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Blasted for Cherry Pickin'

9/8/2008 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Jonas Brothers all wear purity rings -- but VMA host Russell Brand got in some serious hot water with his extremely impure jokes about the Disney virgins.

Russell Brand: Click to watch
Humorless "Idol" champ Jordin Sparks ('memba her!?) defended the boys after Brand bragged he'd bag 'em all by the end of the night. Hope he stayed away from Nick -- that kid's only 15!


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that show was just altogether boring! all the awards shows are boring!!!

2233 days ago

NY is the best state on earth    

This guy sucked !

2233 days ago



2233 days ago

Should NEVER happen    

As Cloris Leachman said at the roast of Bob Saget "Will someone please punch me in the face so I can see some stars?" That's all that was running through my head last night as I watched the VMA's. Where was everyone? Oh sure they got Britney, Christina, Kanye but the rest of the audience members and presenters were fad groups and fad people who the staff at MTV I'm sure BEGGED to show up. For a 25 year celebration shouldn't we have seen more of a tribute to the past by past winners and past legends? Shouldn't we have had a SEASONED presenter not that half wit from the UK? I'm sorry but Brand was annoying at best and the constant tongue lashing at the Jonas Brothers was idiotic. Hello? Isn't Amy Winehouse a much better target for jokes? Isn't there some other eff up out there he could've picked on. Kudos to Sparks she said what I'm sure a lot of people were thinking

As far as the quality of the show a college production company could have done a better job hiding stage hands and creating graphics than MTV did.

A total disappointing show. It lacked the sharp wit and hilarity of the VMA's of the past.

I knew MTV was on a downhill spiral but this confirms it. I advise Viacom to go back to formula one

2233 days ago

By the way...    

I found the comments made by Brand very distasteful. My young daughters wanted to watch the VMA's to see the Jonas Brothers and since it was on at 8:00 our time, I turned it on for them. But after hearing the comments I turned it off and only tuned in again to see the Jonas Brothers and then stopped watching. I understand it is MTV which I grew up with, however still very bad host. Will not watch again.

2233 days ago


YOU ALL SHOULD BE SEVERELY OFFENDED BY JORDIN SPARKS COMMENTS. Russell Brand picked on the Jonas Brothers. Big deal. JORDIN SPARKS FLAT-OUT SAID (and I quote), "I just have one thing to say about promise rings. It's not bad to wear a promise ring because not everybody – guy or girl – wants to be a slut." JORDIN SPARKS SAID THAT ANYONE NOT A VIRGIN IS A SLUT. I cannot believe that you uptight people are slamming Russell Brand for picking on the Jonas Brothers when JORDIN SPARKS MADE A HUGE GENERALIZATION. How is that standing up for purity? I think she made a HUGE mistake saying that, and you people should be FURIOUS. If you're not a virgin, you're a slut according to Jordin Sparks!

2233 days ago


Russell was NOT a good pic for the host. I did not like his humor nor did I like the way he bashed people. I walked away from the TV after 30 minutes. Come on MTV, you can to better than that!!!

2233 days ago


This man is sooooo ugly!!! Americans should not allow a foreign idot to tell them who to vote!!! Most of europeans by the way don't know anything about Obama, they just think it's cool to support him cuz he's young and black.

2233 days ago


who is this ugly idiot? Never heard of him, and why is he hosting that show. the show sucked because of this no talent english creep!

2233 days ago


OMG Brand was horrible..So not funny ON ANY LEVEL..Memo to Craig Ferguson: please do not have this ass wipe on your show this week..

2233 days ago


Annoying and BORING!!!

2233 days ago


I watched Kid Rock perform and that was it, I use to watch MTV back when it was videos and not reality shows. I like Kid Rock and his views like he says he's an entertainer not a politician, he votes for who he likes and thats it, he doesn't want people to vote for a president because their favorite celeb is voting for them, at the end of the day they're all just entertainers.

2233 days ago


I can not imaging how anyone, Republican or Democrat, could have watched that and not been offended. First of all it wasn't funny. Bashing the President and calling him that awful word "retarted" is just disgusting. I am not a fan of the Jonas Brothers but what is wrong with young men being great role models for teenagers. Saying that Sarah Palin's daughter being pregnant is a publicity stunt is just outrageous! The VMAs have not been good for a long time now but that is the last time I will watch and probably the last time I will watch MTV!

2233 days ago


Shame on MTV! Shame on Russell Brand! Never heard of him before and never want to again.

Jordin? She needed a sense of humor? Come on TMZ, that's Bull! There was NOTHING funny about the demeaning things he said about some fine young men and their values. He didn't make ONE offhanded joke either that we could all pretend to ignore: He pushed and pushed and got disgusting and crude when it is clear he has no values, and is lashing out at those gorgeous talented sweet brothers--because he is such a total ugly sleazy slutty mess.

Jordin is fabulous and so are the Jonas Brothers. I lvoe their music. I lover their values. And I'm ashamed of MTV. I have a teen and I'd initially I prefered she didn't have to witness some weirdo belittling a very wonderful value to have for oneself as a yound person: chastity. I only hope she and all the other teens come away recognizing that Joe, Kevin, Nick, Jordin, Miley are THE BEST role models, and in seeing Russell Brand can identify THE WORST ones.

After last night, Russell brand smells like a toad, while the Jonas Brothers smell like a breath of fresh air.

2233 days ago


It's supposed to be rock and roll for crying out loud!

Whatever happened to rock n' roll? The days of backstage tales with the Stones and Led Zepplin, the groupies, sex, and drugs - rock queens like Joan Jett and Tina Turner...

Now we are left with Jonas Brothers and Jordin Sparks...

Why not just call MTV the Nickelodeon Awards - or hell, even Romper Room.

2233 days ago
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