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Paris & Brit: What a Difference Two Years Make

9/8/2008 3:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Frenemies Paris Hilton and Britney Spears reunited at last night's VMAs -- no DUIs, vadge flashes or rehab stints ensued.
Paris and Britney
Throw in Lindsay, a night at Hyde and three wrecked weaves and you'd swear it was Fall '06 all over again!


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Paris always looks like a Madame Tussaud's wax figure, as though she's had total-body botox. Britney at least looks alive.

2244 days ago

Triple Play    

# 15 Reta I would think tha you would enjoy looking at vaginas. Come out come out we know you are

2244 days ago


Holy crap - no wonder we haven't seen Paris recently, she looks like she's had a TON of work done, looking very generic plastic. Britney looked lovely and genuinely happy. Nice to see her healthy.

2244 days ago

Just my opinion    

Just beautiful...she is gorgeous.....

I knew she'd get back on the right track.......

So proud of her!

2244 days ago


Brittney, you look great and are beautiful!

2244 days ago


She is almost as beautiful as Jennifer Aniston, but not quite..............

2244 days ago


Brittney looked good, except for the hair. Paris on the other hand, terrible. She looked like a Sunsweet raisin and her hair was a limp mess. BTW, the VMA show was dull, lifeless and talentless. Nobody, but nobody seemed able to perform a song competently or in tune. It just goes to show that people with very little talent are in the heirarchy of the music biz. I've seen the Jonas Brothers three times now and they can't sing in tune to save their lives. I don't get the fact everyone is on their jock. Christiana was a TOTAL disappointment. Lip-synching! The outfit was so contrived and cheesy and it was not flattering. The whole show was schtick from start to finish. Was this ALL really a comedy show to make us laugh, because it looked like a hoot. There was no grit or gut (maybe Pink, a little). Russell was funny, I'll give him that ,but he had a heavy load trying to resussitate every act when we, the audience, knew we were being fed pablum. It was all just a bit of fluff and generic lipsynching bullpuckey. I liked Kanye's song at the end. He at least produced something that was melodic and showed some actual singing ability. He almost lived up to the money he is pulling in, but not quite. Everyone else was a music industry hyped diseaster. Why are you people giving them money for this engineered tripe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2244 days ago


Britney looked great lastnight. Composed and graceful! She deserves to be very proud of herself and the awards she won. I hope she remembers to thank her dad for rescuing her.

Great job Brit! You look awesome and 100% better than Paris!


2244 days ago


paris still looks like a tramp, but britney looks absolutely gorgeous! i was so happy to hear of her wins at the VMAs. after everything shes been through, she truly deserves it. im sure im not the only one who is proud of her and her accomplishments. good job britney! you go girl!

2244 days ago


#28 Well aren't you a ray of sunshine!

Britney looks great! Don't look back just look forward!

2244 days ago


Oh that is nice to see..who knows maybe Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag will kiss and makeup too..

2244 days ago


Britney looks great, i sure would not have my photo with that white trash Paris sets everyone off again..lay down wi8th dogs you get up with fleas..Paris is a dog.Britney has talent she just got a bump in the road, the same as alot of teenagers, what are your kids doing?? she just needed a little time

2244 days ago


And Brit, keep smiling for real. You have a million dollar smile, and that's something Paris can't buy, nor does she seem to want to. She stands there like someone already clued into above, the wax figure she is. I don't get the Benji/Paris thing. When I see them he is always leading her, she is a step behind or to the side. They don't walk down the street like a couple happy to be together, you know, where you are smashed together at the side because you just want to be close. I don't ever see them captured nuzzling each other, neck nibbling or flirting. Maybe Paris only knows how to perform as a sex object and doesn't get the whole girlfriend /relationship thing. Come to think of it, that's exactly the vibe I get when I see them together. And I bet when Benji is out of town she is flirting up a storm to get a bit of the male attention adrenilin going. Sad sack, she is.

2244 days ago


Britney was absolutly stunning lastnight at the VMA's. She looked better than ever before. More importantly, she took home all the VMA's!! Proving that she's still popular with the world. Keep up the good work B!

2244 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

Politics and Celebs.
Paris Hilton was sent to Jail (for much,much more time than she should of received) , largely due to media hype from people like John Edwards or Al Sharpton (who stated that it was Unfair to give her Less jail time , one of them even meet with the warden (strange - but true)).
Britney Spears had her kids taken away from her (partly due to Gloria Allred) , also, she was demonized by angry michael moore in one of his propaganda films, some time ago.
And it seems that Ultra- Leftist Russel Brand were mocking Britney to some degree , but , I Believe, if they stay out of the angry rage of the hollywood lefists community they will be ok .

2244 days ago
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