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The Great

Cougar Hunt Lawsuit


9/10/2008 9:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is the greatest lawsuit we've seen all month -- maybe all year -- and it's all over three chicks who are pissed at being branded "cougars" on national television.

Let's start with the important information. For those unfamiliar with the term "cougar," it's defined as "a sexually cunning 35+ female who is on the hunt for a much younger energetic male," at least according to the lawsuit.

Now onto the controversy: Three women are furious after they went to a club called Chapter 8 in Agoura Hills -- SoCal -- back in 2007 and wound up being featured on a G4 program called "Attack of the Show" -- in a segment called "The Great Cougar Hunt."

According to the suit, the ladies were portrayed as "older women who were attempting to pick up younger men at Chapter Eight, which was described (on the show) as a 'world famous cougar hot spot.' The segment describes cougars as the easiest and most ravenous prey for younger men."

The cougars three respectable ladies claim they were filmed without giving consent, and swear they "were not attempting to meet or 'hunt' younger men, or any men for that matter, on the day the video segment was made."

They also thought it was important to put this line in the lawsuit: "In fact, Plaintiffs do not date younger men at all."

The threesome claims the show was so "highly outrageous and offensive," that they're suing G4 and the two hosts of the show for more than $1,000,000!!!!!

FYI -- nowhere in the lawsuit do the ladies ever mention how old they are -- information that could be vital to the outcome of this highly important, extremely monumental legal battle. Calls to G4 were not returned.

The moral of the story: You mess with the cougar ... you get the claws!

Cougar Hunt: Click to view!


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Tess Beckett    

I was recently called a cougar in a bar by some young punk. I'm 40, and celebate. I almost ripped him a new one. I'm like the actress Janine Turner on this one. There is too much name calling period towards women. I call men players whoredaddy's and right to there faces. But of course with everybody's brain getting poisoned with internet dating, everyone's got some kind of name. Why don't we walk around with labelmakers and just paste them on people from now on.

2148 days ago

mike mcclaren    

cougar's are great, they are a aure thing and they pick up the tab. What more can a guy want?

2148 days ago


From the younger guys point of view, they're mostly 1 night stands. In order to keep in practice, ya gotta "bag" a cougar every once in a while. Nothing wrong with a cougar who can bring home the bacon.

2148 days ago


some women will do anything for money, they are too ugly to get decent looking men so they fling themselves on whoever is available. all these guys want is sex. i hope the lawsuit is thrown out fast. try nyc you can probanly get anyone there who is desperate for $5.00, just put bags over your heads they wont know the difference.

2148 days ago


If they were filmed, and the film was released, without their consent, I guess they can sue. But otherwise, I personally believe this lawsuit has no basis except the potential to get $$$ for nothing. Anyway, what makes them think footage of them is worth a cool $1 million? I'm guessing there's more to this story than we've heard. I mean, there were being filmed by a film crew for Heaven's sake. If they didn't object, what's the big deal now? Unless they are humiliated because they got busted while trolling... er, having fun.

2148 days ago


So men who pick up younger women should be called classless pigs if women have to be called cougars. The women should have been asked permission though since it is invasion of privacy but the bar should be included in the suit for not telling patrons when they entered.

2148 days ago


Sooooooooo would they RATHER be called SUGAR MAMA'S????

2148 days ago


Desparate ladies have to make $ / living some way ... LMAO

2148 days ago


Hunting Cougars? Why not..You know them hunters. If it has 4 legs..shoot it. Male, female, age..makes no difference.
Shoot it and brag.

2148 days ago


Go for it!!! This is hilarious!

2148 days ago

John Casy    

These three bimbos or as some know them as Cougars are just trying to make a fast $$.
They need a good man to smarten them up.

2148 days ago


Since we are all, and/or will grow older. Yes everyone in America has to acknowledge it, finally.

May we all be identified with strength, ingenuity, and still to deserve to smile at ourselves in the morning mirror, even with an older face smiling back at us!

Putting aside the older woman, younger man unfairness, The Cougar identify for older women, will be just fine.

I fully support it.

Pamela S

2148 days ago


The story gives what I believe is the slang term for "cougar." If we take slang terms literally
to define a woman here's the one Alaskans lovingly call Governor Palin:

Barracuda (slang definition) a treacherous, greedy person.
Webster's Unabridged (dictionary website)

2148 days ago


I am an "older" woman who has no problem meeting eligible willing men. Just two things: I am particular and I am not running a traning camp;.

2148 days ago

Paul Harris    

These women are probably the type who will vote for McCain/Palin simply becuse the V.P. candidate is female. Never mind that she's hardly quaified for the job and is a smug, self-centered, not very bright woman. Statistically, gay men could elect any one they so desired as the president, but it would be a terrible thing to elect anyone based on such a small,irrelevent characteristic. (Don't understand? Read on!) When you consider which states have the highest number of electoral college votes and which states, supposedly, have the hightest percentage of gay men, if we voted as a bloc, we could elect anyone we chose. Chew on that for a while. While it would be a tragedy, so would electing McCain/Palin based soley on her being female.

2148 days ago
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