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Sienna -- Going Down

9/10/2008 3:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Balthazar Getty is married with four kids. His girlfriend, Sienna Miller, is a single woman. So why is she being vilified?

A swarm of pappers cornered Sienna yesterday as she waited for an elevator in Bev Hills, badgering her as she hid up against the elevator doors like a frightened animal.

So we ask...Is dating a married guy worse than cheating on your wife?


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OH - MY - GOD C2 ( or RG ) what is wrong with you?
Seriously, calm down. The man couldn't keep it in his pants. If it wasn't SM it would
have been some other bimbo.

You have issues.

2234 days ago


#118 or TBA (or Nine2Five)

Seriously, how old are you?

And just as I expected you to do, you responded with more INSULTS and NAME CALLING. Maybe if you spent less time on being supercial and fawning over SM, you wouldn't have to tell those who don't condone SM antics with the MARRIED MAN that they have "issues" when you can not formulate any VALID points to support her. Resorting to NAME CALLING and INSULTS only makes you less credible. And you weren't even man/woman enough to use the name from your 1st response. Oh wait, since you think that you are "funny/clever" that means your name change was supposed to be a joke(shaking my head/rolling my eyes). Just like your attempts at defending SM, your attempt at humor needs some major work.

Since you are offended because people won't condone SM antics with a married man, I suspect that you are 1) a mistress/other woman 2)SM, family, "friends"/PR team or 3) a pre-teen/teen who knows nothing about relationships. Since you can only manage to respond to my posts with INSULTS or NAME CALLING, I have concluded that you are just a pre-teen/teen who knows nothing about relationships. That's why you seem to think that being "single" absolves SM of the affair and that the married man deserves 100% of the blame. And that's why you seem to think that there is something wrong with people who don't worship or fawn over SM. If pretending that I am RG makes you feel better about your idol SM, then by all means go a head. Just like SM and her family, SM defenders use RG/her kids as scapegoats.

2234 days ago


No what's not right is trying to dimish/ignore SM involvement with another woman's HUSBAND. What's not right is wanting people to feel sorry for SM, while completely ignoring how her actions have hurt RG/her kids. What's not right is trying to trash RG marriage to justify SM behavior with her HUSBAND.

A marriage is over when it has been FINALIZED, so SM WAS and IS HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH A MARRIED MAN (and not "dating" like you claim). BTW, only SM, her mother, step-mother, and "friends" are the only ones that are insisting that BG marriage was over or that BG and his wife were separated. What makes the AFFAIR worse, is that SM keeps shamelessly flaunting it, inviting the papz into her "public life" via staged photo-ops/PR stories, staging "personal attacks", depicting herself as a victim and RG as a villain, and trying to 'sugarcoat" the affair to make it into a "romance".

There are consequences to our actions and no one is exempt, not even SM. It was SM responsiblity to REJECT the MARRIED MAN's advances for sex and since she slept with him knowing full well that he had a wife and 4 kids, she is EQUALLY responsible. If she had no intentions of HURTING RG/kids, then she would have WALKED AWAY like any woman who respected herself and other women's marriages. SHE DIDN"T SAY "NO, GO HOME TO YOUR WIFE, WAIT UNTIL YOUR DIVORCE", SO SHE IS JUST AS MUCH TO BLAME AS BG.

2222 days ago


She got paid money and received an apology? That is ridiculous! This is the same woman who seeks out tabloid publicity when it suits her! And, maybe people wouldn't be so interested in her if she wasn't such a homewrecker. She is a skank and deserves what she gets. I have no sympathy.

2215 days ago
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