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Brit in Snit with Mama Over Book

9/8/2008 7:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So as we told you yesterday, all that dish you've heard is in the Lynne Spears book about sex and drugs –- ain't really there.

But Britney is still PO'd about the book because it blames everything on Brit's ex-managers, says the New York Post and makes Lynne look like a saint. The paper says she's only talking to her daddy Jamie, who's got her on an even keel, as everyone could see last night at the VMAs.

Spears' rep says the report is "false."

MSNBC Loudmouths Dropped from Anchor Chair

After all the sniping and slap-fighting, Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews are out as politics anchors for election season. They'll be replaced by David Gregory.

The big move comes after Matthews and Olbermann have been accused of pushing a left-wing agenda too hard and have throttled each other on-air -- like when Olbermann made a mouth-flapping gesture with his hand during a Matthews rant at the DNC. It's totally embarrassing the network, say multiple sources.

Heather Mills – "Biggest Bitch on the Planet"

Not that we didn't know this already, but someone thinks Heather Mills is a kinda terrible person.

Mills' ex-rep Michele Elyzabeth tells a London tab the one-legged wonder "not only misled me, she misled the entire world." Unclear what the subterfuge might've been, but it seems to involve "false stories about Paul McCartney" and bugging Sir Paul's phone calls.

This is good stuff: Elyzabeth says Mills wore latex gloves while playing a cribbed message so there couldn't be any trace.


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sparkys nemesis    

Obermann is uber obnoxious!

2238 days ago


Please dont fire them. I would hate to see Olberman or Matthews plastered over my hood trying to get a buck for washing my window. And of course I wouldnt give them a cigarette butt let alone a whole $1. Please let them keep their meaningless jobs, because only wackos actually watch them.

2238 days ago


Don't prefer MSNBC so don't care.

Britney did great last night. I do not blame her for not speaking to her mom, cash cow is all she is. Jaime sure has his hands full!!

Go Cowboys!!

2238 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Good to see that despite a ridiculous and probably bought and paid for MTV crapfest, things are still mushing on in the whole clan of the dysfunctional Spears camp. I bet she probably slipped away from her animal handlers to join her 'old friends' in the bathroom stalls for more post party revelry. 'Paris, slip duh baggie under that thar stall wall!'

2238 days ago

Mr. X    

HA HA HA!!!! That's great. Olbermann is nothing but a pretentious prick.

2238 days ago


When I hear Heather Mills speak the C word comes to mind.


2238 days ago


There is more to this msnbc story than meets the eye. While the network may be too left oriented, I suspect they are being bullied by the right. They seem stunned by the attack from Fred Thompson. We will be better served if all networks stick to a more balanced view (hear that Fox?).

2238 days ago

Miss Spell    

Great news about Keith Olbermann. The last time he opened his big mouth I wanted to ring his neck. DON'T tell me who to vote for!

2238 days ago

Lenn K.    

Everyone always saying that FOX News is bias, maybe they are, but give each side a chance to speak. MSNBC was run by Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez with such a left wing slant even the brass said, enough is enough!!! By the way Heather, go your money didn't ya bitch, now go away, you vile piece of crap!!

2238 days ago


i feel sorry 4 paul !!!!

he really is not my favorite beatle-- john is.

and i hate how he treatz yoko.

but heather is such a bitch !!!!

paul u should have just stayed single.

but he thought he found love, i guess.

2238 days ago


MSNBC didn't go far enough...Olbermann needs to be fired from his show and the entire network. He is so much more than extreme left...he is mentally disturbed!

2238 days ago


eeww. Stop mentioned Heather Mills. I wish she's leave the country, quick!

2238 days ago


Good I hate that douchebag Olbermann.He is so full of himself with his stupid special comments.

2238 days ago


Keith Olbermann is currently under a suicide watch ("They don't love me! They really don't love me!!!) Chris Matthews is also reporting that he isn't currently experiencing that "tingling feeling" running up his leg. Gentlemen, you did this to yourselves. Under the guise of being objective journalists, you turned MSNBC into a joke with your outrageous partisan comments and clear bias for Obama. Adios!!!!

2238 days ago


FINALLY, somebody at MESS-NBC got a pair and dropped OLDER-Man and Blabber-boy Mathews. ALL they are good for anymore is opinion pieces and should be kept far away from political reporting. Brian Williams is coming very close to needing the ax, as well. Their obvious "cheer-leading" during anything Dem and "Doom & Gloom" during anything GOP bordered on the ridiculous. Mess-NBC made the right move...........the first one in ages.

2238 days ago
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