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Russell Brand -- Working Girl

9/8/2008 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's alleged comedian Russell Brand at last night's VMAs (left) -- and Joan Cusack as a Staten Island secretary in the 1988 film "Working Girl" (right).
Russell Brand and Joan Cusack
One of them was pretty funny.

We're just sayin'!


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I just can't seem to work up any appreciation for his particular brand of "funny".

2235 days ago

blue pen    

It takes time to get into Russell's style of comedy. Last night was very tame for him believe me - anyone whose watched Big Brother in the UK will know.

2235 days ago


I saw him on the view last week, and he seemed so "Uncomfortable" in his own skin. Pretty Sad.

2235 days ago


I actually turned off the awards because of him. I DVRed it so I can fast forward threw him. In the first 15 minutes I couldn't take any more jokes about the jonas brothers being virgins.

2235 days ago


He wasn't even close to being funny.... Getting him to host the VMAs was probably the worst thing MTV could have done. They better step it up big time next year if they want 1/2 as many viewers.

2235 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

Russell Brand is a walking disease.

2235 days ago


Russell Brand you sideshow FREAK, go straight to Hell.

2235 days ago


yum, absolutely brandtastic

2235 days ago


Yeah, one of them was funny.... Joan Cusack was funny. Is there anything worse than an elitist Brit lecturing Americans via dry, cerebral, sardonic humor? I think not. Only the abysmal MTV network would be capable of giving some creature like this an audience, further proof that the once innovative music network is a ghost of what it used to be.

2235 days ago


i did not watch the vma's, but i heard it was a trainwreck. the host was terrible, brittany spears mispronounced some words, pete wentz was a tool with his stupid conversation with his wife. mtv needs to go off the air.

2235 days ago


I didn't know who the hell this guy was..............
He kept telling the same "controversial" jokes over and over even though he was getting no response................
He looks like the retarded son of Wierd Al......................
After tons of MTV hyping about the Twilight cast, he cut off the Star of the movie with his spastic rambling (beware the wrath of vampire book addicted teenage girls, seriously, you've all been warned, just wait till after the movie comes out, you'll all see what I mean)..................

Better luck next year MTV And here's a tip, if you're going to get an obnoxious "controversial" comedian who blatantly spits out the most outrageous things they can think of just to get publicity, at least find one that your audience has heard of before. Sara Silverman makes me want to poke my own eyes out with a rusty fork, but I'd sit through 2 hours of her over that Brand clown any day

2235 days ago

republicans can kiss my uknowwhat    

im canadian and i watched him last night...sorry to break it to y'all but he was funny, p.s i knew then a bunch of u freaks would take offense to this

2235 days ago


Russell Brand sucked last night.

2235 days ago

Pittsburgh Storm    

Who was this sorry ass? I never heard of Russell Brand and don't care to ever again. Send him back to his own country. Who does he think he is? He SUCKEC big time. Besides him, the whole show was lame. It seemed low budget and low class. Very low. I didn't think a single thing that Brand said was funny and apparently no one else in the audience did either. Somebody deport!

2235 days ago


Well, if mtv is giving awards to britney for a so-so song and a so-so video, why not have this tool host. mtv is sabotaging itself. Go figure.

PS---Giving britney those awards over so many other talented artists is ridiculous. Shame, shame, shame on you mtv!

2235 days ago
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