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Russell Brand -- Working Girl

9/8/2008 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's alleged comedian Russell Brand at last night's VMAs (left) -- and Joan Cusack as a Staten Island secretary in the 1988 film "Working Girl" (right).
Russell Brand and Joan Cusack
One of them was pretty funny.

We're just sayin'!


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chin chin    

If only his whore of a mother had chosen an abortion, poor Joan Cusak would be spared the insulting comparison!

2236 days ago


This idiot should go back to England and stay.....what a jerk!! But good for Britney for gettin herself together.....good luck Brit!!

2236 days ago

If TMZ had the whole would understand    

The truth hurts! He was funny, his delivery was a little off, but his jokes were right on!!!!

2236 days ago


His own country doesn't even want him - what a loser...

2236 days ago


HE SUCKED. I truly thought the whole thing sucked except alot of the singing/dancing. Everyone was so out of sink. Every presenter was looking around getting cut off. Very, very bad production and please don't bring him back. Let him stay over the pond and be funny. We have THE BEST commedians here in the US. Why didn't we use one of them? Very very poor executive decisions. Even my fav... Zac Efron looked out of place.

2236 days ago

Insane Galwegian    

@ Posted at 12:52PM on Sep 8th 2008 by Storm
No, please don't send him back to his own country. I watch the British channels & I'm REALLY enjoying not having to tolerate him. Your country is bigger, he can get lost quicker. Please take pity on Ireland & don't inflict him on us again, I implore. :D

2236 days ago


And to think he's even uglier on the inside. This is one Brit I wish would go back home!

2236 days ago


Do people actually still watch MTV? I know I don't and didn't watch this.

2236 days ago


He's a comedian and they poke fun at whatever is out there. Not everyone likes every joke they hear. As far as Brand poking fun at the Jonas Bros. they shouldn't have made such a big deal out of the rings. They opened themselves up for that one and Brand won't be the only comedian that pokes fun at them. The Jonas Bros. are in the public light and they should grow thicker skin and let it roll off their backs. Too many stars have bragged about their so called virtues only later in life someone spills the beans and everyone finds out they weren't as honest as they claimed to be. Its a double edged sword that bites them either way. Besides its my job as a parent to teach my children about values and virtues not the Jonas Bros.

2236 days ago

vma fan    

stop hating. he was absolutely HILARIOUS. he did stay on the Jo Bro's thing a little long...and he was WAY blunt about our horrible choice in president for the last 8 years. but WHATEV! all truth. all funny.

viva la brand!

2236 days ago


I dont get it Russell, in the first few minutes you alienated half the American public, then slammed virgins. Whats up with that?

2236 days ago

la nan    

He totally SUCKED!!!!! His gimmick is his hair and bad teeth.........anyone can do that!

2236 days ago


Here's a little about Russell that I found on the internet...

"He is a former heroin addict, sex addict, alcoholic and has had numerous run-ins with the police, having been arrested 11 times for public indecency. During the time of his addiction, he was known for his debauchery, a notable example being his ejection from The Gilded Balloon, in Edinburgh."

So, my question is - who the hell is he to be criticizing and demeaning anyone!

2236 days ago


I turned off the show after few minutes of his BS. He was horrible! I ran into the computer room to post a comment about this idiot on TMZ but didn't knwo where to do it. I was so happy when I saw this today and how everyone agreed with me.
This is a MUSIC SHOW! Why mix it with politics. Did the OBAMA CAMP PAY HIM TO DO THIS TO GET MORE VOTES? Big mistake associating yourself with that LOSER!!! Why they pick an "UNKNOW IDIOT" TO BE THE HOST? Also, it was totally rediculous to let a foreigner talk about our current president! That host made me sick!!!!
Thanks for letting us know that a sex and drug addict was the host. Pathetic!!!!

2236 days ago


Love Joan....HATED this guy on the VMA's....please MTV...don;t ever put us through that again!!!!

2236 days ago
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