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Rosie -- Palin's a Real Elisabitch

9/10/2008 8:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ruh-Ro: Sarah Palin and Elisabeth Hasselbeck are "identical cousins" who "hunt in high heels" -– according to Rosie O'Donnell.

Ro came back to her blog after a hiatus, and didn't hold back. "sarah p – elisabeth h/identical cousins/women who hunt in high heels/gives one pause," she wrote, in small letters and with less restraint. It's no surprise Rosie is already hating on the Gov, but she'd supposedly given up bashing Hasselbeck.

Paul –- Why Go Down That Road Again

Paul McCartney could be getting married again, not months after having to shell out almost $50 mil to his last wife.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports Sir Paul is nearing an engagement to NYC socialite Nancy Shevell, as soon as her divorce from Bruce Blakeman is signed, sealed, and delivered. (Oh wait – that's Stevie Wonder.) Anyway, Shevell would be Paul's third trip down the aisle.

The pair have been gallivanting around the world, in New York, Antigua, and even getting their kicks on Route 66 (that's Nat King Cole.)

Blake Lively's Big Fat Flapper

Frankly, it's hard to believe she's only 21.

But Blake was thoroughly embarrassed at her flapper-themed 21st bday party, reports Life & Style, when her folks showed her pals vid of Blake lip-synching "I Will Survive" and in a homemade video of Melissa Etheridge "Come to My Window." Coming to her window as usual was Penn Badgley, with whom Blake was said to be "very cozy."

Party Favors: Did Elizabeth Edwards Squash Rielle Early On? ... Franken Still in the Game ... Truth Is Out There –- Kinda –- About Duchovny's Marriage

Elizabeth Edwards may have had Rielle Hunter replaced as campaign videographer early on, reports FOX News, suggesting she may have known something was up way before John Edwards let on. ... Al Franken will face up against Norm Coleman for a Minnesota Senate seat after winning the Dem primary. ... Speaking of vote-taking, over 60 percent of the American people think ... that David Duchovny and Tea Leoni will be dunzo by the Sept. 25, thanks to the pollsters at


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Rosie just plain makes me sad now

used to think she was funny and smart until she started shoving her political agenda in everyone's face in such a nasty and aggressive way

it doesn't anger me-it makes me sad-obviously she has "issues"

when you denigrate people of one party of the other so vehemently-all you do is show your own lack of tolerance to half the citizens of the country in which you live

the country is fairly divided between the 2 parties all the time

if citizens like Rosie can't make an effort to be civil and respectful about their difference of opinion ,
we can hope that at least Congress and the Senate will make a sincere effort to co-operate with one another for the betterment of the country and get rid of the partisanship long enough to accomplish amazing things for our country-regardless who is elected our next President

2212 days ago



2212 days ago


I can't wait till November! :(

2212 days ago

Nosy Rosie    

Hey Rosie, I got your back. Four more republican years, and we might all be losing our homes like Ed. After 9/11, Did our esteemed leader go after Osama bin laden? No, he chose to even his father's score with Iraq, and of course to try to get possession of Iraq's oil. He is after all a Texas oilman. Families have been separated for years now. Kid's, the average age of servicemen in Iraq is 19, have been killed, and Osama is still thumbing his nose at us, and making new threats. Our country is no longer esteemed or respected, and financially none of us will ever be the same. Do we owe President Bush a vote of thanks for that. Should we really trust the republican party for all the changes in our lives. Is Iraq truly liberated? Can they choose their own form of government, or are we still there to cram "Democracy" down their throats. When will all you people wake up.

2212 days ago


Rosie is a sick individual, the exact definition of a narcassist! She thinks ONLY her opinions should count-what a loser!

2212 days ago


STF up Rosie.. Jealous you can't get a piece of that? Rosie has no politcal ANYTHING.. keep ranting.. Rosie is as crazy as Britney!!!

2212 days ago

Old Enough    

McCain is a LIAR and Sarah Palin is a LIAR and a THIEF. In fact most of the McCain campaign is a lie.

According to’s truth-o-meter, McCain has made 46 barely true (20) false (22) or pants on fire (4) claims as opposed to Obama who has ZERO pants on fire claims 18 false claims and 12 barely true claims.

Barak Obama’s plan calls for cutting taxes for couples making less than $250,000.00 and singles making less than $200,000 a year and eliminating taxes for seniors making less than $50,000 yet McCain claims that Obama wants to increase taxes.

Palin’s LIE: Palin claimed to have killed the “Bridge to Nowhere” but that has been proven untrue. Congress actually killed it but still gave Alaska the ear marked money for Palin to spend.

Palin’s THEFT: Palin claimed over 300 days of Per Diem as Governor for days spent in her own home with her own family. That is stealing from the Alaskan people.

Everyone needs to be checking out and before believing the things that either party have to say. Once you’ve done that then and only than can you form an informed opinion. Based on what I’ve read. McCain and Palin are liars and she’s a thief. Once you’ve checked the facts I think you too will see the same thing that I see.

2212 days ago

N. Stevens    

I would assume that Rosie would be all over Palin.... literally! What is it about Rosie hating on the hottest women out there? In all seriousness, Rosie seems very bitter (not the type of bitter of clinging to guns and religion...) but bitter over not being in the news day in and day out. I really do hope she can find peace and just be happy. Happiness is priceless. Good luck Rosie and btw, any out of this world type of comments that can be made by Rosie, I welcome. Rosie doesn't help the Dems, she and the other faaaaar left libs out in Hollywood only help the Republicans. Middle America will decide this election and middle America is not full of shrewd people. Good luck Rosie!

2212 days ago


#5 Agreed!

Rosey is an old dried up fat lesbian who lost her relevance a long long time ago. Jeeeeez, can you imagine going to bed with that walrus every night??? Unholy cow...

Well, Paul has the money to try 'er again, marriage wise. Hope this time he finds the happiness he had with Linda, RIP.

2212 days ago


get over it Rosie! Donald Trump was right.. you are a big fat loser!!!

2212 days ago


Rosie's problem (well, one of many) is that she thinks everyone should have their guns taken away -- except of course for her bodyguards, because she is so important. Add that to being a flaming liberal, and I don't see how it is news that she has bad things to say about conservatives. If she said something nice about Palin, THAT would be news.

2212 days ago


Can't Rosie just shut up!!

2212 days ago


Elizabeth Hasselbeck is the ultimate phoney "Christian" bitch....Barbara Walters has reason to fire her from "The View" due to her public RNC comments regarding Mrs. Obama's on "The View". Rosie O'Donnell didn't have to speak out, I saw the clip on the website.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck has some enormous karma coming her way in the years to come. Someday, somebody is going to truly give her a dose of her own medicine....oh, yes!!!!!

2212 days ago


as for elizabeth edwards getting rid of the w h o r e. she might not have known but she had a feeling something was up. she did what any other women would have done.

2212 days ago


STF up, Rosie! No one wants to hear the garbage coming out of your
ugly mouth any way. She's clearly jealous because she's an obnoxious
pig and has to attack whoever disagrees with her, especially if they're
attractive. Oink, Oink, sound bitter and mean. Get over
yourself, already!

2212 days ago
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