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Diddy = Fraction of a Baller

9/9/2008 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Diddy blew a lot of hot air last week about going green by ditching his "own" private jet. It was hotter than we knew.

Turns out P. doesn't even have his "own" private jet at all. An extensive look through federal aviation records by the Palm Beach Post turned up no Seans, Diddys, Combs, or Puffys as the registered owner. One source said, "I have a list of every plane with the name of the owner, and he's not on it."

For the record, says his rep, he's got a "fractional" ownership in a plane on NetJets, where you buy flight hours. Also for the record, Joe Francis does have his own plane.


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I thought he said no more chartered jets. which doesnt at all mean he owns one? Maybe everyones just thinking they remember him saying own, instead of chartered, and now yall are talking big about something that is not true?

2206 days ago


And this means what to me? Not a damn thing, I don't care of he rides a bus, You guys need to shut up and get you some money, this wed site must be for poor white trash, that hate to see a Black Man or Black Women with Money. He's got it going on, and about all his kids I bet they already got more than you loser. You people are player haters, in a bad way.

2206 days ago

You should Know Better    

P doesn't own a Bentley....Thats a Honda w/ sticker over the H. Be who you are. A multi-Billionaire owns netjets and he still flys commerial. P listen a guy who has 99.9999999999% more money than you flys commicial. People have more respect for him than you. Take your pocket change and build a park or sponsor a cancer race or give it away. Money won't make you happy, hence the multiple women in your life and no marriage. Get Married, settle down, enjoy life. Look at Snoop, Dre and *Lance Bass*. Diddy I know you read this and I know you think you a product of your envionment, Be an example. Be someone who leads with integirity. Leave a Legacy. You don't need to show money to get attention, use your name for things that are good. Date and marry someone hot like Jayz. That guy has game and you have nothing.


2206 days ago


I don't care whether Diddy does or doesn't have a plane. I think he's a self-centered, woman-chasing waste of breath.

2206 days ago

Evie Turner    

Who cares if Sean has his own jet or not! Who cares thatJoe Francis does! Either way, these are just people doing what they do. Love them or hate them, they're doing what they do! At some point, America will be forced to stop looking at who has the bigger anything and start getting a grip on the fact that people are people, no matter how many, or how big their toys may be.

2206 days ago



2206 days ago


I would agree that Diddy is a loudmouth piece of work, but just for the record, some of the biggest stars around are NetJets customers....Tiger Woods, anyone? He's richer than rich, but doesn't technically "own" a private jet.

2206 days ago


Just goes to show, you can put a million dollar "paid for" produced beat behind a jumbled mess of illiterate jibberish and make millions off others who have no command of the English Language either. Otherwise, can he put a proper sentence together without thinking about it in depth beforehand? Is there a drug problem, like crack, or is it just sad illiteracy?

2206 days ago


Hey people Diddy was probably not fibbing. Check google and the policy with the FAA , they still use PAPERWORK, hand written, which sits on a stack for up to a year , and by that time the plane could have numerous owners. This is how drug smugglers always are able to change planes and by the time anyone goes to search the plane it has had 2 owners. Just check yourself, the FAA is not good with records.

2206 days ago


In fractional aviation you still "own" a part of the plane and have your name listed on the aircraft registration. Some famous people create corporations that buy the fraction of the plane for them so their actual name may not appear in the FAA records. For example, Diddy could create a corporation called SPC Air, LLC and have that corporation buy the share. So, if TMZ searched Puffy, Combs, and Diddy they would never find it.

2206 days ago


HA HA HA, I knew that boy was lying. He is such a phony loser. He makes me sick. This is hilarious. He's probably the Janitor that cleans someone else's plane.

2206 days ago

The Man    

What didiot.

2204 days ago


Diddy is all talk. He has no money. Diddy aka Sean Diddy Combs lives off of company cards. He has a budget and he has to follow it. He does not own his own jet or his own yacht. Most of his money comes from Angel Investors and from sponsors to his brand.

2199 days ago
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