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The Original Angelina

9/9/2008 2:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Does Angelina Jolie have all her original parts? Judge for yourself. These photos were taken when she was a teenager.


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She looks a lot like Miley in some of those shots!

2236 days ago


NOSE JOB FOR SURE!!!! Everything else seems to be the real deal

2236 days ago


She had the tip of her nose thinned out a bit. Nothing major. You can see her in True Women from 1997 and see that she has a different nose. In Gia, her nose is different too.

2236 days ago


Wow, there's some serious jealousy here.

2236 days ago


Everybody knows Angelina's had a 'nose job', but in her case, a piece of cartilage was added to the tip of her nose, instead of the standard shaving away of an ugly nose. She has had saline breast implants (late teens don't grow breasts, boys). The only question is, did she get cheek implants like Paris? In Paris's case, the job was botched which left Paris with her wonky eye. If Angelina had cheek implants, they did a fantastic job.

2236 days ago


I don't understand why everyone feels the need to slam Angelina for ending up with Brad Pitt. Jennifer Anniston is disgustingly ugly and is a terrible match for Pitt, who is one of the best looking people on the planet. All relationships have to have a balance of power, and he must have had so much more power in theirs than her because 1. he is a huge movie star and she was a paltry small screen star and 2. he is way better looking. She should have known better. Angelina and Brad are a much more suited fit. Jen Anniston is whiny and ugly .... leave it alone people!! Brad is happy now.

2236 days ago


Why because someone said that she had some work on her nose a bit? That isn't jealously. Get a life. She still is the world's most beautiful woman.

2236 days ago


Her nose is different. def a nose job. other than that....who cares anyway?

2236 days ago


Awesome, you are so NOT, this WHORE not only stole one, but two husbands and is too good to giive birth to her bio-children in america I say get the "F"out .
I couldn't be happier with my life, I have a great husband and honor the VOWS of marriage, unlike the SKANK who steals other womens husbands, like it's nothing. What goes around comes around and I can't wait for her world to come crashing down.

2236 days ago


Wow some of you are really blind, she had a nose job ..both of these pics are old they should put a recent pic up so you can see the difference but she definitely had a nose job for sure at the very least

2236 days ago


Ditto to #7, She was a beautiful child then and she has grown into a beautiful woman.
BTW, I think all her body parts are original.

2236 days ago


You can easily see that Joan's ex whatever dumped her for another woman (I think I can see why too; nagging biatch). Only a woman scorned like her would hold a damn near 5 year old grudge about something that she can't even prove is true. JOAN! Get a life! Move on already.

2236 days ago


You can see the difference at this site: - 160k -

2236 days ago

TMZ Fraternity    

Sure Joan...LOL

What ever like marriage is sacred..hahaha Your life sounds pretty boring, THe reason i know this is because you actually "CARE" what Angelina does with her First off none us who visit these gossip sites actually know what is the truth about these peoples lives and we take this "News" with a grain of salt. Its just for entertainment purposes. Nothing more..

But bored people like you get caught up in this illusion that you actually KNOW these stars and KNOW what goes on in their relationships.How does anything a star does affect you to the point where you hate them and call them names esp when you have never met So "JOAN" Blow it out of your a@@ and go have some god!

2236 days ago


You can type Angelina Jolie nose job into the search engine and find plenty of sites that show the before and after pictures of her nose. I don't think TMZ will let me post the addresses anymore. Just a subtle difference though. I like her cute little pug nose better. :)

2236 days ago
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