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K-Fed -- No Chicks, No Shame

9/8/2008 10:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While Britney was busy putting herself back together this weekend, K-Fed was out doin' what he does best -- boozin'.
Kevin Federline
TMZ spies caught Federleezy hittin' Boulevard 3 nightclub in Hollywood Friday, where he kicked it with a gang of dudes the entire night. According to our spy, Federline, decked out in a salmon-colored shirt, hung over the balcony in a "look at me" kinda manner, but never spoke to any members of the opposite sex.

FYI -- big stars like Diddy and Lindsay Lohan were also scheduled to show, but the only name that actually hit the club was Farnsworth Bentley.


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Now that Britney's back on track... and doing VERY WELL... it'll be interesting to see what sort of attention grabbing BS this lame fugger will do to try and steal her sunshine.

2213 days ago


There is something sexy about him!

2213 days ago

northern gypsy    

why would there be chicks??? he's got all the $$$ he needs...and his baby moma shar waiting at home !!! all is right in his universe...

2213 days ago


why does he have those kids?
who takes care of those kids?
oh thats right britney pays the bills and the nanny raises the kids. i get it

2213 days ago


If he has sole custody of the two boys... who, exactly, is taking care of them?

2213 days ago


Oh I know, every parent deserves a night out....a break from responsibility. Thank God I did not have parents like him!

2213 days ago


People come on, grandparents, nannys? You act like parents should never go out!

2213 days ago


Why so much bitterness? The guy is doing what single/divorced men do. He's taking care of his children, so I don't really have any problem with him. Apparently Britney has no problem with the $$ he gets. She pays more per month on working out and trainers than she pays him. She's not griping about it and neither is her father. Besides, we can all have opinions, but it's their business anyway.

2213 days ago


Thank you OCD!

2213 days ago


Geez he went out...big least he cares about the least he didn't put them in danger and neglect him like his sorry excuse of a human ex-wife.

2213 days ago


Brit goes on vacation all the time and what does she do? Nothing all day long. Yet he is raising the boys and goes out for a little fun and he's condemned for it? Right........

2213 days ago


Here's my two cents...which is worth just about that much. There just aren't any perfect people out there. There are some that we agree with more than others, but "perfect" just doesn't happen.

Britney was messed up. Everyone agrees on that. She fought getting help, but that was more a symptom of her illness than anything else. K-Fed was right to protect his sons by whatever means possible. It is unfortunate that it had to be done through the court system, but that's what they are there for.

As far as the child support that K-Fed gets, that was set by the judge and the judicial system. K-Fed's attorney could have asked for whatever he wanted (attorneys usually do), but it was up to the judge to set a fair amount. There are spouses in Hollywood and elsewhere that have more money than Britney and pay less than she does. There are also people who have less and pay more.

It is the attorneys that made out like bandits, which they generally do. I didn't see Britney or her father making a big to-do about paying K-Fed's attorneys fees.....only the outrageous amount. And the attorneys fees on both sides were obscene.

2213 days ago


K-Fed, Yeah, right! This guy puts the L in loser. The only reason he faught so hard for those kids is because he knew they came with money from Britney. If Britney lived in a trailer in Baton Rouge, La., K-Fed wouldn't have looked back. He might have fooled movie stars but he dosen't fool me.

2213 days ago


HAHA whoever wrote this must read Pearls Before Swine... it was the other day that Rat said that men who wear salmon colored shirts should be removed from the gene pool.

2213 days ago


Maybe he does take care of his kids.... but I'll I see is a "kid" out partying all the time and drinking. great role model. Bet he can't even get up in the am to take care of them after being out all night boozing.
Neither him or Brit should have had kids. they are both still kids mentaly. Does this "Dad" even work? So, Brit pays him to hire Nannies so he can go out and play all the time?
Frankly, I would rather go out to a club where he isn't. He's not even famous on his own merit.

2213 days ago
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