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The Great

Cougar Hunt Lawsuit


9/10/2008 9:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is the greatest lawsuit we've seen all month -- maybe all year -- and it's all over three chicks who are pissed at being branded "cougars" on national television.

Let's start with the important information. For those unfamiliar with the term "cougar," it's defined as "a sexually cunning 35+ female who is on the hunt for a much younger energetic male," at least according to the lawsuit.

Now onto the controversy: Three women are furious after they went to a club called Chapter 8 in Agoura Hills -- SoCal -- back in 2007 and wound up being featured on a G4 program called "Attack of the Show" -- in a segment called "The Great Cougar Hunt."

According to the suit, the ladies were portrayed as "older women who were attempting to pick up younger men at Chapter Eight, which was described (on the show) as a 'world famous cougar hot spot.' The segment describes cougars as the easiest and most ravenous prey for younger men."

The cougars three respectable ladies claim they were filmed without giving consent, and swear they "were not attempting to meet or 'hunt' younger men, or any men for that matter, on the day the video segment was made."

They also thought it was important to put this line in the lawsuit: "In fact, Plaintiffs do not date younger men at all."

The threesome claims the show was so "highly outrageous and offensive," that they're suing G4 and the two hosts of the show for more than $1,000,000!!!!!

FYI -- nowhere in the lawsuit do the ladies ever mention how old they are -- information that could be vital to the outcome of this highly important, extremely monumental legal battle. Calls to G4 were not returned.

The moral of the story: You mess with the cougar ... you get the claws!

Cougar Hunt: Click to view!


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I have been labeled a MILF and a Cougar -- trust me, I take cougar any day over milf. I think these women are overdoing it a bit.

2201 days ago

Me, myself and I    

As a lawsuit, they might win. How stupid of the producer to not get their permission for a "for profit" tape.

2201 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

Maybe Sarah Palin wants to weigh in on cougars with her rifle, huh? Shoot 'em and make 'em shut up. By the way, I was once a Cougar for Cook until he started dating that little you-know-what Kimberly Caldwell. Stunk the place right up! Cougars went away from David in droves. By the way TMZ: the world called and has run out of exclamation marks, so try to simmer down on the usage heretofore.

2201 days ago


G4 is a piece of junk cable outfit anyway. If anything, they paid the cougars to sue them so they might get some press.

BTW, cougars ages should be 50+. If actuarial tables have avg life expectancy for American Women at 76 years of age, then 35+ is setting cougar label waaaay too low. Just a thought.

2201 days ago


Hey #12: you were right! your comment already made me so horny that I am screwing myself

2201 days ago


We have real cougars here in Oregon....lots of them.

I just wish the media would select another animal name for their fun and games.

Our cougars are much maligned in Oregon. They are hunted viciously by dogs and are starving due to lack of natural prey.

2200 days ago


I can see why they are upset. A lot of "older" women are sensetive about their age and being branded a cougar. They really should have gotten their permission first. But a million dollars is pretty excessive, don't ya think? Maybe several thousand.

2200 days ago

Ms. X    

Geez, I'd be so embarrassed if I were one of those desperate looking "Cougars". Don't they realize those young guys just want an easy lay?

2200 days ago

who dat    

Its all about the fact they are getting older, and alot of men don't look their way anymore. Women with the young tight bodies start out with the power and by the time they are 35, have lost it. Its an anger lawsuit. Any first year lawyer will make these women look foolish.

2200 days ago


Chapter 8 is for sure a cougar hangout. My mom's friends are always hanging out there without their wedding rings hoping for younger male attention.

2200 days ago


Cougar=easy, ravenous prey for young men lol

I'm going there, we'll find out just how ravenous these "cougars" really are.

2200 days ago

Gen. Custer    

This is an awesome lawsuit. I'm all for making women look stupid but they didn't look that bad. I think someone's husband is just mad.

2200 days ago

northern gypsy    

why do older woman go for younger men ??? cause majority of men their age have E.D. !!! 35 is to young...should be 40...or..50 to be a ligit cougar...

2200 days ago


Oh well - as they say men do it all of the time. I actually married a younger man! Go ladies!

2200 days ago


we live in a culture where men are supposed to be able to control women like objects. how can a younger guy do that with an older woman? but, a lot of younger guys like dating older chicks because they aren't so needy and clingy like some of the younger ones. it's been my experience that the term 'cougar' is used on woman who are 25+, not 25+. ideally, women past the age of 25 are considered old and obsolete, but in reality, some 45 year old women are much hotter than out of shape 20 year olds... the issue is just too complex to leave it at the stereotypical 'cougar' label for 'desperate' women.

2200 days ago
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