" book about Britney. Lynne supposedly says a few days before Brit went completely mental, Sam Lutfi said, "If you try to get rid of me, she'll be dead and I'll piss on her grave."

Here's the deal. That story has already been told and, by the way, it's true. Lutfi even told us what he meant was that no one cared about Britney and she'd be dead without him. And, for the record, we never bought Lufti's story.

As for the London Sun getting an advanced copy of Lynne Spears' book -- something's rotten in Denmark. The Sun has said the book claims Britney lost her virginity at 14 and started taking drugs at 15, etc. etc. We're told none of that appears in the book and it's more about Lynne being a heroic mom. For the record, we're not buying that either.


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Damnit....Lynne Spears is certainly no mother of the year....this woman, and I use the term loosely, is nothing but a glorified pimp. She pimped out both her daughters and look at them now. Britney is doing just fine in the care of her father...good for Dad! Given time, I think Britney will make a comeback....just give her time.

2236 days ago


Gee......We're back to unmarried having a baby.........older one having a breakdown........makes family trash.......

I guess none of you think much of the Palin's then!!!!!!

2236 days ago

Space Mountain    

I am so happy that all is ok in the Spears family, it was really starting to worry me.

2236 days ago


Britneys mom is trying to make a buck off brit anyway she can,she figures she will make writing a tell all book about her daughter but she wont tell all so her daughter will give more money for not telling at all. HOW SAD IS THAT?

2236 days ago


Yea i totally think that Britney is going to kick ass at the VMA's. Oh yea and hi to my other 3 posts, haha!

2236 days ago


Britney is going to perform at the VMA's again? ::rolls eyes:: I'm sure it will be quite a show like it was last year (a circus show that is) she should just quit performing, quit making albums and singles, just quit everything cause she is nothing but a washed up, drug addict, sorry excuse for a mother and her sister being a mother at the age of 17? wow, thats real smart. I never thought Britney was talented, she can't sing worth a damn, Christina can sing 1,000,000 times better than Britney, she should just lay off the drugs and alcohol and take care of her kids like she is suppose to, instead of going out to clubs and getting wasted every night and has Britney ever heard of underwear? talk about attention seeking behavoir, how pathetic, and funny how her British accent went away pretty fast, what a nut job, Britney is a mental case and a whore.

2236 days ago

Big Bear    

I want to know when the next big comeback try will be for Britney. The last one was horrible and the next one should be even worse. Why does Britney not retire and raise her kids?? Britney has lost weight but still has no ability to sing and dance. Well she can sing and dance but not very well. Britney's career is over and she needs to retire and lay low before she makes a fool of herself.

2236 days ago


this doesnt really have anything to do with the situation but is his last name lufti or lutfi?
because i keep seeing it spelled both ways :S

2236 days ago

Ms. X    

Funny TMZ. You're just as skeptical as I am. Also, Lutfi should be in jail. Most important thing is that Britney is safe and healthy.

2236 days ago

ANAL DriP    

Her & those nasty hair extensions are so 2005 !

2236 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Who cares about Britney? I want to know if Sam Lutfi is OK. He was the best for Britney. I wish they would
clone him so they could have one to be around Britney and one to be around Jamie Lynn.

2236 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Britney = 3 VMA awards.

2235 days ago


For once you seem on top of things. Lynne Spears, ultimate narcissist, so in love with herself it's sickening ... I haven't read the book yet, obviously, but I plan to because I'm just as curious as everybody else. I hear that in the book Lynne claims she "sacrificed" her job to help her brave little girl. Hell yeah, she quit a job that there is controversy about -- some years ago word had it she was a day care teacher, as Brit grew more famous Lynne because a "school teacher", but that was some sacrifice, wasnt' it? She gave up a standard 9 to 5 type job and pimped her daughters and became very wealthy. As I said, I intend to read the book out of strong curiosity but we all know she is going to tell one lie after another to and put herself forth as some kind of heroic and sacrificing mom, etc. etc. etc. when she is in reality none of those things.

2234 days ago


Britney can dance but her voice is mediocre -- wheezing and panting to sound sexy. Without selling her sex appeal, Britney would be nothing. Lynne Spears is a liar. She is a pimp. She is sanctimonious, hypocritical, as somebody said, narcissistic, and she couldn't sell a book if she wasn't using Britney and Jamie Lynn to sell it. Lynne's day will come. She may fool some of the people some of the time with her lies and pumping up her image and her ego, but a day will com when she stands totally exposed.

2234 days ago


Palin is just another loud mouth like Lynne Spears. I feel sorry for her children. SHe causes McCain to lose my vote. She's almost a much a know-nothing, arrogant hypocrit as Lynne Spears. They could almost be twins, except that Lynne is older and getting uglier by the minute and Palin is still trying to catch up.

2234 days ago
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