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Woods Hoses Orlando

9/7/2008 12:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods is a hog.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, 129,000 gallons of water goes down the drain on Tiger's Florida estate every month. Average water usage is 10,000 gallons a month.

The home is in south Orange County -- and several of his fellow Floridians also spurt like mothas. NBA star Grant Hill used 263,000 gallons in May. The Magic's Dwight Howard's estate soaked up 189,000 gallons in July alone.

According to records, Woods is near the top of the 25 biggest guzzlers in Orange County, Florida. Number 25 on the list averages 84,000 gallons a month.

Note to Tiger -- Central Florida is in a water crisis.


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cavity creep    


2236 days ago


Well, we can't expect these "celebrities" to be careful with their carbon footprints, now can we? That is only for chumps like us.

2236 days ago


uh...First? what diff does it make how much water they consume monthly? Water is recycled and filtered, plus as long as he pays his water bill each month why should I care?

2236 days ago


ho man. wish i lived the high life.

2236 days ago


Lance Armstrong was #1 on the Austin top water user list.

2236 days ago


Actually, the FL water crisis is over, thanks to Tropical Storm Fay. Central FL's big reservoir, Lake Okeechobee, got so full that this week they will start pumping out some of the excess water into the ocean and everglades coz the levees can't handle all the water.

2236 days ago


Why is it anyone else's business except Tiger and his wife about how much water they are using? They pay for it, so they can use it. I am sure that the town they live in doesn't want to complain too much, cause Tiger will pull his family out of that town and move somewhere else, and the revenue the town would lose would be enormous. Everyone should mind their own business. Does Tiger complain about how much soda you drink, or how much electricity you use? NO, so shut up already!!

2236 days ago


The celebs are the nephilim of our age. They will consume everything including us before its all over.

2236 days ago


Tiger Woods has two houses in Isleworth, a suburb of Orlando. Palm Beach and Jupiter Island are not in Orange county. You can google that information.

2236 days ago


Obama is a socialist!

2236 days ago


Jupiter Island is not in orange's in Palm Beach County, which is South Florida

2236 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

And Algore wastes energy witrh his private jet and mega-house, so what's new? Everytime you see some jerk like Algore telling YOU to cut back, walk to work, ride the bus, keep this story in mind--these guys don't follow their own preaching. Now I don;t recall Tiger Woods drinking the "glaobal warming" Kool-Aid so why is TMZ making a big deal over his water use? As long as there are no watering restrictions and he's got the money to pay for the water, who cares? He can water his lawn with bottled water from France if he wants.

2236 days ago


Who ever posted this info for TMZ are MORONS! Palm Beach is hundreds of miles from Orange County/Orlando. Mr. Woods owns homes in Jupiter, Florida and Orlando Florida but they are NOT one in the same. Also, Central Florida is NOT in a water crisis. How soon you forget two huge rain storms have the area under flood watches. The St. Johns River that privides Fresh water to the Florida Aquifer has yet to crest weeks after the rainstorms and yet some homes in the area are under 4 feet of water. TMZ the story would have been fine with the mentioning of the water usage, the location and alleged drought shows a complete lack of real reporting...

2236 days ago

Down With Obama    

Gay Le
Go play with your own balls instead of watching someone else. tiger woods swallows, no he really does I saw it on NBC

2236 days ago

Down With Obama    

Gay Le,
Tiger drinks Gatorade, not soda.....

2236 days ago
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