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Hot Halle, Hot Boyfriend and Hotsy Totsy

9/9/2008 10:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We the people of Hollywood, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice for flawless children, ensure domestic tranquility...


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I am so sick of those people and their black/white issues, black/white comments. Everything they see is black/white....Cant the baby just be a baby, she is sooo cute... I don't care whats in her.....

2201 days ago


The baby is cute. I would not call the baby beautiful by any means, I've seen more beautiful babies living in my apt complex, so please stop with the most beautiful crap that you people spew any time something is written about this woman, she is not without flaws as evidenced by her life's choices and stop with all the fairytale stories about her not selling out her baby. She TRIED but no mag would pay her the millions she was so sure she would get, if anything just hope that this baby, because she will want for nothing, becomes a better person than you people THINK her parents are. There are those of us who KNOW differently.

2201 days ago

Drama Drama...Baby Mama....    

Oh this is one georgous baby..I do not get in the habit of saying babies are not cute, but plllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........for the person who said Shilo is cute??????? Isay what??????? am sorry but she is not....I have always said from looking at her on th outside, she definitely does not fall in the beutiful, cute category, rather contrary. Nahla has her daddy eyes, there is nothing ugly about her, she is the cutest sweetest thing. But again as a caucasian woman i have to say, if both her parents were cauasian..i am sure the verdict would be different. Some of you people are such morons. These are the three georgous looking babies of hollywood. Nahla, Harlow and Suri...

2201 days ago


Unbelievable how people are saying this baby is ugly and that there are way better looking babies out there. This is not a beauty contest. I'm sure they didn't ask for people to judge them. Who the heck are you to judge.

2201 days ago


Some really ignorant comments here, is it some sort of national holiday for the intellectually challenged and stupid that most of us aren't aware of?? The baby is GORGEOUS! Very sweet looking little babe, she looks to have the best from both beautiful parents. Halle is sophisticated, classy, and obviously cares well for her little one - not out partying every night, sleazing it up like Aguilera et al.

2201 days ago


They never look happy when they are together!!!

2201 days ago


wow--what a hater that said halle has had so much work done on her face. You are an idiot. Halle hasn't had any work done. White people are so used to someone getting botoxed and lipoed to death, I can understand how you would feel that way. The saddest thing is that all of these racist haters that keep making comments about halle's baby. w.t.f difference does it make if she is only 1/4 black or 1/2 black or whatever. You people waste too much time trying to define someone's good looks set by your own standards. It seems that the general consensus here is that if the baby isn't white, she isn't cute. LMAO. Now I will admit that suri is cute and so is shiloh. I mean of course, shiloh looks like mom and dad, but so does halle's baby. Funny how whenever someone starts to mention cute, or pretty or beautiful, it can NEVER be a person of color. You people are trippin. Everyone's standard of beauty is NOT BLOND HAIR AND BLUE EYES, ALTHOUGH HALLE'S MAN IS FINE AS HELL. HE IS FINE BECAUSE HE IS FINE, NOT BECAUSE HE IS WHITE. RACISTS SUCK ASS.

2201 days ago


Ugly babies usually grow into beautiful adults. Besides, this baby ain't ugly, period!

2201 days ago


All the people that called Halle's baby ugly are beyond stupid and ignorant. this is one of the best times of her life.... a good man and the child that she has always wanted. What is wrong with you people to call an inocent ,adorable baby ugly?
Shame on you all
and for the record this child is not ugly she is adorable!

2201 days ago


forget baby...daddy is smokin hot

2201 days ago


#48 she did have a nose job and I don't know about anything else, but I do agree with what you said...

2201 days ago


Comments to NoneYo, jackie and NOTTHEMAMA! In order for you to make those asinine remarks about Halle and baby only shows that you are definitely judgemental and probably look like ship wrecks yourselves. No one in their right mine would make comments as you have. Ugly, not by a long shot. But, I 'm sure not one of you are on the number 1 hot list. Have you looked at yourselves lately! Nothing to talk about or look at I could imagine. Get a nose job or your teeth fix and a total make over before you begin to judge some else. We have not had the opportunity to see what you guys look like. Post your pictures so we can comment on your looks! People that make nasty comments about others are usually not much to look at. Food for thought: If you don't have anything nice or positive to say then don't say anything at ALL! Her family is bless in all areas. What's your problem?

2201 days ago


I agree #49, for to be as blessed as she is, she is always angry, until she has one of those horrible movies she makes then she just smiling, so fake. She can't keep a man, because she is crazy he will leave too...

2201 days ago


Why do they all look so happy?!

2201 days ago


One of my best friends had a biracial baby last year and at first the enfant looked like her mom. Then she favored her dad, then her grandma, now she is beginning to settle into her own look. Which is cute in her own right.

2201 days ago
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